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To pay £400 for pest control for our entire terrace?

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TheDevilWearsPrimark Sun 08-Feb-09 02:28:14

I'm tearing my hair out with the mice. I just want them gone. It's a huge amount of money though.

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 02:29:18


erm, stating the blardy obvious, like, isn't anyone else going to share the cost? hmm

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 02:37:41



don't say I killed your thread as well? blush

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sun 08-Feb-09 02:39:43

It sounds like all the terrace is ours, no we have a tiny portion.

It's old and full of holes and a delight for ice.

I could pay 100 for just ours but it's not going to sort the problem (I've already done this twice this year)

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 02:41:33

erm, get a cat hmm

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 02:41:52

bugger that - open a cats home

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sun 08-Feb-09 02:43:08

foe Mice, not ice.

No, one neighbour has old fashioned traps (Which are not working) and don't want to pay, the others are never home and one neighbour is very elderly and quite poorly, don't want to hassle her for anything.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sun 08-Feb-09 02:44:33

I would love cats.

If we didn't live in London I'd have a boy and girl cat and breed away. AAAAAAAW

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 02:45:20

ooohh dear. and yes, i gathered that you had small rodents not bits of frozen water running round. unfortunately the rodents run faster i believe.

suppose you dont have a nice ratchaser friend of any variety?
(considering both man-with-trap and four-legged sort)

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 02:46:59

ahh, the joys of the big smoke.

looks like they are all yours to get evicted then....

I have to say I'd want guarantees that they were well and truly never-to-return evicted, tho wink

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sun 08-Feb-09 02:50:03

gigglewitch. I'm taxing you one whole loo roll as I've been laughing so much at your posts tonight I had to dash and wee.

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 02:53:36

<reluctantly hands over [[ tissue>

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 02:53:52


gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 02:54:18

<reluctantly hands over tissue>

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 02:54:50

sodding gave the game away too.

peeeee- green bog roll to you

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 02:57:18

are they gonna make sure that there are no

within a mile and a half of your house - err, sorry Terrace, at the end of the production?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sun 08-Feb-09 02:59:23


Are you being nasty now?

Why the fuck

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 03:03:08

sorry blush

very silly. (me i mean)

hope i havent offended you

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sun 08-Feb-09 03:06:31

Sorry too I'm antsy.

Having trouble as I'm in he middle of a divorce so I keep leaping to defence.
I feel a bit silly now.

gigglewitch Sun 08-Feb-09 03:09:17

am bonkers too - beyond the scope of here but lets just say we are all a tad sensitive sad
I think if we were normal, sane and unworried we would be safely tucked up in bed long since?

time for some zzz's

vickyo Sat 11-Jul-09 20:17:23

Take a look at
They sell all you need to do your own pest control. i saved a fortune when mice decided to move in! within 2 week all the mice were dead. They gave great advice which really helped me

vickyo Sat 11-Jul-09 20:18:37

sorry just worked out i need to do something to show the link

SoupDragon Sat 11-Jul-09 20:30:53

you have to pay to advertise.

Feck off with your spamming.

oldraver Sat 11-Jul-09 21:29:06

Good God Vickyo you dont have much luck do you... rats, mice AND wasps... (oh you have missed the thunderflies thread.

What a good job the p******e came to your rescue hmm

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