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to think it's rather odd that we are always being told that the nuclear family is ideal but that they make so few appearances on children's TV?

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spicemonster Wed 25-Mar-09 13:11:32

Weird isn't it? Balamory is all single people as far as I can see. Granny Murray is about 35 so she was clearly a teenage mum, as is her daughter. Charlie and Lola's parents seem fairly competent but never appear. Only the Pontipines and Wattingers appear to be couples with children and the Pontipines are neglectful in the extreme.

rachyrachyrach Thu 26-Mar-09 14:43:31

little red tractor they must all be related as they each only have 3 fingers, poor things

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Thu 26-Mar-09 14:46:59

Oh yes there's Dora too, but her mum seems to let her go wandering around the forest alone getting up to allsorts.

I am worried she may have PND, or have too much on her plate with the twins. SS would be very interested in the fact that her eldest takes unsupervised hot air baloon rides with farm animals.

angelene Thu 26-Mar-09 15:39:03

2rebecca most of the inserts in Teletubbies are done in the Midlands area, not London. Of course that is also a very diverse area.

On a slightly different note, is anyone else concerned about the Criminal Justice System in Toyland? Mr Plod acts as police (obv), judge and jury by himself, to me this flies in the face of all natural justice and democracy. The goblins have never yet had a fair trial.

rosisdreamingofchocolate Thu 26-Mar-09 17:35:20

I can't believe I keep coming back to this thread but...

Just watched Space Pirates, Captain DJ has a mum & dad!

Right, I'm off to get some kind of life though I fear it may be too late!

UKVeggieMum Thu 26-Mar-09 17:46:05

Max and ruby's a bit odd, they seem to live on their own, although there's a grandma rabbit they visit sometimes.

Ceebee74 Thu 26-Mar-09 20:28:48

Does anyone else think that Alicia must get mightily p*ssed off with Diego getting all the glory??

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