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Not to want to be yelled at by ignorant pig when i am out with my DD and DP and Ddog!

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LucyEllensmummy Sun 08-Mar-09 13:51:15

We have just had a lovely walk along our beach - just the right weather, DD and DP on scooter and me there behind them (quite a long way).

Dog off the lead (small jr type) not bothering anyone with children (he used to do this and was kept on lead but doesn't bother now). Lots of other dogs off lead - loads, hundreds possibly, all happily meeting greeting and generally having fun. Its lovely to watch - my dog is a friendly little character.

So, my dog approaches some dogs on the lead - one of the dogs starts snarling (NOT mine!!) as is quite common with dogs on leads - my dog is a bit dim and thinks it a game so is bouncing around. The owner then starts bellowing at me to put my dog on the lead (by this time my dog had walked off anyway) that i was breaking the law by having him off lead on the beach. Which i know is not true as dogs are banned from that beach between may and september only. Its perfectly legal any other time. My dog wasn't bothering anyone else. Comes when called etc. So the guy gives it all "well we'll see about that" Gets his phone and calls who? The council, the police??? I just go and sit on the wall and say, call who you want, we'll wait!! WANKER!!!!!!! Its not my fault his dog is aggresive to other dogs and his wife goes into a panic. I think he might have an interesting walk today - thousands of dogs on the beach off the lead, with people with and without dogs/children enjoying watching them play.

I would have had my dog on the lead if he were a)bigger (i used to have rotties and only ever walked them off lead in the depths of winter as they are a bit intimidating. b) aggresive c)likely to approach children (i don't like this myself) or liable to be a pain and not come away from other dogs - he is none of these.

What a thoroughly unpleasant man!

Waits to be flammed, just ranting really - i know I ANBU

paisleyleaf Sun 08-Mar-09 13:55:47

If he comes when he's called, how did this happen?

Mutt Sun 08-Mar-09 13:57:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrammyMammy Sun 08-Mar-09 13:58:39

I read that like it was your own beach lol.
If your dog comes when called i can't see how he managed to wind up the other dog in the first place.
Can you not get an extender lead for him, they give them quite a lot of freedom.

ThePregnantHedgeWitch Sun 08-Mar-09 13:59:33

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Sun 08-Mar-09 14:00:03

Message withdrawn

LucyEllensmummy Sun 08-Mar-09 14:00:25

paisley, because i saw no need to call him - he greets loads of dogs who are on the lead, sometimes they growl at him (dogs do this alot when on lead) and he bounces about and trundles off - Usually the owners of the dogs on the lead are apologetic (not needed!) or we have a laugh about it. It was all over and done with before the guy started shouting at me, bob was long gone after DP and DD.

hercules1 Sun 08-Mar-09 14:01:33

Yanbu. No wonder his dog is aggressive as kept on a lead with an aggressive owner. It's perfectly natural for dogs to approach each other and greet. You are right though.People who dont get this will flame you!

LucyEllensmummy Sun 08-Mar-09 14:02:02

My dog left the other dog alone pretty much straight after it snarled at him, i didn't even have to tell him. Like someone said - unsocialble dogs usually have unsociable owners.

Of course it is MY beach wink

bronze Sun 08-Mar-09 14:02:10

Not a dog hater but disagree. I think his reaction was over the top but he was probably being defensive. He had his dogs on leads and could do nothing about yours. You dog was bothering someone else so that claim isn't true

"We meet hundreds of dogs on our walks - the ones that are unsociable always have unsociable owners - they're never allowed, far less encouraged, to mix with other dogs so never learn."

Our dog was a stray that we rehomed. Shes perfectly friendly but bolts (hence why she was a stray) so she stays on the lead. When on the lead she doesn't particularly like other dogs bouncing around her as she feels trapped. Shes perfectlysociable with our friends different dogs when we let her off the lead in enclosed spaces.

Ahh bugger off I'm just unsociable I guss.

JumpingDizzy Sun 08-Mar-09 14:02:54

Dogs are sociable animals (usually) so they go up to others out of curiosity. Mine is very sociable but is fast learning not all dogs want him to play with them. I am teaching him to come when called though and it's going well. I'm ok with him playing with the dogs already off the lead but there are some owners who have difficulty coping with their dogs so him bouncing round them just adds to their worries (meaning my dog)

My dog is a rescue dog and was horrendous when I first got him. My friends say he's unrecognisable now as he's so much better behaved smile

Shame your day was marred a little by this man. He must spend a lot of time arguing with people by the sounds of it?

LucyEllensmummy Sun 08-Mar-09 14:02:59

Actually prammy, there is some privately owned beach near here - how smug would i have felt if i could have said to him, well actually i own the beach so feck off!

