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To have lodged a complaint about this bus driver?

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Morloth Thu 04-Jun-09 15:51:39

We just got off the bus from the school run.

The bus route we take goes through a very quiet residential area that includes a nursing home and quite a few schools, hence has many elderly people/small children on the bus.

A woman was arguing with the bus driver that she had missed her stop. The bus driver had apparently agreed to let her know when it was time to get off and then didn't(I don't know exactly why they were arguing though).

Anyway the woman called him a name as he was pulling away from the lights and started to walk back to her seat. He slammed on the brakes really hard, causing her to fall over (I assume his intent), the elderly lady sitting in the priority seats to almost fall off her seat and quite a few small children to hit their heads on the seats in front (it was that much of a sudden stop). DS didn't hit his head, but he did come out of his seat, I grabbed him before he was hurt though.

If I hadn't had DS with me, I would have probably done him some bodily harm, but as I did I came over all English (so proud of myself!) and wrote down the details of the bus as I got off. Have lodged a complaint via the website.

So mad about it.

Because it is a little bus which does a bit of a quiet route we have the same bus drivers over and over again and all of our "regulars" are lovely. We have had a few new drivers start and most of them so far have been equally as pleasant as the old ones.

donnymouse Thu 04-Jun-09 15:54:40

No but it would be hard to prove.

Lizzylou Thu 04-Jun-09 15:56:03


Most buses have CCTV anyway don't they nowadays so not difficult at all to prove. YANBU, I'd have gone ape at them for that.

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