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Big boobs & Nursing bra's

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rutlandmummy Thu 07-May-09 13:47:22

Does any one find that nursing bra's for the larger breasted woman are sadly lacking in support, availability & style?
I am a 36J & mothercare & m&s don't cater for my size bravissimo ar rubbish so it's left down to reliable royce. Any one elses feedback would be appreciated.

slushy06 Thu 07-May-09 13:54:24

I was a 34 f but since being pg have gone up to a 36g. Don't know of any good ones but I tried debenhams and would not recommend as the bottom was too small and boobs keep falling out.

cornflakegirl Thu 07-May-09 13:56:58

Yes! I was the same size as you, and they're all crap! My Royce ones leave me with my breasts under my armpits - nice. wink

Once DS was no longer permanently attached, I reverted to an underwired plunge style - just hoik my breasts out over the top of the cups. As long as the bras fit properly, it's fine. Still haven't decided what to do for current bump - may buy some feeding clips and convert current bras - I'm not sure I can face the horrible Royce ones again!

allthetwinklystars Thu 07-May-09 14:00:29

I went to an NCT brafitter, got 4 bras, all really fit me well, some are Royce, some are NCT (I think). I do miss underwired bras though. Everything hangs down more without that little bit of wire! Oh, and I was a 32/34K at my biggest just after the birth.

LadyPinkofPinkerton Thu 07-May-09 14:13:01

You can get underwired nursing bras. Unfortunately I found this out too late for my DSes.

{{ Here]]

I hated havin sausage boobs when feeding, and no real support

LadyPinkofPinkerton Thu 07-May-09 14:13:32


rutlandmummy Thu 07-May-09 14:54:34

do you think you would benifit from a underwire nursing bra ( why do they only do them for little boobed ladies) or just a properly supportive nursing bra?

allthetwinklystars Thu 07-May-09 15:40:36

Isn't there something about not wearing underwired due to overheating/getting blocked ducts/breast cancer (not necessarily connected)? I have found the bras I had fitted very comfortable.

cornflakegirl Thu 07-May-09 15:49:21

twinkly - yeah, you have to be a bit careful that the underwires fit properly - not pressing on your breasts.

LadyPink - not sure I fancy paying £35 for a bra - think I might just butcher my usual £24 ones.

rutlandmummy - my self-esteem benefitted hugely from the return to underwires. Don't think my breasts or DS really cared either way wink

civilfawlty Thu 07-May-09 15:51:10

Mmm... I gave up and bought a couple of balconette style bras - easier access, if a tad 'jordon-esque'.

SarahL2 Thu 07-May-09 15:54:48

I despised my maternity bras. Saggy, horrible, badly fitting sacks from Mothercare which did nothing for support or shaping!!

Shopping for them left me in tears too as 3 different shops assured me I was 3 different sizes and not even sizes that were close together - suggestions went from a D to a GG cup IIRC!! I just bought ones I thought fitted in the end!

Feeding DS has left me with boobs 4 cup sizes bigger than last time too (although 4 inches smaller on the back!) so I will be too big/strange a size for most high street stores now I should imagine at a 30G.

Will be sticking to my underwired Bravissmo bras for as long as I can manage this time I think and will be getting underwired feeding bras ASAP after baby is born.

I hate maternity bras!!

rutlandmummy Thu 07-May-09 15:55:16

I found it hard to get back into underwired the 1st time round after 13mnths feeding but my 2nd is only 11 weeks old so it is probably a bit early,mastitis hit even in a nursing bra.
Having pre big baby boobs think it would be nice to be discreet when feeding instead of using the huge bra's & using 2 hands to get in & out & then re arrange the pad!!

hairtwiddler Thu 07-May-09 16:02:59

It's so depressing rutland mummy isn't it. No disrespect to previous posters suggesting the underwire, but they only go up to an H, and I was a 36K when feeding DD.
You can buy conversion kits to make normal bras into nursing bras.
do you think you could convert a well fitting underwired bra?
I have emailed bravissimo about this issue... This is what they said:
Thank you for your email.

I am so sorry to hear that you have been so disappointed with the range
of soft/nursing cup styles that we carry.

With regards to your query on why there is a small choice in soft
cup/nursing bras. Here at Bravissimo we concentrate on providing a wide
range of choice for big bobbed women in underwired bras for day to day,
normal wear. While we do recognise that mums to be need maternity
lingerie this is a specialised market, especially as our focus is on
smaller back sizes and larger cup sizes. As this is such a specialised
market we do not have the resources to branch out in this way but try to
offer a small range to suit all our customers needs.

