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To think im not that nice a person

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LucyEllensmummy Tue 17-Feb-09 09:06:43

A lady at play group, who is really lovely, i honestly really like her is being really friendly towards me. Inviting me and DD up for play dates etc and even asked me to tea this week. The thing is, i am finding it a bit much - im finding the whole play date thing a bit much. Partly because i dont feel able to reciprocate (our house is a bit of a state and its not just a case of untidy!) and i just find i don't want to get that close to people. The problem is, i seem to be physically unable to say NO.

I find her children lovely but quite full on and hard work. It tends to be me who end up "keeping an eye" on them whilst mum goes off and does stuff - i don't blame her actually and i am having my child occupied for me too. but i just find it exhausting.

The thing is, she has invited me round for tea on friday, i don't mind lunch but tea is a bit much i think - i like to eat with my DP.

Am i being a horrible stuck up mare?

Lizzylou Tue 17-Feb-09 09:11:06

I don't think it means that you are not a nice person, you just value your space and "family time".
I am the same, I moan about not having any social life, as soon as I get one I moan about "having" to go out.
Ask the other Mom if you can make it lunch instead, I wouldn't want to go round for tea elsewhere (when DC are starting to head toward the "witching hour").

LucyEllensmummy Tue 17-Feb-09 09:16:36

yep thats me lizzie, i moan about not having any friends!!! LOL The thing is, i just can't seem to find any chemistry with her - there are other friends i have where the conversation comes easy, but to be honest, she is so off and away about the house, off to smoke every five minutes that i find myself mostly on my own with the kids and maybe getting a few sentences out. I think you are right, i can just about do lunch, but tea is a bit much - i'll suggest we change it.

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