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In thinking it'sprobably best not to send your child to school fro WBD dressed as Hitler?

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Peachy Fri 06-Mar-09 09:27:34

efore anyone says LOL I didn't get it wrong- DH pointed it out, I said oh no must be Charlie Chaplin or somesuch then kid took off coat toreveal lovingly embroidered swatiokas.

It did concern me that the Mummight be on here then I thought no! It isn't OK and its worth making a fuss over.


Does anyone elses thought processes runa long the lines of 'Oh a favourite literare character? no darling skip Roald Dahl, Seuss and Grimm.... we'll go for a genocidalmaniac instead! No chance of suplication there!'


Peachy Fri 06-Mar-09 09:28:08


southeastastra Fri 06-Mar-09 09:28:14

omg really?!!

rubyslippers Fri 06-Mar-09 09:28:22

YANBU - that is in bad taste

i couldn't imagine putting my child in a outfit which featured swastikas


Threadworm Fri 06-Mar-09 09:28:58

Not much chance of supplication either, with hitler.

I agree. Totally outrageous.

cocolepew Fri 06-Mar-09 09:29:03

Well.. I know he wrote a book, but really what were they thinking?!? shock

NoBiggy Fri 06-Mar-09 09:29:06


JackBauer Fri 06-Mar-09 09:29:39

I really really hope you are taking the piss here peachy!

That's shocking

rubyslippers Fri 06-Mar-09 09:29:55

i wonder if the school made him change?

it is just horrible

Lizzylou Fri 06-Mar-09 09:29:56

I doubt very much that the child has even read Mein Kampf either, what's wrong with Harry Potter FGS?

seeker Fri 06-Mar-09 09:31:25

Can't see the problem - mine went in as Chairman Mao. The Red Book is his favourite bed time reading.

Boco Fri 06-Mar-09 09:34:15

Could they have got World Book Day and World Dictator Day all confused? Surely Mein Kampf not widely read in primary schools?

Peachy Fri 06-Mar-09 09:36:53

No I am not taking the piss(not my style).

I would have turned kid around and sent him home asking him to ask his Mum why she let him have WBD ruined, but last I saw school were letting him in.

Bellebelle Fri 06-Mar-09 09:39:56

YANBU that is terrible but it did make me laugh as its so outrageous! Really hope that the child/parents did it as a joke!

EyeballsintheSky Fri 06-Mar-09 09:40:46

shock shock shock shock shock shock

I don't know what else to say but shock

I guess he wrote a fair few leaflets... <<struggles to think of any reason why this would be a good, never mind literary-based idea>>

FannyWaglour Fri 06-Mar-09 09:41:08

They were not to dress as authors surely?
I doubt he would dress us as Hitler the author, in which case nobody could dress up as Charlie or Harry Potter, they would have to dress up like Roald Dahl, or J.K Rowling.

Hitler, and war, has inspired many books.

Dressing up as Hitler will enable the teacher to let the class ponder such heavy issues.

Bad taste, maybe, but why brush it under the carpet? You would come under heavy criticism for denying Auswitch and what went on. Why eradicate Hitler? He was a very important character in the history of Europe, the entire planet. And not for good reasons. But we cant just focus on the good parts of history and cultural heritage. Lots of lessons could, and SHOULD be learned from casting our mind back to what went on.

A very thought provoking costume.

EyeballsintheSky Fri 06-Mar-09 09:41:27

Had to at 'lovingly embroidered swastikas though!

lowenergylightbulb Fri 06-Mar-09 09:42:04

I can't see the problem with it. Maybe he'd read a book about WW2 and that's why he chose to dress as Hitler?

Would you object to any other historical characters?

TsarChasm Fri 06-Mar-09 09:42:22

shockMaybe he was dressed as Prince Harry.

Threadworm Fri 06-Mar-09 09:42:47

Probabyly this book, but should have gone as the rabbit.

rubyslippers Fri 06-Mar-09 09:43:23

IMO, there is something very jarring about putting a child in a costume with swastikas

i fully agree the issue is worthy of debate but the forum doens't feel right

EyeballsintheSky Fri 06-Mar-09 09:43:44

But not suitable for presumably a primary school event Fanny. I am involved in teaching the Holocaust and in nearly 10 years we have never been asked to do any kind of session for primary children.

Peachy Fri 06-Mar-09 09:43:46

ou see, we have discussed Hitler at home and my boys now what he did.

But WBD doesn't have time et aside for the debate. it's about sharing books,dressinga s Harry Potter / Oompa Loompa and Pippilongstocking and having fun. Theya re seven after all (well some are).

Absolutely agree its a topic thats hould be discussed, with proper information and resources: not a fun activity designed as a day of recreation.

FAQinglovely Fri 06-Mar-09 09:44:14


TotalChaos Fri 06-Mar-09 09:44:22

shock. how bizarre.

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