We are always looking to include different styles in our range and over
the past year our collection has grown in the soft cup and nursing
styles that we offer. While it is unlikely we will be increasing the
amount of styles that we have included in our range we will continue to
update the styles we offer to ensure our customers are getting enough
option to choose from.

Also the reason as to why we only have one nursing style in our
catalogue above a K cup is because Royce are the only manufacturer that
stocks a nursing bra up to this size. However, as this particular style
does not do double cup sizes the sizes are not always true to size. We
do also find that some customers get confused with these sizes to this
style due to the fact that it does not do double cup sizes and so for
this reason we have decided to discontinue this style from our range at
the end of the catalogue. We are in the process of hoping to work with
Royce direct to see if they can hopefully develop their range of styles
they offer in all sizes so our customers have more choice for sizes.

Once again please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience
and disappointment that this matter may have caused you. I am sorry that
we could not offer you anymore positive news at the moment but rest
assured we will pass your comments onto our product team to log for
future reference. If we can be of any further assistance please do not
hesitate to contact us.

muddleduck Thu 07-May-09 16:03:20

I bought freya ones from ebay and they were great.

Am surprised you think Bravissimo are rubbish - they are the only place that have ever measured me properly.

rutlandmummy Thu 07-May-09 18:24:01

Bravissimo is good for underwired non marternity / nursing bras. But when i went to shop for a fitting i would have gotten more support using tit tape & a couple of hankies than what they offered me!!

heather1980 Thu 07-May-09 18:28:17

i have fraya ones too, they are really comfy and pretty too. they go upto a g cup i think

cheshirekitty Thu 07-May-09 20:46:29

Not a nursing bra, but I have just bought 2 exercise bras from Primark - only £3.91 each. They are so comfy...And they come in bigger sizes.

katz Thu 07-May-09 20:52:43

i too had bra's which could have doubled as parachutes and found Brastop to be good, although what they have in stock can be hit and miss. i was a 36J too. great fun! now wear a 34G which is 2 cup sizes bigger than before children but my backsize hasn't changed.

hellymelly Thu 07-May-09 21:03:28

At first I was a 32J in royce bras and the fit on me was not good,they hurt my shoulders too and could have done with some boning or something at the sides to help with support.I am now a 30G and I wear a normal underwired bra (freya) that I pull down.I find this worked for me each time after the first three or four months, as long as I am careful to get a style that is cut as low as possible at the front so the wires don't press and block ducts,but the style can't be a push up sort for the same reason-I think the one I've found the best is called "arabella" it is see through net with embroidery and they do it every season in various incarnations.As I have a small back the wires at the front are crucial because my breasts are naturally very close together,other women who are 28-32 back size would find the same issue I think.I sometimes sleep in the royce ones,but I wouldn't wear one in the day now,they make me look horrendous.It annoys me that bravissimo seem to have just copped out of this problem when they preach the religion of great fitting bras.The emily b bra they sell is a terrible fit,much smaller in the cup than it should be and the straps are very wide apart.

allthetwinklystars Thu 07-May-09 21:29:13

Large boob bras availble here

hairtwiddler Thu 07-May-09 21:34:34

How do you pull it down hellymelly? Do you hoik out your whole breast? (sorry if tmi, but am really interested to know!) Can you link to the style?

allthetwinklystars Thu 07-May-09 21:48:50

Oooh, the thought of having decently shaped boobs again! I've just looked at hellymelly's one freya arabella and it looks fab!

stainesmassif Thu 07-May-09 21:56:00

rutland - i second your rubbish bra fitting experience at bravissimo. totally rubbish, tried to put me in a dd, i am an f.

the best bra fitting i ever had was at rigby and peller. they don't use a tape measure - just do it by eye and got it right first time. unfortunately, no mat bras.

2nd best experience was with an nct bra fitter. she also correctly observed my 'small back and rather full front'.

i went to debenhams and asked if they do bra fittings and she also tried to put me in a large back 'd'. honestly, bra fitters, is there any training required?

cornflakegirl Thu 07-May-09 21:58:19

I wear this bra - (only goes up to an H) - because it's really low at the front I can just hoik my whole breast out.

allthetwinklystars Thu 07-May-09 22:25:31

I had a £70 bra from rigby and peller once. Brillian fitting service. The bra was amazing. I wore it until it disintegrated. I'll never own a bra that expensive fantastic again. Sigh.

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