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in thinking that if you cant afford to buy all your food in M&S you really should

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MrsMcCluskey Wed 27-May-09 22:14:02

have married a richer man?
It really is that simple.

MichelleObama Wed 27-May-09 22:15:29

I would hate to be so poor I had to buy my food in M&S. My cook orders everything from Harrods.

sleepymommy Wed 27-May-09 22:15:35 long as you stay away from the pre-prepared pasta!

MrsMcCluskey Wed 27-May-09 22:17:21

and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise.
I ahve seen videos about it and everything.

paisleyleaf Wed 27-May-09 22:17:23

I should have married a richer man......I'm a full time mum wink

Goober Wed 27-May-09 22:19:00

No. We should all be eating battery chickens and battery eggs, none of your M&S or Mung bean loveliness. grin

Tamarto Wed 27-May-09 22:19:37

Mine are all flown in from the finest french bistro it has 23432michelin stars, anything less frankly may as well be cat food.

ILoveDolly Wed 27-May-09 22:21:03

M&S is for plebs. Fortnums can deliver by helicopter.

MrsMcCluskey Wed 27-May-09 22:21:39

In fact i would go as far to say that if you cant afford to buy all your food in m&S you realy should eat nothing at all.
Some weeks I cannot get all i need there so we fast when we need to, but I really think the sacrifice is worhtwhile to my absolute smuggery.

Bonneville Wed 27-May-09 22:22:03

Possibly. But I am a very recent convert to M&S food. I used to think that it was always about £10 for three items in there (any three!) - at least this is what it seemed like years ago. I recently ventured in there and was surprised to find that some of the ready meals actually worked out cheaper than the other supermarkets - especially the three for two Indian and Asian meals and the 1234 meals. I was also delighted to discover that they do reductions at the end of the day as well.

MichelleObama Wed 27-May-09 22:24:32

Ready meals - how common. That is what one's cook is for surely?

2shoes Wed 27-May-09 22:26:07


sleepyeyes Wed 27-May-09 22:27:18

Up until we moved 6 weeks ago, for a year I shopped mostly at M&S. My DH is not rich but we are comfortable. What on earth has that got to do with whom I married?

Bit 1950's to suggest a woman can only afford to shop in M&S on the basis of her husbands earnings.

Goober Wed 27-May-09 22:27:27

2shoes Why are you still here? Haven't you got a plane to catch? grin

MollieO Wed 27-May-09 22:29:42

You buy food from shops? I always leave it to the housekeeper to obtain provisions from the estate.

MrsMcCluskey Wed 27-May-09 22:30:21

<<<<whispers>>> I am taking the piss.
Thought it might be obvious.

ILoveDolly Wed 27-May-09 22:30:59

Actually I lied about Fortnums - but I am a fan and regular visitor to the M&S 'tramps corner' as we call it in our family (ie the reduced goods aisle). Otherwise my local supermarket is where I go. Luckily for smug-value, it happens to be Waitrose.

2shoes Wed 27-May-09 22:31:19

Goober she so didn't get it lol

ILoveDolly Wed 27-May-09 22:31:43

I love pretending to be posh on MN. No one can actually see how common I are. wink

Goober Wed 27-May-09 22:32:11

Tis laughable. Non?

FrannyandZooey Wed 27-May-09 22:32:26

god i really like m+s food at the moment
all the lunch things, and the cupcakes
i want to live on m+s lunch things and cupcakes with jam in them

MrsMcCluskey Wed 27-May-09 22:32:34

This isnt me typing my replies
Its my butler doing it for me.

MollieO Wed 27-May-09 22:34:52

Oh no Mrs M what has happened to your secretary? Shouldn't the butler be turning down your bed and preparing your nightcap? Just can't get the staff these days, can you.

Heated Wed 27-May-09 22:35:40

If you knew the conditions some Harrods food is prepped in, you'd prefer Lidl. Avoid the luxury Christmas pud.

AnarchyAunt Wed 27-May-09 22:37:50

Ach just nip round the back and fish it out of their skips grin

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