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to be utterly disgusted at the facebook group about Jade Goody

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Pingping Mon 16-Feb-09 10:38:48

My friend invited me to a group about Jade goody and yes she can be annoying but no one deserves to have cancer or to die.

Has everyones compassion gone one guy put he has got the jade goody 2009 calender it only goes up to march I felt sick reading the comments I can't post the link but the group is called

jade goody is a loathsome whore. Her innards should be fed to the wolves.

Please go there and report the group hopefully it will be deleted.

raisingrrrl Mon 16-Feb-09 10:40:50


loobeylou Mon 16-Feb-09 10:40:55

that is disgusting!

NoBiggy Mon 16-Feb-09 10:43:13

I wonder what motivates people to actually take the trouble to do this.

Pingping Mon 16-Feb-09 10:45:04

I can't put the link I can't access my FB from this computer but I can from my phone

Search the group it will come up.

I have no idea NoBiggy the comments are disgusting I felt sick to my stomach with what people were saying

Pingping Mon 16-Feb-09 10:48:03

[" here is one of the groups]]

Pingping Mon 16-Feb-09 10:48:20"

everlong Mon 16-Feb-09 10:50:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mspontipine Mon 16-Feb-09 10:57:09

If you pop quickly into the page and the bottom left you can click report group. These groups are absoulutely disgusting. sad

Hawkmoth Mon 16-Feb-09 10:57:43

Glad your friend's not my friend.

LadyPinkofPinkerton Mon 16-Feb-09 11:08:58

I have reported this group. It is quite possibly the sickest group I have seen on FB. I'm so utterly appalled I cannot find the words

tootiredtothink Mon 16-Feb-09 11:09:07

That is horrific. shockangry

Have reported.

But surely fb should be monitoring this anyway? How do so many vile groups go on for so long?

Pingping Mon 16-Feb-09 11:09:52

Hawkmoth I have already spoke to her about it we ain't tight friends but yes I did point out that the group is beyond sick and that she needs to fix up look sharp

rubyslippers Mon 16-Feb-09 11:10:29

why would you "friend" do this

i wouldn't be friends with someone who forwarded a link like this to me

tell your friend your views ...

Pingping Mon 16-Feb-09 11:11:59

Facebook is a joke these groups should be taken down straight away but they will remain up I am sure.

Pingping Mon 16-Feb-09 11:13:28

I have rubyslippers I was disgusted when I got the link and saw what people were saying I am even more shocked she sent it to me as my Aunt has Breast cancer and in a very bad way

As I stated she is not a close friend she knows my views and I have told her about herself

mrsblanc Mon 16-Feb-09 11:17:16

trully shocking

Kimi Mon 16-Feb-09 11:17:23

Some people are sick twisted vermin.

Jade goody is a young mother who is going to die and leave two children behind in a world where the only people left to care for them are not really fit to do so.
Love her or loath her she is a human being and she is fighting for time to spend with her children.
People who have a dig at her are just worthless, sad little nomarks with nothing better to do.

I for one wish Jade every success in her fight for as much time as she can get.

Kimi Mon 16-Feb-09 11:18:14

Oh and pingping if I were you I should block this so called "friend"

mamadiva Mon 16-Feb-09 11:21:28

OMG! I am not a member of FB so can't report but I clicked onthe link on Youtube and have reported that!

This is bloody disgustng, Jade has 2 children who at the end of all this are going to be left without a mother and some people can't see past what they used to think of her.

Ponders Mon 16-Feb-09 11:23:18

There are several horrible groups like this & reporting them seems to make no difference at all angry

Kimi Mon 16-Feb-09 11:36:41

First time I saw her on BB I thought OMG get her off, but the more I saw her and the way she got treated just because she was a uneducated I wanted her to do well.
I think the whole poppadom thing was blown out of all proportion and she was the victim of a PC gone mad witch hunt.
She has bad taste in men I will give you that, but she has done well she has worked hard and she is doing a beautiful job of bringing up her sons.
And sadly possibly quite soon those two little boys with be left without a mother, I wonder if any of these vermin who have a go at her are parents? I pity their children if they are. I wonder how they would feel if they were dying and leaving behind their children, karma may one day let them find out you never know.

Still sadly this is life today, attacking dying women, shame on all of them shame.

brightongirldownunder Mon 16-Feb-09 11:41:03

So shocking I still can't believe i've just seen it.
If you look at the members, most of them seem bloody weird. What a bunch of twisted saddos.
Karma is all I can say....nobody can get away with doing this, surely?

lottiejenkins Mon 16-Feb-09 11:44:43

I have reported the group as well.

Monkeygi Mon 16-Feb-09 12:00:10

I have reported it also. Sick and depraved.

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