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to think Andy is blatantly playing to the mothers now

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JackBauerkillspigs Thu 30-Apr-09 09:09:29

This morning, blearily watching cbeebies, to my amusement i noticed that Andy first had his 'band', which consists of 5 of him,jumping about on screen and then tied his wrists together with sellotape.
That's not for the kids now, is it?!grin

Baisey Thu 30-Apr-09 09:13:36

Lmao am now imagining "cbeebies-after dark"

JackBauerkillspigs Thu 30-Apr-09 09:16:15

DO you think Sid and Andy tear off their nice jeans and shirts ala Full Monty?

<fans self>

Jackaroo Thu 30-Apr-09 09:16:33

ROFL - I don't often laugh out loud, but you managed it JB - I've really missed cbeebies in the last year of being away, but still vividly remember what they all look like...

Let me know if he makes himself a mask with a lead .......

Baisey Thu 30-Apr-09 09:18:09

Is it me or has Sid really bulked up in the muscle department?

JackBauerkillspigs Thu 30-Apr-09 09:20:19

Oh yes, but am a bit hmm about his hair at times.

And Dh reckons that Ceri is a 'right dirty little minx' (his words, not mine)
He could never look at Pui in a fanciable way after finding out she was a teletubby!

kwaker5 Thu 30-Apr-09 09:21:42

Sid has got bigger but Andy is WAAAAAY too thin don't you think?

kwaker5 Thu 30-Apr-09 09:21:43

Sid has got bigger but Andy is WAAAAAY too thin don't you think?

Baisey Thu 30-Apr-09 09:28:28

Im not sure it might because he's so lanky, I hated Andy when he first arrived but he has really grown on me.
Yes Sids hair is rather questionable.

foxytocin Thu 30-Apr-09 09:30:12

Why is Sid's hair questionable? It is dreadlocked. that is all.

JackBauerkillspigs Thu 30-Apr-09 09:34:27

I quite like the dreads actually, but it's questionable as cbeebies have no concept of conitnuity and it winds me upgrin
One day he will have little dreads, and the next day they stick on an old tape with an affro, and the next day it is shorter, adn then dreads again.
It shouldn't bother me that much, should it!

foxytocin Thu 30-Apr-09 09:44:00

no it shouldn't Jack grin

Baisey Thu 30-Apr-09 09:45:24

I dont like it to much I think he suits having it short all over better, Wow have nothing against dreadlocks <backs away slowly>

JackBauerkillspigs Thu 30-Apr-09 09:46:24

<makes note to get a life>

Baisey Thu 30-Apr-09 09:49:05

lol this is bad I have a day off from work and DS, so hence no cbeebies, yet I am inexplicibly drawn to a thread about it, I think I need to get out more.

Dysgu Thu 30-Apr-09 09:52:32

I miss Chris and Pui at bedtime! When they sang the bedtime song, DD1 was all ready for bed.

Now Alex and Kerrie do it and it doesn't have the same effect.

And I prefer Chris to Alex (but DD seems to have no pref.!)

kittybrown Thu 30-Apr-09 09:54:16

We find Andy slightly scary in this house. It's his sneery grin that gets us hiding behind the sofa.

JackBauerkillspigs Thu 30-Apr-09 09:56:20

The main probelm I have with Alex is the 'MC Hammer with cap on sideways rap' he does.
Childrens tv shoudln't make me cringe that badlygrin

kitbit Thu 30-Apr-09 10:05:09

Pui was a tellytubby??? Which one!

Biggest news I've heard all week. (need to get a life emoticon)

foxytocin Thu 30-Apr-09 10:07:19

the red one.

yes, i am sad too.

ZoeC Thu 30-Apr-09 10:08:43

Pui was Po.

MayorNaze Thu 30-Apr-09 10:10:24

oh i like andy. and sid. and their number rap blush

ceri is quite sweet but alex looks like one of the evil nerds from buffy the vampire slayer hmm

Wizzska Thu 30-Apr-09 11:13:48

Don't like Alex or Cerrie, far too wet for my liking. They have such simpering faces when they sing the songs.

Love Pui, Chris was alright too in comparison.

JackBauerkillspigs Thu 30-Apr-09 11:19:58

grin at alex/buffy.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 30-Apr-09 11:30:01

I like Sid, but not Andy - too thin.

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