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In thinking it'sprobably best not to send your child to school fro WBD dressed as Hitler?

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Boco Fri 06-Mar-09 09:34:15

Could they have got World Book Day and World Dictator Day all confused? Surely Mein Kampf not widely read in primary schools?

seeker Fri 06-Mar-09 09:31:25

Can't see the problem - mine went in as Chairman Mao. The Red Book is his favourite bed time reading.

Lizzylou Fri 06-Mar-09 09:29:56

I doubt very much that the child has even read Mein Kampf either, what's wrong with Harry Potter FGS?

rubyslippers Fri 06-Mar-09 09:29:55

i wonder if the school made him change?

it is just horrible

JackBauer Fri 06-Mar-09 09:29:39

I really really hope you are taking the piss here peachy!

That's shocking

NoBiggy Fri 06-Mar-09 09:29:06


cocolepew Fri 06-Mar-09 09:29:03

Well.. I know he wrote a book, but really what were they thinking?!? shock

Threadworm Fri 06-Mar-09 09:28:58

Not much chance of supplication either, with hitler.

I agree. Totally outrageous.

rubyslippers Fri 06-Mar-09 09:28:22

YANBU - that is in bad taste

i couldn't imagine putting my child in a outfit which featured swastikas


southeastastra Fri 06-Mar-09 09:28:14

omg really?!!

Peachy Fri 06-Mar-09 09:28:08


Peachy Fri 06-Mar-09 09:27:34

efore anyone says LOL I didn't get it wrong- DH pointed it out, I said oh no must be Charlie Chaplin or somesuch then kid took off coat toreveal lovingly embroidered swatiokas.

It did concern me that the Mummight be on here then I thought no! It isn't OK and its worth making a fuss over.


Does anyone elses thought processes runa long the lines of 'Oh a favourite literare character? no darling skip Roald Dahl, Seuss and Grimm.... we'll go for a genocidalmaniac instead! No chance of suplication there!'


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