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To communicate with a person via email

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Freddythefrog Sat 14-Feb-09 08:47:52

Hi, what would you do if you had issues with some one? Well I have, and I had to write them down on an email. I can't confront this person on a one to one level, as they usually lose their temper, and create a public scene.

also they have proved to be violent in the past etc and I am scared of my own safety.

Any ideas?

Lulumama Sat 14-Feb-09 08:49:19

i would not communicate at all with a person who was violent and made me scared.. i would involved the police if there was a real threat to me, otherwise, i would take every step to not communicate with/see this person again if possible.

sending an email might well lead to them responding angrily anyway

Freddythefrog Sat 14-Feb-09 08:54:31

Yep that what I am doing. I have now blocked them on all email accounts, changed my phone number etc. But this person can still get to me.

They turned up at my house once and slept in their car outside. What shall I do if this happens again?

Lulumama Sat 14-Feb-09 08:55:47

call the police. keep a diary of any such incidents and log them with the police every time.

perhaps if you get some legal advice and see about a restraining order or some other appropriate legal order

Freddythefrog Sat 14-Feb-09 09:00:07

that is a good idea but hopefully it won't come to this.

Anything for a quiet life?

However it is hard to under-estimate this person. If I do anything on a legal level, she would most likely do the same. She's a law graduate and seems to know all about law, even though they don't practise it.

I put it down to scare tactics really.

Do you see what I am up against?

I think you first post was the right thing to do. No-contact is bliss.

Lulumama Sat 14-Feb-09 09:01:23

well, a law graduate is just as capable of breaking the law as of keeping it.

i think no response and keeping the police informed is the only way

any contact, even if it is negative, would encourage further contact from her

keep your distance

hope things work out

Freddythefrog Sat 14-Feb-09 09:02:53

lulumama. U are a star Thanks for the advice.

Lulumama Sat 14-Feb-09 09:03:29

you're welcome.

Ronaldinhio Sat 14-Feb-09 09:08:37

Write the issues down on paper in the privacy of your own home and leave it at that.

It'll be better in the long run

Bertino Sat 14-Feb-09 09:21:22

Indeed!!! If there is no contact there, then there will be no excuse for any of you to get in touch.

solidgoldbullet4myvalentine Sat 14-Feb-09 09:32:33

Bullies often claim to know a lot about the law, and that the law is on their side. They are usually full of shit.
Whatever the situation, this person has no right to threaten or harass you or be violent to you. Ignoring her is your best option unless there is some sort of legal or complication already (such as one of you owing the other money, or access arrangements for DC). If there needs to be some sort of contact then it might be a good idea to get another person to pass the message on - or, if she is harassing you with phone calls or unwanted visits, a solicitor's letter may be necessary. If she is causing a disturbance outside your house and refusing to leave, you can call the police and have her removed.

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