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To have told my three year old that The Disney Store only sales boring DIY stuff?

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changedforthis123 Sat 30-May-09 17:07:02

Its a glittering and expensive palace of beautiful toys (well it is if you're 3) and I can't imagine that I'd get out of there without either giving in and spending a fortune or shouting.

Therefore in order to save my sanity and / or my bank balance, I've told her that she wouldn't want anything in there as it only sells boring grown up things.

Amazingly she believed me. Unfortunately the next shop she turned her attention to was Ann Summers!! Oh dear how do I explain that one away?

changedforthis123 Sat 30-May-09 17:09:24

Sorry, I am a regular poster but name changed for something earlier and forgot to change back.

Meglet Sat 30-May-09 17:12:23


in our house the ice cream man is known as the music man grin. i'm damn sure i'm not going to let on what he really sells.

monkeypinkmonkey Sat 30-May-09 17:17:36

yanbu. In our house the ships horns and fog horn is the bad man out looking for naughty boys grin works a treat.

tummytickler Sat 30-May-09 17:21:27

I have told mine that people only advertise their products because they are really rubbish and nobody will buy thm because they break/ taste bad/ whatever. All the really good stuff does not need an advert because everyone knows it is great.grin works for mcdonalds, lelli kelly, all toys etc.
Best not to get onto a Disney store imo. you have done the right thing! grin

screamingabdab Sat 30-May-09 17:49:27

YANBU. Do it while you can get away with it.

Meglet We used to call the icecream van the Music Van as well!

Then later on, I used to tell my DSs that when the music was playing, that meant the Ice Cream Van had run out of
ice creams.

summerbird Sat 30-May-09 18:21:06

you are definitely in the right here, i am taking tips from all of you for my impending motherhood. we are determined not to spoil our kids and give them too many toys that last 5 mins before they get bored - and i cant bear Disney either.

My mum used to say the same thing about the ice cream van only playing music as it had run out of ice cream!! grin

LambethLil Sat 30-May-09 18:40:54

i am ll daughter

my mum used 2 tell us mt bro and sis that the noise the ice cream van makes means its bed time!angry

dilemma456 Sat 30-May-09 19:47:10

Message withdrawn

MIAonline Sat 30-May-09 20:00:20

Tell her Ann Summers is for grown ups who definitely don't like going into the Disney shop grin

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