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to be worried about fibroids whilst trying to conceive?

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RnR Sat 21-Mar-09 11:30:23

Hi, recently found out (during my initial consultaion at fertility clinic last Thurs) from a scan that I have around 5 fairly large (size of small plums) fibroids in the uterus. The very po faced (scary) consultant was slightly alarmed and recommended a laparoscopy to investigate further. She implied that they may be the reason I have not yet conceived.

I am 40 this year, been trying for a year and a half.

Attempted a search on past conversations, so much to see and quite confusing.

Is anyone in the same situation as me, or has been through a similar experience?

I was quite shocked, did not expect the scan tbh, just questions and form filling so spent the last day in a daze. Trying not to freak out as there is SO much info on the net and not enough if you know what I mean.

Nearest date for the laporoscopy is beg June so a long time waiting.


smee Sat 21-Mar-09 15:20:26

Am far from an expert, but according to a friend's recent experience, it depends where the fibroids are. My friend had to have her's removed. She only had one, but it was too large and also the position meant a pregnancy wasn't viable.
Alternatively, lots of people with fibroids conceive and happily carry a baby to term, so you shouldn't worry until you know the facts. If I was you, I'd go to my GP with a list of questions. I'd also push for an earlier appointment. If you're 40 and wanting to have a baby you need to get this sorted.

wickedwitch81 Sat 21-Mar-09 15:44:43

Hi i found out i had 2 fibroids at my 12 weeks scan, they didn't seem overly concerned about them, the biggest one was about 5x5x5 ( about the size of an orange) my biggest one is situated in the lower right of my uterus.. I would also push for an earlier appt..

Has your mum, grandma had them??? Only asking because my mum and grandma had them and my consultant said they was hereiditary..

RnR Sat 21-Mar-09 15:52:04

Thanks to both above, yes I am going to try push for an earlier appointment or even pay and go private - if I can afford it that is.

Wickedwitch81, did they give you grief during your pregnancy i.e. back pain etc?

There are so many different stories etc... I guess I do need to find out first how serious they are and as asap.

Thanks again.

RnR Sat 21-Mar-09 15:56:10

No, my mom did not (that she knew of) and both my grandparents are not around anymore to ask. My dad's aunties struggled to conceive, some had no children and the rest only managed one child each- there were about 7 sisters so quite a few. On my Moms side my great aunt could not conceive. I wonder whether they had problems due to fibroids.

wickedwitch81 Sat 21-Mar-09 21:03:11

No they never gave me any grief at all during pregnancy, i ended up with an emcs but that was because dd was 9lb 8oz and she failed to progress but not because of the fibroids.

Onlyaphase Sat 21-Mar-09 21:37:32

My friend had fibroids, and although she had no problem with conception, there was an increased risk of miscarriage for her. And she was advised to have a c-section for her first baby due to the position of one of the fibroids. But pregnancy and conception was not a problem for her, so I guess it depends on where the fibroids are.

I'd push for an earlier appointment, go private if you can, and keep calling to see if a cancellation has come up at all. This can often work wonders!

RnR Sat 21-Mar-09 22:56:54

Wow, that is great advice Onlyaphase, I would never have thought about ringing up for a cancellation space.

RnR Sat 21-Mar-09 23:00:20

Thanks to you too Wickedwitch81.

RnR Sun 22-Mar-09 18:11:53

bumping myself

smee Sun 22-Mar-09 20:13:24

Good luck RnR - let us know what they say. Really hope your fibroids are the ones that you don't have to worry about x

spongebrainbigpants Sun 22-Mar-09 20:31:17

RnR, I have no personal experience either, but also have a friend who had three failed IVF cycles until she had her fibroids removed, she then fell pg two months later and now has a gorgeous 7 mth old DS. She was 41 when she fell pg.

Would also recommend phoning for cancellation - I only had to wait six weeks for my lap and dye cos I phoned regularly to find out if there were any cancellations.

Good luck.

