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To not want to invite colleagues of dh to db's 2nd birthday party.

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jesska Fri 20-Feb-09 11:48:31

I have never met these particular colleagues and db has never played with their kids. I think dh wants to play the host (and show off our sweet db, which is fair enough) but I think it should be low-key with friends we know well and kids he's played with before. He might find the party a bit much and I don't want to stress him (db) with new people and kids raring to steal his toys. Very often when we have his toddler friends round to visit he will try to pull me away for some quiet time in his room, so he's not the most outgoing little guy even with kids he knows well.

Or AIBU because I suspect that DH just wants to make the party more fun for HIM, since he is likely to leave the baby wrangling (ie birthday boy plus his 4o brother) to little ol me?

DorisIsAPinkDragon Fri 20-Feb-09 11:59:05

NBU tell dh he's more than welcome to invite them round for another day when you can focus on getting to know them in a relaxed atmosphere(then maybe next year you won't have the same problem).

Limiting numbers for a 2yo birthday is VERY VERY sensible.

Oh and don't let him get away with not watching the children etc egree before the event what you will both be doing ....give him choices but things that will need to be done!

DorisIsAPinkDragon Fri 20-Feb-09 12:00:34

Oh and IME parties are rarely FUN for the parents hosting , pleasant, a relief when over, nightmare on occasion but rarely fun, that's why we have family days and adult nights out grin

jesska Fri 20-Feb-09 12:09:19

^^ oops, meant to say 4 MONTH old brother. i have my hands full!

ChocFudgeCake Fri 20-Feb-09 23:51:47

YANBU. I always find it odd when there are collegues in toddlers parties. There should be only close family and 2 or 3 other children IMO. In our case, the more people we have the more DH gets distracted and fails to help around. He has the theory that everyone present is giving a hand so he just sits and relaxes hmm

StudentMadwife Fri 20-Feb-09 23:56:05

acceptable mabe once child 6/7+yrs but definaely not acceptable in my book at childs 2nd birthday! YANBU at allhmm

mm22bys Fri 20-Feb-09 23:58:25


The more the merrier,

your brother ([hmm}) will not even notice a few extra adults around.

Why would they even want to be there anyway????

mm22bys Sat 21-Feb-09 00:04:10

Hi Jesska,

Just seen some of your other posts.

Have you recently moved?

Maybe your DH wants to invite his colleagues in the hope of forming closer relationships with them.

Which is fine, but you seem to have doubts about them coming to your DS's party.

Fair enough.

If your DH does want to try to make closer friends, why not still invite them round but to a more appropriate gathering?

(Unless your DH's colleagues have children of their own, why would they want to come anyway?)

I have changed my tune, but YANBU.

All the best

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