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... to think that some people just decide not to see the good in MN.

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LilRedWG Tue 17-Feb-09 23:20:05

I lost my Dad last week and I have so much love and support from people on MN that it has helped me cope. I wish that all the people coming on here to say it is bitchy and snipey would realise that it's a damned good place, with some fantastic support!

scrooged Tue 17-Feb-09 23:21:30

sad Oh, so sorry about your dad.

It's a mixed bag here, you take the good and the not so good. Not everyone is a bitch, there's alot of lovely people here aswell.

Ewe Tue 17-Feb-09 23:21:31

YANBU - MN is great! I think people just expect there to be no effort required, like everything in life, you have to put something in to get something back.

Sorry to hear about your Dad, Red.

happynewmummy Tue 17-Feb-09 23:21:39

Really sorry to hear your sad news - hope you are ok x

LilRedWG Tue 17-Feb-09 23:22:55

Thanks guys. I didn't start this post for sympathy (although it is welcome at the mo) but just to express my distaste at people saying everyone on here is shite! There are an amazing amount of fab people.

champagnesupernova Tue 17-Feb-09 23:24:45

LilRed, so sorry to hear that.
YANBU, some people do decide not to see the good but then RL is a bit like that too, sadly.

ThePregnantHedgeWitch Tue 17-Feb-09 23:24:47

Message withdrawn

BigGitDad Tue 17-Feb-09 23:25:01

I agree. (nuff said) grin

FriarKewcumber Tue 17-Feb-09 23:27:44

well if BGD agrees you must be right (watch the game at the weekend BGD???)

bradsmissus Tue 17-Feb-09 23:32:33

YANBU. People need to grow a spine and a sense if humour and learn how to ignore bits they don't like. Glad you got lots of support when you needed it.

CharCharGabor Tue 17-Feb-09 23:33:56

Sorry about your dad. Totally agree with you.

skramble Tue 17-Feb-09 23:34:52

It is a bunch of bitches sometimes, thats why I like it grin, I have witness some amazing things on here and the support stuns me everytime whether it is for me or for others, I laugh, I cry, I giggle I shreik in shock I love it. Its as it is.

BigGitDad Tue 17-Feb-09 23:36:23

Hi Kew I was looking for you but could not see any recent posts, are you okay?
Yes, saw the game, I was pleased with the way we played but we're still struggling. Would have been nice to nick it but the ref was not on our side that day...I bet you were a happy bunny!!grin

bradsmissus Tue 17-Feb-09 23:37:15

It makes me want to start a thread about a thread and I HATE that,

AIBU to tell people who don't like MN how to find the log out link?

FairLadyRantALot Tue 17-Feb-09 23:51:47

op giving you very un-mn-etiquettish ((((((((hugs))))))))))

brad...I dare you!

PeachyHasABrokenKeyboardSorry Wed 18-Feb-09 00:02:38


I didnt see about your Dad but am wishing you strength

cali Wed 18-Feb-09 00:23:22

YANBU, Mumsnet has kept me reasonably sane over the last few years.

It isn't one of those fluffy pink sites, which I'm not criticising, each to their own.

I have had a lot of support and advice over the years and have recommended Mumsnet to quite a few friends, as I think it is a really good place.

Yes, there are arguments, things sometimes get a bit heated but that is what you get when you stick a large bunch of (mostly)women together. But you can also have a lot of laughs here too.

You can't please everyone all of the time and not everyone will think you are right(even though you know you are).

You don't have to post on threads, can always hide them and set up which threads are never displayed.

LilRed, so sorry about your Dad, take care

wheesht Wed 18-Feb-09 02:06:52

Lilred so sorry to hear about your dad darling. Hope you are coping ok.

MN is what you make it. I use it when i am able and when I need it (selfish as that may be). Have had a year off when rl took precendent. There are good bits and bad bits to MN, just like every other aspect of life. I personally think the fellow feeling, intelligence and humour is what makes MN unique and irresistable. If some can't appreciate that, then it is their loss.

steviesgirl Wed 18-Feb-09 02:24:42

Yes there can be bitching on here, and mainly on AIBU; but MN is always a place for a lonely mum who can be reassured that their LO isn't the only one that gets the things he/she does, and that your life as a parent is very similar to other parents, and that we all go through the same/similar things with our LO's.

And if we are honest, we all need some reassurance as parents.

The good certainly outweighs any bad on here.


Pan Wed 18-Feb-09 02:41:42

LilRed Am genuinely sorry for the loss of your dad. I hope things make good sense for you in the months and years to come.

As for MN, yes of course you are right. It is a good place.

Pan Wed 18-Feb-09 02:41:43

LilRed Am genuinely sorry for the loss of your dad. I hope things make good sense for you in the months and years to come.

As for MN, yes of course you are right. It is a good place.

Pan Wed 18-Feb-09 02:42:36

So good I named it twice...

Califrau Wed 18-Feb-09 03:25:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau Wed 18-Feb-09 05:40:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LilRedWG Wed 18-Feb-09 08:29:19

Wow! Thanks all. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks MN is great.

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