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to refuse to let DD "have Mumsnet" when she becomes a mother?

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Hassled Wed 15-Apr-09 22:23:18

On the basis that I will still be a mother myself? And we don't really do sharing?

She's 19, so we've got a good few years to argue this out. But youngest DC is only 6, so I'll be needing MN myself for a good while. He already has fine potential to become a nightmare teenager.

So who gets Mumsnet? You decide.

SimpleAsABC Wed 15-Apr-09 22:24:52

Share and name change.

Tryharder Wed 15-Apr-09 22:25:01

Finders keepers grin

norksinmywaistband Wed 15-Apr-09 22:25:07

Does se know your posting name? if she doesn't, does sharing really come into it. We are all anonomous posters after all

norksinmywaistband Wed 15-Apr-09 22:25:57

And I have obviously drunk too much wine tonight blush Spelling is awful

TrillianAstra Wed 15-Apr-09 22:27:13

Poor DD, she might NEED mumsnet more than you!

Namechanging is key. Tell everyone who you are secretly.

Obviously you'll need to know her posting name! wink

squilly Wed 15-Apr-09 22:30:02

Noooo...Trillian. Wouldn't it be a bit like reading your dd's diary? You should NEVER know her posting name. You both need to become anonymous faces on a mothering thread. And if you see her and recognise her from her posts WALK AWAY!!!!

I'm glad (for once) that I'm an old fart and will be posting on nannynet by the time dd has kids, even if she starts very, very young!

Hassled Wed 15-Apr-09 22:30:46

She knows my posting name. Don't see why I should have to namechange because it's MINE.

Tryharder is right - finders keepers.

She says this isn't a fair fight. My view is that she's not on MN and I am. Ha!

Hassled Wed 15-Apr-09 22:30:46

She knows my posting name. Don't see why I should have to namechange because it's MINE.

Tryharder is right - finders keepers.

She says this isn't a fair fight. My view is that she's not on MN and I am. Ha!

TrillianAstra Wed 15-Apr-09 22:31:51

So in your plan Hassled she will get pregnant, secretly join MN (or even join first and go on the TTC threads) and she will know your name andyou won't know hers?

KatyMac Wed 15-Apr-09 22:32:00

Can't you use this as a tool to reinforce your parenting techniques on her?

Because we will all back you up

Hassled Wed 15-Apr-09 22:37:38

No no no - you don't get it. She's not allowed to join. She has to join NetMums and get a fluffy ticker.

But thank you Katy for the back-up. I can see the squabbles now -

DDofHassled: "Should I call my first born Petunia Petal?"
Hassled: "No you can't"
The rest of MN: I agree with Hassled"

theyoungvisiter Wed 15-Apr-09 22:40:12

but Hassled, how will you know if she joins wink

I mean, she knows your posting name, but you won't know hers, will you?

She'll just have to change her DD to a DS or whatever, and alter the birth date by a day or two, and you will be forever wondering why that AIBU thread sounds eerily familiar.

theyoungvisiter Wed 15-Apr-09 22:42:10

One day it will pop up Hassled - "AIBU to keep my mumsnetting secret from my controlling mother MIL?"

And you will be thinking hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

monkeypinkmonkey Wed 15-Apr-09 22:42:32

lol thats it isn't it Hassled you will never know!

Hassled Wed 15-Apr-09 22:43:10

She's going to show up on one of those "Mothers, eh?" rant threads, isn't she. It will be hideous.

Hassled Wed 15-Apr-09 22:43:55

X posts

ThingOne Wed 15-Apr-09 22:44:45

Is she trying to tell you something, hassled?

RustyBear Wed 15-Apr-09 22:48:34

Well my DD (also 19) is also on Mumsnet sometimes - she's given the teenager's viewpoint on some threads, and she once came on to defend a poster who was being accused of being a troll. I was very envy because someone said 'great post rustycub' - I have never got 'great post' on MN!

She knows my posting name which means I don't post anything I wouldn't want her to read (well, not under that name anyway grin)

<<waves to DD and heads off to find a bumsex thread>>

Hassled Wed 15-Apr-09 22:51:07

Rusty - now I can see how that would be very galling indeed. Great post, btw wink.

thingone - the thought did cross my mind, but no. One thing I don't have to fret about just yet.

2rebecca Wed 15-Apr-09 23:06:48

I presume she doesn't live with you and has her own house and computer if she has a family. Surely she can do what she likes, that's part of being an adult. If I was her I'd use it if I wanted, inventing a few irrelevent details so you can't guess all her postings.
You don't have to "share" mumsnet. You can both use it, just like you can both use Google. I really don't get your attitude.

rattyrouge Fri 12-Jun-09 21:31:30

<<waves forlornly back at DM.. godammit mum..>> i maintain if you can facebook stalk me i can mumsnet stalk you right back.

BitOfFun Fri 12-Jun-09 21:44:05

Have a glass of wine 2rebecca grin

katiestar Fri 12-Jun-09 21:45:53

I wouldn't want my DIL to be a MNer .MILs can do no right on this site !!

chipmonkey Fri 12-Jun-09 22:07:11

JoolsToo and GDG co-existed quite happily on MN for a while. I thought it was lovely. I can't imagine my Mum being on MN!

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