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aibu in thinking mn has really gone to the dogs since aibu

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southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 21:44:47

i will not post this

southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 21:44:56


SparkyHeartLust Sat 14-Feb-09 21:47:03

can't be arsed reading them most of the time.

Mostly it's a matter of, 'yes, you know you are you tw*t.'
or 'no, you know your not, you twit.'

loobeylou Sat 14-Feb-09 21:47:23


RiaParkinson Sat 14-Feb-09 21:48:24

i agree sea

southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 21:49:26

i kind of liked 'other subjects' is that still there i wonder

Boys2mam Sat 14-Feb-09 21:49:49

Is that not the point of MN - to support each other? I know I ask the most ridiculous questions at times but its not till they're typed out and sent that i think "you knew that already".

It must be nice to be perfect.

RiaParkinson Sat 14-Feb-09 21:50:21

boys2mam ???

southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 21:50:31

who are you ria? please tell me grin

RiaParkinson Sat 14-Feb-09 21:51:20

used to be N O A?

Boys2mam Sat 14-Feb-09 21:51:32

Yep, I'm here....

RiaParkinson Sat 14-Feb-09 21:51:35

doh used to be NAO

SparkyHeartLust Sat 14-Feb-09 21:51:56

yes B2M you are right, but so often it appears that AIBU is less about seeking support/ advice but rather stirring things up.

Not always the case of course.

AitchTwoOh Sat 14-Feb-09 21:52:43

i agree, sea. it brings out the worst in people, imo. and those bloody 'pals' threads as well, tbh. jenn, worley, puss, sanctuarists, tea shoppers, baaaaar and yes, even the veggers, this means YOU.

WithHilariousConsequences Sat 14-Feb-09 21:53:36

"Is that not the point of MN - to support each other?"

But SEA is saying anything about MN being unsupportive.

She is saying that since AIBU came into existence, MN has really gone to the dogs.

She is right.

AIBU is about as far from being a supportive online environment as it is possible to get.

raisingrrrl Sat 14-Feb-09 21:54:11

MN wouldn't be the same without the copious amounts of quiche.

WithHilariousConsequences Sat 14-Feb-09 21:55:04

"But SEA isn't saying anything about MN being unsupportive.

Boys2mam Sat 14-Feb-09 21:56:36

I'm new to the MN site and i LOVE IT!! Its like having all your best friends rolled into one, giving you an absolute reality check when you have that precious 5 mins (i must admit to becoming a little obsessedblush)

Pls don't try and censor it - just tell the pointless ones to fuck off!!

SparkyHeartLust Sat 14-Feb-09 21:57:23

I think what I was trying to say in my first post was that often the OPs on AIBU seem 'knowing' as in an emotive subject is chosen and I wonder whether genuine wisdom is being sought...

Mintyy Sat 14-Feb-09 21:58:26

I'm afraid I find AIBU entertaining and it is one of the few topics I keep unhidden.

Boys2mam Sat 14-Feb-09 22:00:06

I agree with Mintyy, its great fun!! btw what does OP stand for??

raisingrrrl Sat 14-Feb-09 22:03:14

OP = original post/poster.

RiaParkinson Sat 14-Feb-09 22:04:50

i dont look at aibu if i can resist


like being descended upon by pihrana in most instances

southeastastra Sat 14-Feb-09 22:05:41

aibu seems to have unearthed a hard faced sort of one sided opinion poster

2shoesformyvalentine Sat 14-Feb-09 22:05:52

southeastastra you are lovely

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