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to irrationally hate the pinky ponk?

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silkcushion Mon 20-Apr-09 19:01:13

can't explain it but always hope it's the ninky nonk coming through the hedge and not that hideoues farty floaty thing

Tidey Mon 20-Apr-09 19:03:07

I totally agree, and yet I have no idea why. DP thinks both 'ninky nonk' and 'pinky ponk' sound like dreadful euphemisms though.

silkcushion Mon 20-Apr-09 19:09:26


maybe I'm not insane after all - glad someone agrees with me.

fizzpops Mon 20-Apr-09 19:18:18

Have you noticed it's special guest appearance in 'Blade Runner' though?

Be gentle on it, it has gone into retirement smile

KayHarkerInTheBackOfTheQuattro Mon 20-Apr-09 19:22:24

Yes! I'm so glad it's not just me. I hold my breath hoping for the Ninky Nonk, because I love the way Derek Jacobi says "Oh no, it's the Ninky Nonk!"

stillenacht Mon 20-Apr-09 19:22:38

my DS2 loves the pinky ponk (he is 5 and has LF ASD) and he squeals with delight when it comes on - he also ADORES the Pontepines and their wife swappy neighbours the Whattingers i think they

spicemonster Mon 20-Apr-09 19:24:34

Me too. But I'm not sure if it's the noises, the queasy pinkyponk juice, the ponk alarm or the fact that when it has a big ponk it makes my DS cry

silkcushion Mon 20-Apr-09 19:29:34

I didn't know wife swapping went on shock

Must pay more attention next time!

wiggletastic Mon 20-Apr-09 19:29:51

Have you lot been on the sauce? What on earth are you talking about???

Guadalupe Mon 20-Apr-09 19:31:41

How odd. I always hope for the ninky nonk too and I have never thought about it.

stillenacht Mon 20-Apr-09 19:32:46

yes i am sitting here with nice glass of chilled rose smilewink

silkcushion Mon 20-Apr-09 19:37:20

sadly Wiggle no boozing for me.

Am pg though so that might explain the nonsense running through my brain smile

I think maybe I've uncovered a secret but commonly shared preference for the ninky nonk.

I wonder if the pinky ponk is like marmite - do some people adore it?

Can you tell I'm meant to be studying? Anything is preferable to that!

Someone slap me and tell me to log off

Glitterknickaz Mon 20-Apr-09 19:39:11

I love the farting.

FattipuffsandThinnifers Mon 20-Apr-09 19:39:47

Gosh I didn't realise till reading this that I feel the same grin

My sister calls it a great farting tit. And there is something gross about the 'pinky ponk juice'. <shudder>

wiggletastic Mon 20-Apr-09 19:40:38

Ooooh....chilled rose envy. I am sadly off the sauce. Perhaps that's why I have failed to understand this rather surreal conversation, although my non-booze addled brain is slowly coming to the conclusion it is some hideous kids tv prog that I have yet to be subjected to as my DD is only 6 months?

silkcushion Mon 20-Apr-09 19:45:04

It's from "In The Night Garden". I had never seen it until MIL bought dd an Iggle Piggle Doll for xmas and then told me to watch it.

Now dd (17mo) quite enjoys it after nursery whilst drinking her milk.

I mainly just enjoy the cuddle I get - she's very wriggly otherwise.

You have all this to come!

wiggletastic Mon 20-Apr-09 19:50:54

Oh well, that sounds quite nice Silk, I shall look forward to it now. Well, apart from the pinky ponk obviously....

spicemonster Mon 20-Apr-09 20:28:49

I wouldn't go that far wiggletastic! You don't necessarily get a cuddle either - my DS thinks the sofa is much too far away from the TV and wriggles off my knee for a closer look - he likes to be no more than 3 foot away from it at all times.

wiggletastic Mon 20-Apr-09 20:42:58

sad Spice. No cuddles? I bet you get lots at other times. I guess even little DCs have their priorities and 'In the Night Garden' must rank higher than cuddles. It really must be a good show, I will look out for it.

MamaHobgoblin Mon 20-Apr-09 21:04:30

Pinkyponk juice looks like artificially-coloured Slush Puppies IMO. Surely not a good example to set our DC?


I hate the farty thing, too.

Jenbot Mon 20-Apr-09 21:10:06

I liked it when the pontypines tried to eat their dinner in the ninky nonk.

Caz10 Mon 20-Apr-09 21:13:51

i actually prefer the Pinky Ponk! But I don't understand why it's ok not to wear seatbelts and roll about the floor, when you have to get all strapped in in the Ninky Nonk?

Stefka Mon 20-Apr-09 21:14:28

I prefer the ninky nonk too. I liked the one where the pontypine children went on the roof and Derek Jacobi said 'What naughty dollies'.

DS likes the pinky ponk though but loves the pontypines best.

Lyra75 Mon 20-Apr-09 21:18:31

Definitely agree with the ninky nonk preference, as does my DS.

If the pinky ponk shows up he protests "no no no no noooo". We now have a store of recorded ninky nonk episodes to avoid pinky ponk meltdowns.

Caz10 Mon 20-Apr-09 21:19:23

Oh god I feel like a freak now.

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