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Effing carpet right bar stewards

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myfunnynametaken Wed 18-Feb-09 13:12:18

I ordered a carpet for the hall, stairs and landing at Carpet right and said could the carpet fitters take up the old carpet (if he had said no, I would have gone elseshere). So that man in the shop said yes, they would take up the old carpet and put the new one down. I paid.

Today they came, (have to wait in all day as they can't give a time) saw the stairs carpet still down and said, quite abruptly - "we don't take carpet down. I'm going to the next job and while I'm gone you need to take up the carpet and sweep the floor ready for me".

I said "uuummm Okaaaaaaaaay then" and they left and I rang and shop. I told them I don't know how to pull up the carpet, plus they said they would do it . I also told him the carpet fitter was quiet abrupt. I'm waiting for the man in the shop to ring me back now.

AIBU to insist that either they take the carpet up as agreed, or I will cancel my credit card payment.

myfunnynametaken Wed 18-Feb-09 13:17:39

well, the man just rang back to say he would send different fitters tomorrow, result, although, I've now got to wait in another day.

Never mind

GypsyMoth Wed 18-Feb-09 13:18:54

Not sure . Carpetright told me recently that they don't remove old carpet at all so as to minimise spread of carpet beetle. But if you are certain you were told they would, then then not sure.

MorrisZapp Wed 18-Feb-09 13:18:59

We had a run in with CR before xmas. Basically we paid 1.5k for a fabulous wool carpet for our living room and hall. They said we'd have it in by xmas.

Due date arrived and we emptied the living room at massive hassle and effort the night before. Next day, phone rings, it's CR to say that our carpet has a flaw in it and they can't fit it. AAAARGH!

My DP went up there in person, spoke to a manager and got them to agree to drop about £200 from the bill becuase of the hassle and poor communications. They said we'd get the carpet 'shortly after xmas'.

FINALLY got carpet last week. Despite paying 1.5k this didn't include threshhold bars which my DP had to buy and fit himself.

But I have to say, it's a happy ending. Our carpet is simply to die for and I am the happiest woman in the world now.

You wouldn't think there was a recession on though, would you? You'd think they could afford to be laid back about customer service.

Good luck and stick to your guns, they will hopefully offer you a discount like they did us. Ask to speak to somebody else if they don't.

loobeylou Wed 18-Feb-09 13:21:26

when we had carpet from there a few yrs ago they arranged an independent fitter to come, and we had to pay them cash on the day (ie separate from carpet payment)
- is it that it is MORE to take up the old carpet perhaps (as its more time plus they being a tradesman have to pay to dispose whereas you privately would not) and the shop had booked it in wrong with the fitter?

myfunnynametaken Wed 18-Feb-09 13:23:32

yes loobeylou, it's looks as if that's exactly what happened

Carbonel Wed 18-Feb-09 14:02:38

actually Morriszapp i would be happy that they had inspected the carpet before fitting it and not just tried to fit it flaw and all - imagine that hassle!!! They cannot help it if the manufaturere sends substandard goods and generally they do come into the store just before fitting as they cannot store loads of carpet ...

I realise it was a pain at the time but as you say, happy ending ...

BalloonSlayer Wed 18-Feb-09 14:04:19

"Our carpet is simply to die for and I am the happiest woman in the world now"

MorrisZapp I have a lovely image in my head of you lying on your carpet with a beatific smile on your face, making carpet angels.

myfunnynametaken Wed 18-Feb-09 14:09:21

That's what I'll be doing tomorrow grin

HarrogateShopper Tue 17-Jan-17 20:19:06

Crooks. I bought some vinyl flooring for a toilet from Carpetright. A third of the bill was extras, a third was for fitting and a third was for the vinyl. Extras included £29 for delivery of a small piece of vinyl to the store, I'm told every customer pays this so the price you see in store is not what you pay. Other extras were £10 for adhesive and £5 to arrange the carpet fitter. These guys are crooks and far from showing clear pricing. Go somewhere elsewhere the costs are clear.

mineofuselessinformation Tue 17-Jan-17 20:28:05

zombie thread!

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