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To be deeply insulted by what dt2 (5) said to me this morning?

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whoingodsnameami Wed 25-Mar-09 15:53:49

I was talking to her and noticed she was looking at me oddly, then she said, mum, you have teeth like spongebob!!!!!!!!

I am still traumatised.

OrmIrian Wed 25-Mar-09 16:23:42

I look better with my glasses on apparently hmm

Yeah thanks.... How about a paper bag?

From a 12yr old.

MuppetsMuggle Wed 25-Mar-09 16:33:29

My DD called me a Pegged Leg Scallywag and no mistake this morning, as I couldn't run after her and play this morning. hmm

Madmentalbint Wed 25-Mar-09 16:35:08

DD2 "Are you? Are you? You are, aren't you?"

Me hmm

DD2 "Tell me! I know you are!"

Me "Erm...I am what?" <confused>

DD2 "Pregnant!" <stares excitedly at my tummy>

And nope, I'm not.


Tummytuckrequired Wed 25-Mar-09 16:40:36

My DD insists I have a shower first thing in the morning before I touch her or speak to her because apparently I smell of rubbish.

gingernutlover Wed 25-Mar-09 16:59:48

these are funny

not my own child but little boy in my reception class yesterday when we were being jack in the boxes in PE said to me very loudly


he sounded completely amazed by this - and also a little impressed hehe, I couldnt stop laughing for ages.

Rosieeo Wed 25-Mar-09 17:06:50

"Mummy, your belly is stripey like a tiger!" from my dd aged 3 when I was 39 weeks pregnant

Rosieeo Wed 25-Mar-09 17:06:53

"Mummy, your belly is stripey like a tiger!" from my dd aged 3 when I was 39 weeks pregnant

tiggerlovestobounce Wed 25-Mar-09 17:23:58

My DD last week asked me why I have stripes on my belly. grin

MadamDeathstare Wed 25-Mar-09 17:30:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HappyHome Wed 25-Mar-09 17:37:10

I've been told by my DS that I have the hugest bum in the world shock

kidowner Wed 25-Mar-09 17:46:48

My daughter said to Grandma, 'Grandma your arms look like salami!'

Then when my sister was on the loo my daughter saw her and said 'You've got long legs like a giraffe'

pramspotter Wed 25-Mar-09 17:52:21

My dd age 6 tells me that it is a good thing that I have a pretty face because my body is so wobbly and horrible.

Isn't she darling.

ScumdogSquillionaire Wed 25-Mar-09 18:33:19

my ds was rummaging around in my underwear drawer once looking for something he'd lost.

He picked up a pair of my knickers, held them up, looked at them, and said

"mummy aren't your knickers big" blush

kiddiz Wed 25-Mar-09 18:40:52

My DD, then 8, while watching 10 years younger on tv..... "you should go on this program mum".

dilemma456 Wed 25-Mar-09 19:09:52

Message withdrawn

muminthecity Wed 25-Mar-09 19:16:14

DD (3.5) announced on Sunday whilst sitting around the dinner table with all of my family, "Mummy's got a moustache just like Grandad!"


deste Wed 25-Mar-09 19:17:58

I was a neat size ten, with no lumps and bumps and thought I looked rather smart in a black close fitting top. My DD told me I looked like Pamela Anderson. I dont think she meant it in a proud way.

lydiathetattooedlady Wed 25-Mar-09 19:46:17

my dd was two last week and called me a fatty-bum-bum sad theres something to be said for early talkers!

neolara Wed 25-Mar-09 19:51:42

DD aged 4 "Mummy, you are the odd one out. Daddy, DS and me are fit. And you are fat".

FrannyandZooey Wed 25-Mar-09 19:52:59

ds1 told dp he was "chubby and ungainly" shock
he is 5
precocious little wotsit

thatsnotmymonster Wed 25-Mar-09 20:07:10

Lol Neolara that is funny.

I like all of these grin

My ds aged about 3.5 ran around the bathroom shouting, 'Quick, get back, everyone get out of the way. BIG mummy is going to get out of the bath!'

Another time I was getting dressed and decided to put on a red, satin, push up bra (as opposed to my usual old skanky, comfortable ones). DS exclaimed, 'Oh mummy, that is very pretty!'
He then watched me continue to dress and then said, 'Mummy you shouldn't put those clothes on top because then noone can see your bra.'

He was obviously puzzled as to the purpose of wearing a pretty bra if it wasn't going to be on display to the world grin

CarrieBo Wed 25-Mar-09 20:25:58

One of dd's first sentences was 'mummy bottom, mummy big bottom'. Dh nearly dropped ds in the bath he was trying so hard to control his laughter.

fruitbeard Wed 25-Mar-09 21:18:39

DD told me the other day that she's going to open her piggybank and buy me make up 'so you can be beautiful, mummy'

Also that a dress I was trying on was 'much too pretty for you' shock

yousaidit Wed 25-Mar-09 21:24:41

ds asked my mum 'grandma, why are you wearing a skirt? have you been to the pub?' (it was 1 in the afternoon!, my mum doesn't really 'do' pubs! mum laughs and syas no, i've been shopping, causing ds to ask very seriously 'did everyone laugh at you?'

Kimi Wed 25-Mar-09 21:30:59


DS2.. mummy you are like jelly.....but I like jelly!

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