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to think the nursery would at least try to move snow/ice from entrance and car park?

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beepbeep Tue 10-Feb-09 18:11:47

There is a long drive to DD's nursery (on a private estate - sounds posh - isn't particularly!!) and a car park is provided for staff & parents collecting & picking up children. The snow round here has been pretty bad & now is turning to ice, the nursery closed for a few days last week which I have no problem with, but now it is open again the road is horrendous with people getting stuck this morning, the car park is as bad, but now really churned up and turned to ice, so great for carrying babies & small children, even the walk from the car park to the nursery building hadn't even been cleared. Obviously parents must have complained because a letter is being handed out saying that they have no duty of care to the children before they enter nursery or after they have been collected from the nursery building. Is this right? and if so surely they have a duty of care to to their staff? The buildings are leased by the nursery from the estate.

MaureenMLove Tue 10-Feb-09 18:16:10

It's the Estates job to do it then. It would have been nice for the nursery to have lease clear a pathway for you all though. It's a case of rules and regs gone mad, no doubt. Damn shitty letter to send out to parents too!

Reallytired Tue 10-Feb-09 19:43:10

There is a national shortage of grit and in Hertfordshire all the grit has been taken from the state schools and nurseries for the roads. I am not sure if other councils have done the same thing.

Its a real nightmare at the school I work having kids with cerabral palsy on ice. However it is considered that gritting the M25 is a greater priority than gritting school playgrounds.

I agree the letter sounds a bit shitty and uncaring.

christywhisty Tue 10-Feb-09 20:53:15

I think there is also a liability issue. I heard on the radio this week if a company grits etc and there is an accident they are responsible, if they leave the snow alone then they aren't liable.

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