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to really find this username offensive ?

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lemonstartree Sun 22-Feb-09 16:39:49

I mean AnyF*er

I hate it and can't imagine why anyone would choose a word so horrible as their username...

AIBU or do others agree ?

ComeWhineWithMe Sun 22-Feb-09 16:40:56

[sigh] No I am a grown woman ,I can handle swearing .

mrsmaidamess Sun 22-Feb-09 16:41:31

Not the prettiest name in the world, but doesn't bother me.

bellavita Sun 22-Feb-09 16:41:37

I think you are going to start a bit of a fight..

Carmenere Sun 22-Feb-09 16:41:41

No I agree, I have no thoughts on the poster, iirc she is quite funny but there is a rash of horrible posting names around atm.

fryalot Sun 22-Feb-09 16:41:53


For starters, we can choose anything we like as a username.

Secondly, it's funny

thirdly, I think it's bad form to start a thread complaining about someone else, whether it be their posting style, their thread or their username.

If you do have a problem with someone on the board, mumsnettiquette says you should cat them and discuss it privately.

bellavita Sun 22-Feb-09 16:42:53

well said squonk my friend smile

RealityIsMyOnlyDelusion Sun 22-Feb-09 16:43:23

Message withdrawn

dragonbutter Sun 22-Feb-09 16:43:32

aibu to think that the op is anyfucker?
nice try wink

fruitshootsandheaves Sun 22-Feb-09 16:43:42

oh I thought it might be a post about me.

jooseyfruit Sun 22-Feb-09 16:43:43

YABU- her christmas name was even better.

lay off, chill out.

whatdouthink Sun 22-Feb-09 16:43:46

it's fine, we're al ladults! I like bitchyfanny too, lol

Nabster Sun 22-Feb-09 16:44:06

When I first saw it I judged what the person would be like. My only comment woul dbe she comes across as a lot nicer than her name might imply.

mrsmaidamess Sun 22-Feb-09 16:44:22

I like MitchyInge

MarlaSinger Sun 22-Feb-09 16:45:07

Course you are and what a nasty, bitchy OP - do you want us to agree and gang up on the wonderfully-named Anyfucker?

lemonstartree Sun 22-Feb-09 16:47:14

I think the poster seems really nice - I just fine the name offensive - and not funny like MitchyInge or hairymufff

but if IABU I will try to get ovet it...

TomNook Sun 22-Feb-09 16:48:20

fuck fuck fuckitty fuck

TomNook Sun 22-Feb-09 16:48:20

fuck fuck fuckitty fuck

TomNook Sun 22-Feb-09 16:48:20

fuck fuck fuckitty fuck

TomNook Sun 22-Feb-09 16:48:21

fuck fuck fuckitty fuck

TomNook Sun 22-Feb-09 16:48:21

fuck fuck fuckitty fuck

TomNook Sun 22-Feb-09 16:48:22

fuck fuck fuckitty fuck

daftpunk Sun 22-Feb-09 16:48:43

there's alot worse...

donnie Sun 22-Feb-09 16:49:08

it isn't bitchy! the OP did actually raise this very point on another thread and was instructed to start a different one - so she did.

FWIW- it doesn't bother me but as a rule I think it advisable not to have usernames which contain swearwords.

bohemianbint Sun 22-Feb-09 16:49:39

Anyfuckerforamincepie? Fucking fabulous, I thought. grin

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