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to think that Spot books are just really really badly written?

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emkana Mon 04-May-09 22:27:20

I have to make up my own words to them.

And don't even get me started on the Mr.Men books. Hate them.

And as for Thomas the Tank Engine... they make me lose the will to live.

nkf Mon 04-May-09 22:28:10

Mr Men awful. But Spot kind of cute. Thomas the Tank the worst.

RumourOfAHurricane Mon 04-May-09 22:30:07

Message withdrawn

apostrophe Mon 04-May-09 22:31:08

Message withdrawn

apostrophe Mon 04-May-09 22:31:45

Message withdrawn

fruitbeard Mon 04-May-09 22:36:28

The Mr Men are okay (well the ones Roger Hargreaves actually wrote are okay, they have some interesting vocab in them), the ones I can't bear are the Little Misses - he was obv. flogging a long-dead horse and couldn't be arsed to give them any kind of plot or coherent storyline... and at least 1 other Mr Man seems to need to make an appearance in each to prop them up!

Spot sucks. Thomas the Tank is brain death. And there is a special circle of Hell reserved for the author of the 'That's not my.....' series!

Clary Mon 04-May-09 22:36:56

I didn't mind Spot, tho if you really want a dog, Kipper's your chap.

Didn't like Mr Men at all tho, not sure why. DD was very keen hmm

TheCrackFox Mon 04-May-09 22:37:03

DCs never paid attention to me reading Mr. Men or Spot. I too them to the charity shop.

PortBlacksandResident Mon 04-May-09 22:38:30

I got so bored of reading "Where's Spot" that i cut heads off all my DSs immediate relatives (in photos obv) and stuck them on the characters. My particular favourite was my dad hanging like a monkey and MIL as a crocodile. Doesn't half cheer the book up!

MrsBeakman Mon 04-May-09 22:38:59

What's wrong with Mr Men books? I like reading them and hadn't noticed anything wrong with them. blush Does that mean my command of English is a bit pants? grin

SugarBird Mon 04-May-09 23:05:34

Didn't mind the Spot books (and DC both loved them) but LOATHED Thomas the Tank Engine and Mr Men/Little Misses. I used to dread them asking for these at bedtime.

I always enjoyed reading Dr Seuss and the Mog books when they were little, though (just as well as I had to read them a lot!)

Great idea, PortBlacksandResident grin

MrsMerryHenry Mon 04-May-09 23:07:17

YANBU. Kids books should be a pleasure for both children and adults to read.

Spot (wtf is that thing about referring to his parents by their first names???) - shite.

Thomas - shite.

Like the Mrs Men books (memory lane trip from my childhood, too!)

Charlie and Lola/ anything by Julia Donaldson: grin grin grin

TheFallenMadonna Mon 04-May-09 23:09:46

I love the first fifteen or so Mr Men books. I think they are extraordinarily good grin

The later ones and the Little Misses are inferior.

MrsMerryHenry Mon 04-May-09 23:14:05


As a child, I adored them.

steviesgirl Mon 04-May-09 23:17:57

I bought a Learn To Count with Spot DVD for my dd. It's dreadful, simply dreadful, like watching paint dry and dd is bored with it instantly. Very bland and tedious and wouldn't really encourage a child to learn to count imo.

I like Thomas - a lot of nostalgia for me.

I like the Mr Men and dd has a Little Miss DVD and she loves it!

hobbgoblin Mon 04-May-09 23:19:28

Spot books are ultra boring. Boring text, boring illustrations and too many flaps in most of them if I recall. They are books to RIP, clearly. Rip or R.I.P.

Mr Men Books are like Red wine. They too are quite boring, nobody really likes them, but they are an acquired taste sort of book. The delight is in the simple veneer that belies a certain lyrical complexity. They are still shit though apart from the fact that you can line the spines up and spell words like magic.

Those vegetable people were better, what are they called..?

StayFrosty Mon 04-May-09 23:23:20

>>(wtf is that thing about referring to his parents by their first names???) - shite.

Yes, very casual and seventies grin

Merrylegs Mon 04-May-09 23:25:38

No no fruitbeard, do not put 'That's not my..' author in circle of hell. She is really lovely.

(It's not me, btw)

MrsMerryHenry Mon 04-May-09 23:28:51

hobbgoblin - OMG the Spot illustrations!!! <<strangles self>>

StayFrosty - I prefer to stick to the anal retentive control freakery of the upper class '30s. Children should refer to their parents as 'mater' and 'pater'.

hobbgoblin Mon 04-May-09 23:33:19

I think the whole concept of Spot the Dog came about due to the fact that Spot the Dog began life as a Spot the Difference quiz on the back of a Little Chef menu. The point being there is little difference, between storyline or illustration not only across pages in the book but also across the whole series of books.

MrsMerryHenry Mon 04-May-09 23:34:21

grin brilliant.

nevergoogledragonbutter Mon 04-May-09 23:38:46

i rewrote and reillustrated spot books as a teenager.

in 'where's that spotty fucker?' the flap would open to show spots father shooting up on the bog.

heavily inspired by viz.

lots of time on my hands back then. <wistful>

MrsMerryHenry Mon 04-May-09 23:46:07

I really am going to bed now. But just have to say - db you are utterly brilliant.

ROFL and PMSL at the same time! grin

I'm nominating that for quote of the week.


nevergoogledragonbutter Mon 04-May-09 23:53:50

grin thanks mate.
sleep tight

atigercametotea Tue 05-May-09 01:13:57

silly stupid Mr Men books!

I just don't get them and dd has the whole box set (she loves them) and ds CONTINUALLY pulls them all out all over the floor....aaarrgh!angry

I've lost count of the times I go into her room to find loads of little white books splattered everywhere....and then they ALL need to go back in the box, the right way, to spell the silly words on the side.......

Much prefer Mog or any other Judith Kerr book.grin

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