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to be annoyed at paying £108 at Toni+Guy and my hair looks like crap

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Fairynufff Sun 22-Feb-09 12:13:55

What do I do? I asked for a cut and natural blonde highlights. The cut is great but the colour looks like ginger and grey mixed. With the layers it looks like a tabby cat. My skin is typical english rose so the colour is not flattering - it looks drab, mousey and horrid. If I go back though, do I really want them to work on it again?

I have never spent this much in a hairdressers and been this unhappy. My DH had said 'treat yourself' so he's paid for it and now he isn't saying much because I think in his caveman mind he perceives that my anger and unhappiness is aimed in his direction. It's not. I just don't know anything about hairdressers + am worried that if I complain it might be the restaraunt equivalent of the waiter spitting in my soup. Please help!

PenelopePitstops Sun 22-Feb-09 12:15:07

go and complian

ScorpiowithabigS Sun 22-Feb-09 12:15:23

didn't you notice it at the time?

I would ring up and say it hasnt turned out the way you wanted, you like the cut but the colour is not right, they may offer you a recolour at discount or soemthing, they will want to help.

bellavita Sun 22-Feb-09 12:15:25

Did they do a consultation with you first and go through the colours they thought would look best?

Lulumama Sun 22-Feb-09 12:15:50

you must go back and complain!! even if you can afford to lose £108, you have not had what you wanted.

ForeverOptimistic Sun 22-Feb-09 12:15:57

No, you need to go back and explain why you hate it, they should be able to sort it out. I hate complaining at hairdressers but it has to be done.

nancy75 Sun 22-Feb-09 12:17:11

i would go back and ask them to fix it, tell them you want the head colourist to do it. tbh if i was that unhappy i wouldn't have paid for it.

tryingtobemarypoppins Sun 22-Feb-09 12:18:44

Just be honest. "The cut is fantastic you have done such a great job. The colour though makes me want to cry, you have spent so long on it, mayeb its my hair type (its not) I feel terrible complaining but really wanted to treat myself and its gone a bit wrong"
Say something like that they won't charge you again.

bran Sun 22-Feb-09 12:20:14

Go back and see what they say. It might look a bit more natural after a couple of washes though, but still ginger and grey doesn't sound like natural blonde to me. They will probably call it strawberry and ash, but even so those two colours generally don't occur together naturally. You probably need more of a honey colour if you're an english rose. Whatever happens they definitely won't make it worse maliciously so don't worry about that.

I hate having a bad haircut, so you have lots of my sympathy. My worst ever was a Toni and Guy in Berlin, I walked home by the backstreets trying not to cry.

vjg13 Sun 22-Feb-09 12:21:11

There should be no probably about redoing your colour. Especially because it's a big chain.

Fairynufff Sun 22-Feb-09 12:21:29

I did say at the time that I didn't think it was very blonde but I was close to tears and after 3 hours of sitting there I just wanted to get out of the place. If I go back and complain will they get arsy with me?

bellavita Sun 22-Feb-09 12:25:58

They won't get arsy with you - they will want to keep their reputation.

TomNook Sun 22-Feb-09 12:26:47

T and G are well known to be shit. Their stylist train in 6 weeks and allow 20 mins for a cut and blow dry.

nancy75 Sun 22-Feb-09 12:27:01

why would they get arsey with you?
you are the customer, unless you asked them to make you look like a ginger tabby, you shouldnt look like a ginger tabby!
at the moment less and less people will be going to the more expensive salons, they want to keep customers happy so they should be fine.

TheCrackFox Sun 22-Feb-09 12:27:20

Go and complain. £108 is a lot of money and they would want you to be happy with the colour.

Fairynufff Sun 22-Feb-09 12:27:36

Thank you all for your help. I feel a little less panicky now.

SalmonFromTheLiffey Sun 22-Feb-09 12:29:37

You said "natural"

Nobody natrually looks like a tabby cat.

Go back and tell them you want natural blonde highlights. I've seen people spend so much money to walk out looking like a patchy cat.

SalmonFromTheLiffey Sun 22-Feb-09 12:31:28

ps, agree t&g a bit crap. they can't cut thick wavy hair and not only can they not cut it, but they make you feel apolegetic for having thick wavy hair and make you feel bad because it takes longer to cut and longer to blow dry. Then when you wash it yourself you look like a broom.

haven't been near the place in 15 yrs.

pavlovthecat Sun 22-Feb-09 12:35:53

Fairynuff - go back on friday night, saturday morning (or other busy times) and politely but firmly tell them you are not happy with you hair colour, and why. Tell them it is not what you asked for. Do not ask for anything, wait to see what they say, chances are they will immediately offer to fix it, the worst thing for them is for you to stand there with visible evidence of how bad they do things and then behave.

Just before christmas I had my hair cut by the boss and dyed by a new person, the cut was fab, the colour was horrid. I wanted red/orange with blonde highlights, and the hair colour at the base was almost luminous orange and the ends were brown. I felt bad about going back, embarrassed almost but I had spent £80 on it.

When I went back in, I spoke to the person hwy dyed my hair, he looked at it and agreed it was not right. The boss was cutting hair and keeping an eye on things, I could see he realised something was amiss. I did not get grumpy or annoyed, just kept to the facts, reality was, the colour spoke for itself.

We arranged for me to go in the next morning for it to be re-done, and the boss came straight over, apologised, got my coffee, and talked with me and the new guy about how to proceed to make sure I was happy.

They did not at all make me feel like I was wrong for complaining, and I got the impression this guy had got a right bollocking telling off after I had complained!

My hair dressers is an independent one, not a chain. The boss cuts the best hair styles I have had so far.

higgle Sun 22-Feb-09 13:14:22

Toni and Guy always charge you an arm and a leg to lookk as if you had been dragged through a hedge backwards, tis a fact of life.

Earlybird Sun 22-Feb-09 13:15:37

Sorry you didn't get what you asked for.

How long ago was it done? Would think the sooner you go back to complain, the better.

expatinscotland Sun 22-Feb-09 13:16:23

NEVER go to Toni+Guy. They're a well-known rip off.

TomNook Sun 22-Feb-09 13:16:33

Is Fabio on this thread yet?

Winehouse Sun 22-Feb-09 13:17:59

I agree. I had my hair cut there years ago, paid £45 and came out looking like Derek jacobi in I, Claudius.

TomNook Sun 22-Feb-09 13:19:12

Or that guy who was in slade.

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