RnR Sun 22-Mar-09 21:10:10

That is great news and advice, thanks all. Appreciate the help and will get back to you.x

morningpaper Mon 23-Mar-09 15:36:04

Hello I agree that trying for a cancellation is a really good idea - sometimes with the NHS the person who makes the most noise gets the best service and if you just sit and wait you can wait for a long time... Maybe ring the receptionist and ask whether there is a good time to ring for a cancellation spot? Or email the consultant and ask the same question? (You could ask his/her secretary for the right email address) They might be useless but every now and then you find one with some people skills who might slot you in or offer some practical advice on getting yourself seen sooner rather than later.

It might also be worth asking whether the GP can refer you directly - sometimes they have shorter targets that they must meet and it might mean that you are seen quicker than if the clinic refers you, because their targets might be longer. You could ring your GP, explain the situation and ask her/him to refer you to the right consultant.

It might be worth stressing that you are worried about TTC and want this done asap - they might not make the link between your age/TTC situation and explaining this is more human terms might make them realise why you want to crack on with things. Good luck x

morningpaper Mon 23-Mar-09 15:38:30

p.s. if you do a google search for:


You will bring up all the NHS information about fibroids, which might be more helpful

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 23-Mar-09 15:45:17

Hi. I have fibroids and it did take a little while to conceive. I've also had a couple of mc's and blighted ovums. There are different types of fibroids and their position also makes a difference.

I finally had my dd a couple of years ago. My consultant was convinced I would have an early labour (his words were "I'll be amazed if you get beyond 32 weeks). We were all geared up for a small, preemie baby and a probably c section and out pops dd via natural birth, 1 day before her due date weighing almost 10lbs shock

I also had lots of bleeding and some pain throughout the pregnancy. I did however have 12 fibroids, a couple of which were about 8cm in diameter. I was absolutely HUGE shock

We are not ttc'ing again and I suspect it will take a while again. I think an ovum finds it difficult to implant into an area of the uterus which has a fibroid on (hence the early mc's). I was just lucky that dd's egg happened to attach itself to a bit of my uterus where there wasn't a fibroid

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 23-Mar-09 15:46:05

now ttc'ing - sorry

morningpaper Mon 23-Mar-09 19:24:47

tillyscoutmum that is a shocker! (but a great story!)

roquefort Mon 23-Mar-09 19:41:02

My DS is another pregnancy with fibroids success story. I have a history of lots of fibroids and had two major and two minor ops for them pre pregnancy (to control blood loss). I was very lucky to conceive very quickly and I had a very straightforward pregnancy. I did have an elective CS because there was a fibroid in the way and because of previous surgery. I did see the consultant more often than is typical.

RnR Mon 23-Mar-09 20:30:20

WOW so pleased for you Tillyscoutsmum and good luck ttc again. You have been very helpful.

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 23-Mar-09 20:36:40

Thank you smile Good luck to you too.

RnR Mon 23-Mar-09 20:39:43

Roquefort, I came away not wanting to continue ttc before my laporsocopy and dye in fear of mc'ing etc. The consultant painted such a bleak picture - she put the friggin fear in me. Having said that she contradicted herself by suggesting we do continue. I am not meaning to diss her as I guess she felt she was doing her best but I felt very patronised and also like another 'form to fill in' (if that makes sense). Thanks for your help.

RnR Mon 23-Mar-09 20:42:12

Hello Morningpaper smile x MWAH!
I certainly will harrass them starting tomorrow. I am off to my GP 8am to see what she suggests. I will then ring the clinic to do just as you suggest.x

morningpaper Mon 23-Mar-09 20:45:19

Hello wink

I think the problem is that sometimes consultants DO just have a conveyor belt of people to get through, whereas when it's YOU it's very important! Sometimes you need to bang on and be your own advocate in order to get the care you need. Keep at it. x

BabyBump2B Mon 23-Mar-09 22:50:42

Hi there - no personal experience but some friends ended up doing IVF and were told that removing the fibroids def help your chances of conception (even with IVF). Also hormones can bring back the fibroids so is better to start with nothing to grow than something that will only get bigger. In my friends case she had them removed and still ended up with 3 new fibroids in the pregnancy - ranging in size from a lemon to a large grapefruit. Baby was born fine and is a thriving 2 year old now!

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