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to be really disgusted by mikado biscuit advert?

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ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sun 19-Apr-09 23:49:53

Probably only a night time advert - japanese office worker (male) stumbles upon woman (presumably secretary) photocopying her vagina (straddling photocopier) followed by image of long thin biscuit being coated in chocolate (phallic/sex image?) and the tagline 'more than a little bit tempting' - Is it just me, or is that really sexist and gross?

Desiderata Sun 19-Apr-09 23:51:36

I don't see how it's sexist, but it wouldn't want to make me rush out and purchase a biscuit.

cheesesarnie Sun 19-Apr-09 23:51:54

eurgh.not seen it but eurgh

LauriefairycakeeatsCupid Sun 19-Apr-09 23:53:17

It was on at 6 tonight.

I too think it's inappropriate.

SparklingSarah Mon 20-Apr-09 00:21:15

uh uh!! you missed the whole advert!

he goes and eats a biscuit - she sees and follows to see if she can nab one
he puts them on a high shelf she climbs on the photocopier to get them kneels on the GO button at which point he walks in to see the photo copier going with her kneeling above it.

are you really disgusted?
not quite sure on the sexist bit but I spose some people can make a sexist drama out of almost anything!

llareggub Mon 20-Apr-09 00:23:17

I don't think they always show the whole advert. I've only seen the part described by kat2907 and yes, I find it offensive.

Desiderata Mon 20-Apr-09 00:23:50

Here, here, Sarah.

Desiderata Mon 20-Apr-09 00:24:46

But why on earth does it offend you? I simply don't understand how anyone could be offended by an ad of this nature.

In what way does it offend you?

LauriefairycakeeatsCupid Mon 20-Apr-09 00:27:29

Her legs are very wide apart and the guy coming into the room is staring fixedly at the photocopies of her (presumably) butt and genitalia.

Insinuation more than anything. I'm not offended but I think it's inappropriate before the watershed.

littleboyblue Mon 20-Apr-09 00:29:13

I thought it was quite funny. I haven't laughed at an advert in ages

llareggub Mon 20-Apr-09 00:32:45

Well, the timing of the advert for one, as it is before the watershed. I also find it offensive because it just isn't a funny, clever or ironic advert, particularly out of context. Who on earth would think that showing an advert of a woman straddling a photocopier would make me want to buy a bloody biscuit? I think it is the product of a group of juvenile advertising executives looking to create a storm of protest.

serenity Mon 20-Apr-09 00:34:01

It makes me go hmm, but I don't find it offensive as such. It's pretty stupid though.

I don't think there was any actual fanjo photocopying however, unless we're assuming that girls in short skirts don't wear pants (which is... odd)

LauriefairycakeeatsCupid Mon 20-Apr-09 00:35:20

actually I'm surprised at how so many women I know say they don't wear pants.

FAQinglovely Mon 20-Apr-09 00:41:04

I guess this is the advert we're talking about??

FAQinglovely Mon 20-Apr-09 00:42:04

if so he looks more horrified than sexually turned on grin

serenity Mon 20-Apr-09 00:46:38

Not odd to not wear pants, maybe odd to assume photocopy girl isn't (thus making porno photocopies) smile

SparklingSarah Mon 20-Apr-09 00:47:17

yes exactly he looks like oh bloody hell!

dear god have you not got any bed linen to iron something!?

the suprise is - I rarely wear knickers

odd grin YOU BETCHA!

LauriefairycakeeatsCupid Mon 20-Apr-09 00:48:40

I 'oddly' assumed it because he was staring at the photocopies and thought it was an inference to 'fun' guys in the office who photocopy their butts at the Christmas party

<weirdo emoticon> grin

IneedAbetterNickname Mon 20-Apr-09 00:51:09

PMSL that was sooooo funny! Thanks for the link FAQ, else I'd have been sat here saying What???????

FAQinglovely Mon 20-Apr-09 00:51:24

maybe he's looking so horrified because he's just discovered she's a transvestite grin

hobbgoblin Mon 20-Apr-09 00:52:33

I did think 'is this ad deliberately conveying some kind of visual double entendre' but assumed it was just as Lauriefairycake says - just a play on the whole photocopy your bum thing.

I don't think it was about photocopying fanjo, was it? hmm

I think she had tights on, but suppose it could have been stockings, if one really wanted to overthink this wink

FAQinglovely Mon 20-Apr-09 00:52:42

oh shit that last post sounds really awful - I don't mean that someone being a transvestite is awful, I mean that perhaps he had the hots for her and has just had his hopes dashed (does that make more sense?)

serenity Mon 20-Apr-09 00:54:23

I've just realised that I'm assuming she's wearing white knickers, which probably means I've seen too much Japanese anime than is good for me.

She reminds me of one of the schoolgirls from Battle Royale.

Tortington Mon 20-Apr-09 00:58:21

the time its shown on telly is v. inappropriate

the advert itself wouldnt bother me or make me laugh or cry or thinkabout it in any way at all really

thirtypence Mon 20-Apr-09 03:50:36

She is kneeling and they both look horrified. The full version does not offend me, and unless the man has a very thin penis I don't think that biscuit is big enough to rate as phallic imagery.
I think it's in poor taste to only spend money showing the 10 second version until it's either a very well known ad or it was later at night.

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