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to think that despite everything bad said about MN, it truly is the best place in cyberspace (or the RL world!)

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LolaTheShowgirl Sun 10-May-09 15:33:20

I mean, we've seen members children and partners pass away, we see so many mnetters going through domestic abuse etc. We go through so much together. More than real-life friends/acquaintances would. This is why I love Mumsnet!

mrsmaidamess Sun 10-May-09 15:34:43

It's not just sad stuff though. MN makes me snort tea through my nose on a regular basis.

Jacksmama Sun 10-May-09 15:38:20

YANBU grin

I agree. DH calls it "CrackNet" because it's so addictive.

I love MN.

TheCrackFox Sun 10-May-09 15:40:11


Addictive, fun, caring, intelligent and knowledgeable.

Tippychickchickchicken Sun 10-May-09 15:42:20

Sure beats the alternatives smile

Bucharest Sun 10-May-09 15:43:14

Sure does.

cariboo Sun 10-May-09 15:45:55

After 5+yrs on MN, I never bothered to look anywhere else so can't judge!grin

EyeballsisonaDietAgain Sun 10-May-09 15:50:18

DH moans all the time, because if I come to bed after him, all he can see is the light from my iPhone as I MN in bed at midnight!

Podrick Sun 10-May-09 15:53:30

MN rocks

SheWhoMust Sun 10-May-09 15:59:04

It is essential to so many people for advice but everyone still needs a real life.

letsgostrawberrypicking Sun 10-May-09 16:09:53

Wish it had been around when i first became a mum. I had so many questions and it would have been a great support system. It has been such a help with my youngest dcs and general info.

EvenBetaDad Sun 10-May-09 16:16:55

YANBU. I definitely agree with you MN is fab.

I really missed MN when I went away for a few days and it has helped me a heck of a lot reading stuff on here over the last year or so.

Makes me laugh a lot too. Definitley had the coffee/tea/wine all over the screen experience along with Mrsmaidamess.

Eyeballs - MNetting in bed at midnight is quite a severe addiction. My DW would go mad with me if I did that. grin

RL is a totally separate thing though and if anyone found out from MN who I really was I think I would die of embarrasment at the school gate.

differentID Sun 10-May-09 16:40:56

But isn't that the beauty of MN?
That we have the freedom to truly be ourselves if we so choose?
There is so much that we don't want to talk about with rl family and friends for fear of ridicule or contempt and often we put on a mask in rl so that many people don't get to know the "real" us
MAny who have had traumatic experiences are unable to talk in rl because "they should have got over it by now" when they haven't because healing takes time.
Here, we can talk about worries and tiumphs, laugh and cry together, fight like cat and dog relax with mates and get pissed and most of the time it's good natured.

<raises winebottleglass>


cornsilk Sun 10-May-09 16:42:23

Who's been saying bad things about MN then? <<narrows eyes>>

BCNS Sun 10-May-09 16:49:07

awwwww shucks.. hark at you lot... tis making me go all warm and fuzzy.

bloody good bunch most of you wink..

TrillianAstra Sun 10-May-09 16:54:33

<raises glass>

whodathoughtit Sun 10-May-09 16:59:27

Yep. It is fantastic.

I am so glad I discovered it when I became pregnant. The threads on pregnancy, childbirth and feeding have been invaluable. People like TikTok are worth their weight in gold. smile

And of course, it makes me laugh. Everyday. Without fail.

<raises tankard to join differentID in a toast to MN>

Housemum Thu 14-May-09 14:06:58

Whre else would I find a site that so regularly makes me spray coffee ovr my keyboard as I snort with laughter?

It's the first place I turn to for info - have never ventured more than once into the other main mum-centred sites, this truly is a gold-mine of information, opinion, fun and intelligent conversations. With a good deal of shouting and flouncing for spice!

And DH has been spotted lurking on here researching holidays/places to visit/tent advice too...

inthemistsoftime Thu 14-May-09 14:26:11

hear hear

Jux Thu 14-May-09 18:10:03

I don't know what I would do without it, tbh. It is my contact with the world. And I must say, that for a bunch of hairy arsed truckers called Dave, you don't half put on a good show.grin

Overmydeadbody Thu 14-May-09 18:11:46

bad stuff is said about MN?shock


Fimbo Thu 14-May-09 18:14:45

I was chewing my nails when it was down early, I had to do things in rl.

madameovary Thu 14-May-09 18:22:49

MN has helped me so much, I dont know where to begin.
I am a more confident and chilled-out parent with my DD because of it.
And yes, you lot regularly have me PMSL. grin

GivePeasAChance Thu 14-May-09 18:25:56

I can always be indulged with conversations about slugs in the kitchen.............where else in the world can this happen?

Spring831 Fri 15-May-09 11:54:17

I love having chats on the net, it's a way of me getting to have some ADULT conversation. I don't and can't get out of the house much due to having a young 15month daughter and a autistic 4 year old son. So i find it difficult getting out. So being on mn is my time. yeah 4 internet. grin smile

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