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For being pissed off about acting as "trophy" for bloke?

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SpottyTiger Thu 23-Apr-09 18:44:01

When I first met the bloke I'm seeing he made some shit excuse about needing to pop into Asda for something. I followed him in and he darted straight towards the back of the store where the bread etc is and was looking around all the time. Finally he "bumped into" his old work mates and very quickly told them that I was his girlfriend. hmm we left the shop with nothing so it was obvious the whole point of going in there was so that he could do that.

Anyway he let it slip a few days ago that he's been distributing my photo around his family and friends and they're all commenting on how "Lucky" he is because I'm "really pretty" etc (their words, not mine). I just kinda cringe when he re-tells me.

Then yesterday I'd been for a job interview, we'd been for lunch and then he said "You look so lovely today ... " (in suit, make-up etc) and he then suddenly said "oh, just remembered, I have a voucher for asda, I'll just pop in there ... "

Needless to say he headed straight for the bread part. I realised what he was doing and ducked away when he wasn't looking and headed back to the fruit, then watched from a distance, ammused as he panicked and looked around for me grin when he found me, he tried it again "oh, I'll just have a look down here ... (bread ailse, where his old work mates work) " and so I followed him so far then disapeared again. He finally gave up and decided he didn't need anything from asda after all.

I feel like he's treating me as some kind of trophy. AIBU to feel pissed off about it?

BitOfFun Thu 23-Apr-09 18:46:27

Do you like him though? If you do, just have a preen and get on with it. If not, dump him.

SpottyTiger Thu 23-Apr-09 18:47:58

I do but he tries so hard to impress that it puts me off! he pretends to like all the same stuff as me, he's constantly complimenting me and he has no social skills at all. I sometimes feel like I'm 'mentoring' him.

Nancy66 Thu 23-Apr-09 18:48:07

he's obviously proud to have you on his arm and probably thinks you're out of his league. Dates that end at the bead aisle in Asda might get a bit tedious though. does he still get staff discount?

daisydora Thu 23-Apr-09 18:48:08

Feel flattered, he likes you!

BigBellasBeerBelly Thu 23-Apr-09 18:56:34

How long have you been seeing him?

pointydog Thu 23-Apr-09 19:01:19

I quite fancy being someone's trophy

JosieMiller Thu 23-Apr-09 19:04:04

oh fgs
oyu are being paraded in the bread aisle of ASDA?


pointydog Thu 23-Apr-09 19:05:10

I even quite fancy being a trophy in teh bread aisle of asda. That sounds like the sort of echelon I would move in.

JosieMiller Thu 23-Apr-09 19:05:37

are you his FRENCH fancy?


<boom boom>

JosieMiller Thu 23-Apr-09 19:06:22


does he twirl you areound and are you form AUstria - you can be his Viennese whirl then

foxinsocks Thu 23-Apr-09 19:07:04

jeez makes you wonder who he was going out with before

JosieMiller Thu 23-Apr-09 19:07:08

or do you have your hair up and come from the Low countries ...

..Belgian bun!

JosieMiller Thu 23-Apr-09 19:07:35

OR if you carry on being cross about it and get pregnant you can be a HOT CROSSBUN

brettgirl2 Thu 23-Apr-09 19:07:52

I'd be quite concerned about his obsession with impressing the staff at Asda. Dump him is my advice.

Nancy66 Thu 23-Apr-09 19:07:54

If he really cared he'd be parading you around the olive counter at Waitrose - it's where I do all my parading.

JosieMiller Thu 23-Apr-09 19:09:09

"I'd be quite concerned about his obsession with impressing the staff at Asda. Dump him is my advice. "

i am bent over double larfing here

JosieMiller Thu 23-Apr-09 19:10:08

Quite re olives as well.

francagoestohollywood Thu 23-Apr-09 19:16:26

rofl!!! I like this thread smile

JosieMiller Thu 23-Apr-09 19:16:44

me too.

ginnny Thu 23-Apr-09 19:17:41

If you really liked him you'd be flattered and want to meet all his friends. I used to love it when DP proudly introduced me to his friends/family when we first met (although not in the bread aisle hmm)
Doesn't sound as if you like him that much anyway though sad
Dump him now before you break his heart.

JosieMiller Thu 23-Apr-09 19:18:06

Yes, dont let his yeast rise for too long.

watsthestory Thu 23-Apr-09 19:19:32

Message withdrawn

TotalFeckinEejit Thu 23-Apr-09 19:21:12


JosieMiller Thu 23-Apr-09 19:22:29

OR IF oyu were in yellow you coudl be his custard tart

badda BING

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