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New fence then new neighbours

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bluesky Thu 26-Mar-09 15:06:59

We put in a new fence, good strong (pricey) sturdy one, as we plan on staying here for a good long time.

New house built, new neighbours in.

They have painted the side facing them.

As the law stands, that fence is ours, it's not her side of the fence apparently, it's "the other side of our fence". (I've been on a garden law website).

She is not permitted to paint it, attach anything to it, grown anything up it, without our permission.

What do I do? How do I say something, she is currently having huge garden works done, and I can see trellis and all sorts coming!!?

Help! AIBU to be pissed off??

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WorzselMummage Thu 26-Mar-09 15:07:57

why do you care about a side you cant see ?

hercules1 Thu 26-Mar-09 15:08:48

I think yabu. How odd that you'd object to something you cant even see facing into your neighbours garden. We built a new fence between our and neighbours propery and they have all sorts of hanging plants on it etc. Never occured to me to object.

flowerybeanbag Thu 26-Mar-09 15:09:24

What's wrong with her painting her side? That's what people normally do, no? One side technically owns the border and is responsible for the fence, but mostly people paint their own side.

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 26-Mar-09 15:09:27

Why on earth shouldn't they paint the side facing them? You can't see it, can you? How does it offend you?!

YABVU to be pissed off. The only way you would be being reasonable is if she is doing something that might damage your fence.

And also, bear in mind, she might have no idea about the legal situation.

Why does this bother you so much - I really can't see why it would!

Mamii Thu 26-Mar-09 15:11:53

I think you just have to accept that they're going to do as they wish with the side of the fence that faces them.

If they haven't made a complete hash of it and dripped the paint all over your side of the fence too - just let it go.

It's so important to get on with the neighbours. After all, you've said you want to stay there - they may feel the same too. It'd be a miserable life if you're fighting over a painted fence when in the grand scheme of things - yep, it's really bugging, but not really worth causing a headache over is it?

bluesky Thu 26-Mar-09 15:14:49

It bothers me because it's our fence, not a shared one, there are several covenants concerning the fence/boundary. Which she is aware of.

And the paint is coming through.

And yes, if things hang from it etc and it damages it, then we would have to fix it, she would shy away from it then.

I have no problem with people painting other sides of fences when it's a shared fence, or when a panel blows over in the wind and you sort it out between you. Been there, done that, lived there in previous houses.

But this is more complicated as it's totally ours. We have the responsibility and the upkeep expense.

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poshwellies Thu 26-Mar-09 15:15:31

FFS ,it's a fence..trelis? oh no! hmm

LadyGlencoraPalliser Thu 26-Mar-09 15:16:15

What happened to welcoming a new neighbour with a bottle of wine and a friendly smile?

MelanieLiv Thu 26-Mar-09 15:16:48

Why not just pop round and have a pleasant friendly chat about it? There's no need to get aggressive, is there?

flowerybeanbag Thu 26-Mar-09 15:17:12

The only valid reason I can see there to object is because the paint is coming through.

I think we technically own the fence in our garden but it wouldn't occur to me to protest at our neighbour painting her side tbh.

bluesky Thu 26-Mar-09 15:17:23

Thanks Mamii, that is what the other side of my brain is saying, we really don't want a fall out.

I'm just concerned that she has done it when she knew at the survey/buying time, that it's not a shared fence.

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Idranktheeasterspirits Thu 26-Mar-09 15:17:26

YABU. Your new neighbour could be the next Banksy and there you are whinging about it.....

I can't actually take this thread seriously. So fucking what if she has painted the side that you can't see.
Is it physically harming you?

<throws vomit green paint all over thread and skips away>

Morloth Thu 26-Mar-09 15:17:42

I think you need to get out more.

Is this really worth neighbour drama over?

What's that saying? "Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?"

Its a FENCE. Chill out.

AMumInScotland Thu 26-Mar-09 15:18:39

I would have assumed (wrongly it seems) that it was my responsibility to paint the side of all fences which faced into my garden. Actually there's only one edge with a fence, and I've painted my side of it. I'm not sure whether it is "mine" or the neighbours - it was there before either of us moved in. The neighbour has attached tubs to it and grows plants up it. It's never occurred to either of us that there would be any issue.

If you think she is likely to start doing something which will impact on your enjoyment of your garden - like trellises giving a lot of shade, then best have a chat. But make it a friendly neighbourly, "gosh you seem to have big plans here" rather than quoting the law at her.

bluesky Thu 26-Mar-09 15:18:43

melanie, I am so not aggressive, I shy away from all confrontation, especially with neighbours!

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BecauseImWorthIt Thu 26-Mar-09 15:18:49

It can't be that solid a fence if the paint is coming through.

Are you really serious or is this another 'aiming-to-be-a-MN-classic' thread?

Comewhinewithme Thu 26-Mar-09 15:18:50

But then she could complain and ask you to take the fence down as you have put it up on her side of the garden . YABVU.

clam Thu 26-Mar-09 15:19:03

Well, we seem to have copped for owning/replacing the fences on 2.5 of the 3 borders in our back garden. So we've chosen a lovely (pricey shock) one, but it has never occurredto me that I could dictate to any of my neighbours what they can/cannot do on their side of it.
Sorry, but I think YABU.

mumoverseas Thu 26-Mar-09 15:19:11

can't decide whether you are being unreasonable or not. Can see it from both sides so will have to get splinters up my arse and sit on the fence on this one

pigleto Thu 26-Mar-09 15:19:24

I think you should talk to her. Tell her it is your fence. She probably had no idea. Don't send notes or get annoyed, you will end up with a neighbour dispute.

My neighbour asked me to make sure that no earth was building up on my side of her fence. I am perfectly happy to keep her fence in good order as it makes both our gardens smart.

She can't unpaint her side of the fence but she can ask your permission next time.

screamingabdab Thu 26-Mar-09 15:19:49

bluesky Go and talk to them. I bet they didn't think about the law as regards painting the fence.

I do see you don't want them to do anything to damage the fence, so go and talk to them nicely. I wouldn't mention the paint (does it really bother you?).

If they want to put trellis up, they'll have to put it their side.

screamingabdab Thu 26-Mar-09 15:20:58

x posts with everyone. Don't assume the worst.

JustCallMeGoat Thu 26-Mar-09 15:22:43

as a wise person once said 'one man's beautiful fence is another man's fecking eyesore to be covered up with trellis and paint'

FigmentOfYourImagination Thu 26-Mar-09 15:25:46

I think yabu for getting pissed off with her painting it. Most paints/stains actually act as wood preservatives therefore they are LOOKING AFTER your precious fence.

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