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Horrid text 'joke' from a friend , how do I respond?

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TheDevilWearsPrimark Sat 28-Feb-09 17:21:41

I feellike calling and ranting at her. It's bloody horrible.

Should I just ignore it? What do/ would you do?

kitbit Sat 28-Feb-09 17:22:32

Just ignore. The cold shoulder should do it and if she mentions it "did you get that hilarious joke?" then feel free to give your views

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sat 28-Feb-09 17:23:02

Message withdrawn

kitbit Sat 28-Feb-09 17:23:06

Sorry sounded rushed and snippy got small person pulling on leg

solidgoldbullet4myvalentine Sat 28-Feb-09 17:24:06

Ignore it. She has obviously mixed you up with someone who has a similar sense of humour to her. Unless the joke is hurtful towards you or she ought to have known you wouldn't find it funny because the same thing happened to your teddy once or whatever, in which case OK she might have been a bit thoughtless, but really, it's hardly a big deal.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sat 28-Feb-09 17:24:52

Ah don't worry. Damn them small people. I think I may ignore. But would rather send her lengthy email putting her views to rights.

andlipsticktoo Sat 28-Feb-09 17:25:03

Text her back and say how horrified you are that she/he thought you would find something SO offensive funny.

2shoes Sat 28-Feb-09 17:25:51

what a strange"joke"

noonki Sat 28-Feb-09 17:25:58

I would reply. That's not funny and then delete her from my list.

I seriously would not be friends with anyone that used that word.

solidgoldbullet4myvalentine Sat 28-Feb-09 17:26:07

Ah. Hadn't seen the joke before posting the last. I don't actually understand it myself. It would make me wonder about a friend who sent that to me, too. Why not text her back along the lines of 'Hi pal, someone's got your phone and is using it to send icky racist jokes to your mates, better give them a slap'.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sat 28-Feb-09 17:28:04

I don't understand either, she's never shown any racist traits, if she had she wouldn't be a friend of mine.

I actually felt angry when I read it. Still feel angry.

dittany Sat 28-Feb-09 17:30:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mutt Sat 28-Feb-09 17:34:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PenelopePitstops Sat 28-Feb-09 17:36:25

feeling rather silly here as i dont undrestand the joke at all

but to use the word is awful, tll her you are disgusted

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sat 28-Feb-09 17:38:48

I sent her a text maybe patronising but hey ho

' How lovely you are a woman with children in a western country that has the freedom to express such horrible views. '

Katisha Sat 28-Feb-09 17:39:03

QUite like solidgold's suggestion!

Princeonthemove Sat 28-Feb-09 17:41:26

Is it a reference to the veil?

CarGirl Sat 28-Feb-09 17:41:32

Dh said it should be say "muslim" or "Arab" perhaps it's a reference to woman wearing their head gear - sorry don't know the proper term.

He hadn't heard the joke before but it does make sense if that was what it meant to say.

Yep sick & racist not sure what you could say back in text though.

JacquelineBouvier Sat 28-Feb-09 17:46:19

Penelopepitsops, i think its some weird and completely unfunny comment on women who wear hijabs.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sat 28-Feb-09 17:47:04

I just got a reply 'oh lighten up xxx'

Not sure I'll count her as a friend anymore.

stoppinattwo Sat 28-Feb-09 17:50:59

I actually wondered until i read the final few posts what the joke was on about...i thought what would someone find funny about someone looking through a letter i understand, but still a bit of a shit joke....

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sat 28-Feb-09 17:51:37


Now a text from her DP saying 'why not text someone tht gives fuck you posh bitch'

Death of a rienship, oh yes.

noonki Sat 28-Feb-09 17:54:44

shockrude fucker. Obviously hit a nerve.

HecatesTwopenceworth Sat 28-Feb-09 17:55:14

they clearly know they're in the wrong. People often get mad when they know they have no excuse for their actions. they then turn on the person they really should be apologising to hmm

lockets Sat 28-Feb-09 17:57:36

Message withdrawn

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