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RumourOfAHurricane Thu 28-May-09 12:11:41

Message withdrawn

WineGoggles Wed 12-Sep-12 17:40:58

I'm really glad I bought a Mooncup as I prefer it to pads (soggy mess...yuk) and tampons (my periods go from heavy on one day to virtually nothing the next, to middling the next so they just dried me out on the light days...not good). It took a while to find the best technique for me but now I'm getting on great with it so it is worth persevering. However, I work from home so have the luxury of my own private loo and sink at all times, but wouldn't fancy having to empty it in a public loo as it can be quite messy, plus it makes weird suction noises during insertion and removal! blush Also I've found that blood sits on the bottom of the loo bowl and doesn't like to flush away easily, which wouldn't be great if you share a loo with colleagues or strangers.

valiumredhead Wed 12-Sep-12 13:45:22

Oh I didn't notice that date, ffs!

eurochick Wed 12-Sep-12 12:33:16

Zombie thread revived by the mooncup marketing department?

valiumredhead Wed 12-Sep-12 12:14:23

I think it's fascinating that women have been conditioned to think that unsterile, bleached wodges of cotton wool are fine to use (when they carry warnings for toxic shock syndrome in the boxes!), but a sterilised cup is in some way revolting


And what is with all the withdrawn messages?? confused

Muddymallard Wed 12-Sep-12 10:22:37

After reading this whole thread, slipped out slightly embarrassed to buy one.

Not embarrassed any more! I am proudly sporting my mooncup today, I think it is absobloodylutley brill, life changing in my case, usually on day one, after the walk to school for example (10 mins), I would be desperate to get home, in a right mess.

I feel liberated, and I certainly feel a lot cleaner and fresher. I can actually leave the house without worry! And no more landfill guilt.

MonkeyPoo Wed 09-Sep-09 11:17:42

Read this last night from the link in best ever. Now, I'm new to this whole MN game, but think I may fit in. grin
ROFL at the thread, and kept thinking about it overnight. Inner monologue went like this:

Cue music, moonpig!!
'I say old chum, do you know where I can get a totally spiffing fanjo plug?'

Pixel Fri 10-Jul-09 19:19:01

I bought a mooncup months ago and have been too scared to try it until this week. I feel quite proud now that I've actually done it! I've even been out on my bike with no problems so I think I may have become a convert.

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 10-Jul-09 15:52:37

Message withdrawn

MamaLazarou Fri 10-Jul-09 13:57:27

Thank you, shineon. I feel so much better. hmm grin

mummybroccoli Fri 10-Jul-09 13:29:08

Oh my, girls you have me in tears, totally forgoten about my trip to the dentist later... well almost... sniff sniff!

Antdamm Fri 10-Jul-09 13:00:47

I'm ever so slightly tempted to buy a mooncup now. Been looking online at them. Too scared to make a decision either way.

Definitely not a fan of pads, so washable ones are just too icky to think about.

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 10-Jul-09 11:09:24

Message withdrawn

Vigilanteawarenessraiser Fri 10-Jul-09 11:03:18

Devil's sanitary protection.
Sorry blush

Vigilanteawarenessraiser Fri 10-Jul-09 11:01:30

kistigger, your DH is wrong - hot water sets blood in! You need to soak in cold water, preferably before it dries completely. Washing at 90 will probably make things worse.

I use washable pads and I absolutely love them. Just want to get up on my soapbox and tell everyone how wonderful they are. They are sooooooooo comfy compared to disposables, wish I'd swapped years ago but I didn't know they existed. They are not like dirty nappies - you fold the used ones up into a little envelope shape (blood on the inside protected by several folds of fabric), snap them together and pop them into a little airtight bag. Then you soak in cold water when you get home, and wash at 40. They are much less icky than disposables. Also if you react to the chemicals in disposable pads and tampons/suffer from recurrent thrush/suffer other gynae problems (I tick all these boxes), not using disposables can improve things considerably. I have suffered badly in the past, and nothing on earth would induce me to use a disposable pad again. Ever. Hate the things. They are the devils sanitary protection. So dammit, Shineon grin i'm going to have nice pads with girly flowers and stripes. Because I'm worth it wink

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 10-Jul-09 10:37:49

Message withdrawn

MamaLazarou Fri 10-Jul-09 09:39:57

I have also had no success with mooncups. I have tried both sizes but just can't get it up there without it hurting, and getting it out again is eye-wateringly painful. Maybe my foo is just too small (this will change in January when the baby comes).

Mummy2LZ Thu 09-Jul-09 21:49:18

I just looked it up as I have never heard of this before.
How the bloody hell do you get that thing up there?? blush shock

I guess you need some private toilet time without 2 toddlers asking you what you are doing! lol

Antdamm Thu 09-Jul-09 21:10:57

This should be in Classics.

LMAO grin

RumourOfAHurricane Mon 08-Jun-09 21:12:42

Message withdrawn

Carri70 Mon 08-Jun-09 14:57:00

Never tried one, and I dont ever want to now! But i've had a good laugh reading these posts, if not a bit grossed out too! grin

kistigger Fri 05-Jun-09 13:06:54

Not been on here for a while... just read this thread out of interest...
Whilst crying & rofl, my DD (age 3) comes in and asks why i'm laughing... how do you explain periods, blood flow, mooncups/buckets and bumbos inserted up goodness only knows where??!!! grin
I saw an advert for mooncups in a mag ages ago and thought what a good idea but have never really had the guts to go buy one... perhaps an online perchase rather than boots may be the way forward!!!
Although some of the things people have said would put me off slightly... I am still very tempted to try one!

I'm interested in the whole sponge and washable pads thing... what do you do when you are out? How do you wash/rinse them? How do you take them home? This sounds far worse than taking babies pooey clothes home in a nappy sack!!!! And sounds worse than emptying a mooncup down the toilet!
And, out of interest how do you get the sponge/pads etc clean? I have trouble getting small bits of blood out of clothing and sheets etc no matter how much i rinse, soak and scrub. My DH says I should wash at 90C... which, if is the case, surely defeats the object of trying to be green!! hmm

SamiBee Fri 05-Jun-09 02:35:17

Chipping - you shouldn't stop the flow as a way of exercising as it can lead to UTI's, although its OK to do that at first to find out where they are

for those totally freaked out (like me) by the "may contain debris" of a natural sponge, what about the randomly named beppy

Sazisi Fri 05-Jun-09 00:17:54

Oh I love this thread

I've had a mooncup for about 5 years, but the last time I used it (maybe a year ago?) I got awful, awful, horrible thrush for the first time ever and haven't dared use it since hmm
Oh it was itchy!

ChippingIn Fri 05-Jun-09 00:16:32

AskABusyPerson - you know how sometimes you just know you're going to regret asking something... but have to anyway... well a friend of mine was asking me (honestly!!) what pelvic floor exercises I could recommend (preferably where you don't need to buy anything to do them), but I have never done any and the only one I know of is holding your urine mid flow, I said I'd ask on here and you seem like the best person to ask....

I could just google of course, but I thought any that come with a recommendation would be better

Please feel free to ignore this... blush

rlp Fri 05-Jun-09 00:06:43

I really like mine and have only had one accident when I really didn't realise it wasn't correctly inserted. Not a popular opinion on this thread - but I wouldn't go back to tampons.

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