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KimiWantsAnEasterEgg Sun 29-Mar-09 16:04:13

Popped to Tesco this morning and as I left I ask DP "do you want anything"? No said he.
He is sitting trying to fix my sisters lap top that has a wacking 27 Trojans on it and has just ask, "did you get me any cookies"?

"Um no you said you did not want any" says I

Sad look, "oh" "but you always get me cookies"

"Bake you a cake shall I " says I all sarcastic like .....

5 minuets pass then a little voice says "so are you baking me a cake"?

Now should I leave my sofa and my MN and go make a chocolate cake I can not have any of as it is lent or not...

Ladies first 10 yes or no answers decide...

Dp would like me to point out that the lovely new laptop I am sat MN on is a gift he got me last week for no reason at all.

Over to you

Nabster Sun 29-Mar-09 16:05:39

Only if he asks you very nicely.

I would but I love to bake and feeding my family helps keep me on a even keel.

FAQinglovely Sun 29-Mar-09 16:05:43


Ledodgy Sun 29-Mar-09 16:06:13

I'd make him that microwave chocolate cake in a cup that everyone was talking about on here a couple of weeks ago. Minimum effort on your behalf but he still gets cake.

Simnelbellavita Sun 29-Mar-09 16:06:15

You could make a traybake of brownies, won't take very long, all in one method, bung in oven.


Tigerschick Sun 29-Mar-09 16:08:00

I would. But then, I quite enjoy baking.

Niecie Sun 29-Mar-09 16:10:55

Yes, make him a cake.

He sounds slightly desperate and he doesn't sound too demanding plus he bought you a big pressie and is helping your DSis.

I think he deserves a treat.

jennybensmummy Sun 29-Mar-09 16:12:01

I would after all he is busy not just being lazy and then he will owe you a favour later wink wink

Lawks Sun 29-Mar-09 16:14:22

Yes cake.
Of course cake.
Always cake.

KimiWantsAnEasterEgg Sun 29-Mar-09 16:14:41

Should add that as well as fixing my sisters lap top he has already fixed the one from the lady next door today and on Friday night he went to my sisters and helped her flat pack her bedroom furniture as she is moving today, he is also taking me out on Wednesday night.....I should make him the cake shouldent I ?

Ineedmorechocolatenow Sun 29-Mar-09 16:14:46

Yes, but then I like baking too and he sounds nice. I've read too many threads recently of bastard husbands....

Juwesm Sun 29-Mar-09 16:16:08

I would say yes, but bake something you can eat - doesn't have to be chocolate! Unless its not just choc you've given up...

KimiWantsAnEasterEgg Sun 29-Mar-09 16:16:50

DP says his faith in mumsnet is renewed as it looks like he will be getting cake...

Keep the yes and no coming

Nabster Sun 29-Mar-09 16:17:07


Nabster Sun 29-Mar-09 16:17:20


Nabster Sun 29-Mar-09 16:17:31


Nabster Sun 29-Mar-09 16:17:44


KimiWantsAnEasterEgg Sun 29-Mar-09 16:17:47

No cake for me full stop, gave it all up for lent

beanieb Sun 29-Mar-09 16:17:56


Nabster Sun 29-Mar-09 16:18:01


Nabster Sun 29-Mar-09 16:18:24

is that 10 yet?

make the cake grin

differentEggD Sun 29-Mar-09 16:18:28

do the microwave cake recipe.

KimiWantsAnEasterEgg Sun 29-Mar-09 16:21:16

Nabster DP loves you and I am off to bake.. grin

hairygodmother Sun 29-Mar-09 16:21:51

Definitely do the cake, he sounds lovely! Microwave cake recipe sounds like a plan, have yet to try it but everyone was raving about it. Plus it won't be v big so you won't be tempted to have a bit ... wink

SchlebMNer Sun 29-Mar-09 16:23:47

Definitely cake and lots of it. There is only one thing worse than assembling flat pack furniture and that's taking it apart. It's utterly soul destroying, particularly if it was you that built it. Poor little soldier. Make him a cake!

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