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to think that small kids should be in bed by now?

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rationalist Sun 31-May-09 23:22:09

Neighbours across the road from me have been sitting on their front step all day drinking and shouting at each other and their kids. They are still there now. A few of the children are wandering in the road, dummies in mouths, pushing prams with no shoes and socks on. It's quarter past eleven at night!

I'm getting really pissed off about the constant shouting and swearing, especially when it's aimed at the kids, but I don't think there's much I can do about it. There's no way I'm going out to complain, I live on my own, I'm 6 months pregnant, and I wouldn't feel safe in my house anymore if I said anything. I very much doubt it would make a difference anyway.

Just wondered what everyone else thinks about it really.

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 31-May-09 23:25:47

yes, they should be in bed.
i'm not bothered about the dummies and no shoes.
but don't say anything, that is only going to go badly.

GypsyMoth Sun 31-May-09 23:26:24

Alot of schools have an inset day tomorrow, so early bedtime not needed. Also, some kids just don't sleep in the heat,maybe parents are waiting til it cools down a bit.

As for swearing/shouting, each to their own, at least kids are supervised!!!

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 31-May-09 23:27:18


IDidntRaiseAThief Sun 31-May-09 23:27:20

maybe it's just cos it's been one of those very rare warm days.

or are they often up and about this time?

rationalist Sun 31-May-09 23:33:51

mentioning the dummies was really just to signal what sort of age the kids are, as I'm not very good at guessing how old kids are in general.
normally, i'd say they're out up to maybe ten, half tenish, but not the little kids, just older ones, maybe eight year old. but I think that's probably a bit late anyway.
Didn't realise about schools tomorrow, just assumed it would be back to school as normal.
What's annoying me a lot though is the noise aswell, I can practically hear every word, I feel like they have no consideration for the neighbours at all.

frankbestfriend Sun 31-May-09 23:34:58


I wouldn't judge them for their children's bedtime, my dd has stayed up til at least 10 during the holidays.
Having said that, parents sat on front step drinking all day, constant shouting and swearing, and kids wandering barefoot in the road at 11pm isn't ideal,really.

Dragonbutter is right, though, don't say anything, it can only make the situation worse.

And I'm sorry, but 'parents waiting til it cools down', and 'at least they're supervised', well honestlyhmm

You really wouldn't judge, just a little bit?

rationalist Sun 31-May-09 23:35:20

really not looking forward to the summer holidays if this is what i can expect a lot of the time (only moved in here in Feb). I don't get why they have to shout so bloody loudly when they're all sat in a big gang.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 31-May-09 23:37:25

It'll be quite a shock for them on Tuesday if this is when they do go back and they are not having early nights to prepare them. They will be knackered at school!

Mumofagun Sun 31-May-09 23:40:53

Nope, not unreasonable at all. IMO they should be in bed. A for the parent on th dorrstep drinking, well don't get me stated. This is a "Jeremy Kyle" type scenario in the waiting!

Mumofagun Sun 31-May-09 23:42:07

Please excuse the typing, I have not been on my doorstep drinking!

GypsyMoth Sun 31-May-09 23:44:30

Well what would you think if they were left unsupervised!!??

Some people are just like this. Yes they are noisy, it's the way of some people, judging isn't gonna change a single thing, so I won't waste my energy on it!!

rationalist Sun 31-May-09 23:46:20

It's not just the one parent Mumofagun, it's her and about 4 other adults. It's like they're having a good old day of drinking so the kids just have to stay up. I suppose it might be fun for the little ones if they don't normally stay up this late, but I just find it all a tad irresponsible regards to the kids, and to the neighbours.
I mean it's quarter to twelve and I can hear little toddlers crying in the street. Surely that's not on.

lockets Sun 31-May-09 23:48:15

Message withdrawn

GypsyMoth Sun 31-May-09 23:49:27

So it's not a normal occurence then??

rationalist Sun 31-May-09 23:50:07

I see what you mean Ilove, but is there any need for the swearing? they must understand that people can hear them, and when they're shouting at their kids calling them little fucking arseholes and twats and whathaveyou, I don't think there's any need for it.

sleepymommy Sun 31-May-09 23:51:06

I don't agree Tiffany, swearing at kids is plain wrong, it isn't a case of each to their own.

GypsyMoth Sun 31-May-09 23:51:50

Well that's drink for you I guess. Not what I would do, but there you go. Any other neighbour said anything?

frankbestfriend Sun 31-May-09 23:52:31

I find judging to be an involuntary reaction, the natural formulation of an opinion about things you witness.
And when it directly effects you, because of the noise, or the offensive language, it can be quite difficult to dismiss it as 'the way of the world'.

rationalist Sun 31-May-09 23:53:19

this amount of people and the very young kids, no, it's not a normal occurance. The adults are generally very noisy in the street, but the kids aren't normally out at this time.
And lockets, I'm thinking of asking my landlord if he has anywhere else available, just for some sort of peace and quiet.

Mumofagun Sun 31-May-09 23:53:35

Well that's four on the Jeremy Kyle sofa then. Nice weather, inset day, whatever, it's hardly a wedding or other special occasions where litle ones stay up later. Is it the norm? Phone Jeremy Kyle!! Go On!! Personally think it's rats! Poor little ones if they're that knackered and parents aren't putting them first. They can carry on if they have to once the kids are in bed (responsibly I might add)

GypsyMoth Sun 31-May-09 23:58:49

Jeremy only accepts them if they fight though.

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 01-Jun-09 00:00:27

Message withdrawn

rationalist Mon 01-Jun-09 00:02:00

With regards to JK, I'm sure they could go on there. A few weeks ago the main woman who lives there was shouting out the top window at a bloke in the street (who i think lives there too) at half five in the morning. shouting back and forth at each other about him calling her a grass and a tramp, and telling her to have an abortion cos he wants "fuck all to do with you" etc. Very nice.

rationalist Mon 01-Jun-09 00:04:14

well starlight, it's not a one off, but it's not every night either. The shouting is regular enough to think "oh christ, here we go again".

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