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to disagree with the persil definition of 'what is a mum'?

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stainesmassif Wed 08-Apr-09 22:14:23

'someone who saves to buy a pretty hat and then spends the money on a cricket bat instead' definitely not buying persil now!

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Wed 08-Apr-09 22:15:25

I have never brought Persil. Does this not make me a mum?

KingCanuteIAm Wed 08-Apr-09 22:16:32

'someone who uses Persil' how is it possible to define a Mum as someone who uses their own brand, what about the Ladies with children who use Fairy, what are they if not Mums?

Irritating advert, which is a shame as they have now ruined the "Awww MUuuUM" advert that always made me smile!

stainesmassif Wed 08-Apr-09 22:18:36

fluffy - presumably not!!

for some reason the words 'pretty hat' particularly grate with me

AnnieLobePassoverSeder Wed 08-Apr-09 22:19:39

Well this mum doesn't buy anything off companies who test on animals, which includes all the detergent manufacturers (hooray for soapnuts!), so I don't buy Persil anyway. But this annoying advert adds another reason! grin

BTW - have any of you ever saved to buy a pretty hat? Should I, if I am to stand any chance of being a proper mum?

IneedAbetterNickname Wed 08-Apr-09 22:19:42

Thats means I'm not a Mum either, must have imagined them 2 babies I pushed out my chuff then hmm

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Wed 08-Apr-09 22:21:00

Well, ds is a bit too big to put back. Maybe Social services?

I'd rather have the hat by the way.

Shambolic Wed 08-Apr-09 22:22:02

Pretty hat?


How many women wear hats on a regular basis? It's not 1906. How odd.

paolosgirl Wed 08-Apr-09 22:24:10

Have never bought a pretty hat or a cricket bat - but then again DD has informed me this week that I am the worst mother in the world, and did I know that? Persil is reinforcing what she has known all along - I am simply not the mum I should be.

DiamondHead Wed 08-Apr-09 22:24:13

It's fairly unimaginative rhyming - 'Hat' and 'bat'.

Could they not think of anything better. Who here has ever saved for a hat, especially a 'pretty' one. Euurggh.

Perhaps the Mum decides she doesn't want the poxy hat, so buys a cricket bat for herself, leaves the washing and goes and plays for England ladies in Barbadoes.

stainesmassif Wed 08-Apr-09 22:24:26

it hadn't occured to me that maybe she's buying the cricket bat for herself.........that's not quite so bad.

ShowOfHands Wed 08-Apr-09 22:25:11

I wear hats all the time, but they're from charity shops mostly. No saving.

I'm so confused. Is dd mine? Did I imagine it?

muffle Wed 08-Apr-09 22:26:31

Now you see I did think that on reading the OP <dim>. "She wanted a hat" I mused... "But she bought a bat - why? and what does it have to do with being a mum?"

Oh well, I use Fairy anyway.

Lilyloo Wed 08-Apr-09 22:28:31

ooh yes i can only feel 100% mum if i am wearing a hat hmm
FGS what is that all about , a hat ????????

paolosgirl Wed 08-Apr-09 22:28:42

I like your thinking, Diamond! Perhaps that's it - perhaps she thinks "sod the lot of you, do your own bloody washing, I'm off to follow my dream and play cricket for England in Barbados as I should have done years ago, before I met and married your father and became the drudge you now see before you".

Yes, now that would make me buy Persil!

KingCanuteIAm Wed 08-Apr-09 22:33:07

I have changed my mind! If Pesil is right and I am not actually a Mum then that must mean that I don't actually have to stay in at night with the dc and I have plenty of spare money so I could book myself a nice sunny, lazy cruise... See, great advert wink

stainesmassif Wed 08-Apr-09 22:42:14

Classic mumsnet, I was starting to think I'd posted my first safe YANBU, and it's a YABU after only 19 minutes!

TheHedgeWitch Wed 08-Apr-09 22:45:16

Message withdrawn

Lilyloo Wed 08-Apr-09 22:55:01

But a hat Hedge ???????????? wink

pointydog Wed 08-Apr-09 22:55:35

I would be upset if I did fit the persil definition of a mum

stainesmassif Wed 08-Apr-09 22:57:14

I don't think I'm being too literal. Obviously we all make sacrifices for our children. It is the tone of the advert that I object to. I understand that it's dated, and that it's making a selling point out of the longevity of the brand, but i object to a woman's highest aspiration being a 'pretty hat' regardless of the era.

stainesmassif Wed 08-Apr-09 22:57:32

And now you've made me all serious!

HecAteTheEasterBunny Thu 09-Apr-09 16:30:37

I think they were tying it in with their ad campaigns over the years!

screamingabdab Thu 09-Apr-09 16:34:58

I remember writing a poem for Mothers Day when I was about 10:

"A mother who loves you
A mother who cares
A mother who cleans
And dusts the chairs

A pretty mother
Yes it's true
I tell you mother
I love you"

AIBU to try and sell it to Persil for their next advert?

BouncingTurtle Thu 09-Apr-09 17:51:48

Screamingabdab - it is far superior to the hat/bat thing. They need to look for new copywriters! I bet it was someone's kid who dreamed it up!

Obviously I too am not a mum as not only do I buy soapnuts, I sell 'em too! Perhaps this means that I am really this guy shock


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