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to expect a little more from a gp

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LoisGriffin Tue 24-Feb-09 10:49:01

Dd is effectively housebound by anxiety. She is seeing a CBT therapist but naturally is very slow process and she wants to feel better.
Gp refused to give her any anxiety reducing drugs (valium family) as they are too addictive and banged on about 'personal responsibility' which of course I buy as an idea in theory but actually believe (and told the doctor so) that in reality it is a load of political bullshit - "We told you you have to eat five fruit and veg a day. Don't come whingeing to us when you don't and then are ill.")

To add to this nonsense this particular doctor was completely lacking in kindness and concern and just sat there saying 'What do you want me to do?'

Now we will have to make appointment with another doctor. None of this is helping dd.

TotalChaos Tue 24-Feb-09 10:58:25

Sorry the appointment was so unproductive. I can understand why GP was reluctant to prescribe tranquillisers - but if he/she felt out of his/her depth would have been better to look at some sort of onward referral say to CAMHS. If you have faith in the CBT therapist, then you could also discuss with them whether any sort of medication might be appropriate (as although presumably the therapist can't prescribe, they can have an informed view iyswim).

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