Fairynufff Sun 08-Mar-09 14:04:10

I hate unleashed dogs bounding up to me and my kids whether it is allowed or not and whether they are the cutest, friendliest dogs in the world.

You as an owner know your dog, but others don't know that and all of sudden you have an uninvited animal in your midst.

The man may have been angry but his 'aggressive' dog (it only growled because your dog came up to it) was on a lead and no bother to anyone else.

And really...were there 'thousands' of dogs on the beach? Or are you just on the defensive and having a rant.

I think the man had a point and YAB a bit U.

PrammyMammy Sun 08-Mar-09 14:05:25

Yeh, that would have been good!

paisleyleaf Sun 08-Mar-09 14:05:36

Perhaps if you find dogs on leads are often unsociable
call your dog away before he gets to them.

JumpingDizzy Sun 08-Mar-09 14:05:37

bronze I was told to never let my dog off the lead and avoid other dogs. Within a week I had him off the lead in a safe place as we have a great park over the road. He did bark at other dogs at first but when I explained to owners he was rescue etc... they were ok. He soon got the gist.

hercules1 Sun 08-Mar-09 14:06:02

Fairynuff - the dog wasnt going up to a family without a dog. My dogs will nearly always greet another dog but never bother with a family without dogs. IF someone has a dog already usually they will be okay or at least expect other dogs to come up to them. It's what dogs do!

LucyEllensmummy Sun 08-Mar-09 14:06:45

bronze, most dogs feel the same on the lead, and will pretty much tell my dog off - he gets the message and leaves them alone, no problems. It is a shame you can't let her off lead, but probably too late to do anything if she bolts (its horrible when they just bugger off!).

The thing is, this guy had three dogs, and my dog was saying hello to the other dog when the other one started. There was absolutely no need for his unpleasant reaction. It would be really sad if all dogs had to be on the lead all the time. I enjoy watching dogs off the lead, we were at greenwich park yesterday, lots of dogs off lead and i didn't have mine Was still fun to watch the others interact though.

hercules1 Sun 08-Mar-09 14:08:11

Part of the problem is people ascribe human feelings and social norms to dogs.

LucyEllensmummy Sun 08-Mar-09 14:09:52

Ok so not thousands (obvious overstatment!) but lots!! But my dog wouldn't come bounding up to you and your children that is my point. I too hate it when dogs come and jump at DD as she gets upset by it, but my dog doesn't do that.

I don't get uptight about dogs shouting at each other, its only doggy words.

I think if you have an aggresive dog, it should be muzzled or not walked in areas where other dogs are. It is generally accepted practice for dogs to approach each other, even if i have my dog on the lead i allow him to approach other dogs - its what they go.

bronze Sun 08-Mar-09 14:10:55

dizzy- for her its not aggression or anything when off the lead its the fact that we would never see her again. We've trained her out of most of her other bad habits and its been hard work but there seems to be no cure for the bolting (even with help from the professionals) and after one of her few escapes from the house and seeing a huge lorry screech to a stop with her almost under its wheels I just can't risk it. So defensive dog on the lead it is.

It might be what dogs do but he obviously had his dog on the lead for a reason. If he had had them running free people would be saying he was unreasonable for that. Seems people can't win.

LucyEllensmummy Sun 08-Mar-09 14:12:38

he didn't marr my day though - i am quite enjoying my smug bit of rightness for a change grin. Bob's knackered and happy - DD is knackered and happy, we are all knackered and happy and looking forward to dinner grin

wannaBe Sun 08-Mar-09 14:15:21

My dog doesn't like other dogs when he's on the lead. He's not agressive, but he growls at them, and obviously the owners of the other dogs don't know he's not agressive. But if I stop and talk to them/their dogs he will then go and sniff them/wag his tail. But at first glance he could be seen to be an agressive dog on lead iyswim.

When off lead he's a totally different dog, and though he will run up to other dogs he will come instantly when called. I wouldn't dream of taking him on a lead to a place where I knew that there was huge potential for him to be approached on his lead by lots of other fre-roaming dogs.

So IMO the other owner is the unreasonable one.

If he knows that his dog doesn't react well to other dogs, then he shouldn't be walking it in a place where other dogs are a certainty.

LucyEllensmummy Sun 08-Mar-09 14:15:22

bronze, it is so difficult isn't it - shame, cos she is missing out on a good run about. But i don't know what to advise. My dog just used to clear off and still does run run run when i let him off the lead, but he does come back (eventually!). I am quite laid back about it, but never let him off where he might be in danger. We are lucky that our beach is pretty much off limits for the road etc - he comes back now, because he doesn't feel he needs to bolt off.

KerryMumbles Sun 08-Mar-09 14:17:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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