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to think that rather than complain about larger families, or suggest ways of ridding the world of disabled people, those people should offer to rid the world of themselves........

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psychomum5 Fri 06-Feb-09 09:20:29

something that has been bugging me now for days..................there has been lots on the papers this week about the twat complaining of large families and suggesting a 'ban' on people having more than two children, as it has a drain on the economy anad the world, plus last month another so-called 'expert' suggested ways of identifying yet more 'disabilities' and therfore implying that people would want to abort them.

now, 1), more children being born is actually a good thing, and much needed, as the population is now getting older and the workforce needed to pay the pensions of the elderly will soon be smaller than demand (IYGEWIM)

and 2), on the part fo the disabled............surely that is subjective to how we enable people to exist in our society?? you are only disabled by those around you if they cannot enable you to exist properly in your enviroment. (I hope I am making myself is very hard to write down what is in my head at timesblush).


all those who think we are draining society, well, surely they should then suggest ridding society of themselves, especially if they are over the age of retirement, as they are not exactly making a contribution anymore going on the way they state you can only contribute if you work and earn money.

people who have twattish opinions really have no worth do theyhmmgrin

2shoesformyvalentine Fri 06-Feb-09 09:25:17

yes I think all people who say disabled people are not worth it should go to switzerland.
we need children as they are our future

Peachy Fri 06-Feb-09 09:25:45

Did you see my post yesterday Psycho? here

three cheers to Psycho.

sorrento Fri 06-Feb-09 09:26:45

I agree people have no business living until 80 these days and I don't know about you but I could do with my inhertitance sooner rather than later.
People do become very rude and insular as they get older, off with their heads !!!

2shoesformyvalentine Fri 06-Feb-09 09:27:55

not all old people are bad. i think the op means just the ones who say these things.

BitOfsexyFunbutnotupthebum Fri 06-Feb-09 09:28:16

I totally agree!

It bugged me this morning to be passed an armful of junk mail by the postie- not one proper letter in itangry- when we are being harangued about saving the of the leaflets was about it in fact!

Peachy Fri 06-Feb-09 09:29:38

you're lucky to be passed by the postie- ours skidded his car on the crossing, nearly took out 2 X DS! I was screaming, dh yelling....

psychomum5 Fri 06-Feb-09 09:29:45

peachy, missed that (sorryblush), but you have exactly my thoughts........................and those twats make me sooooooooooo madangry. fancy likening us to hershock

2shoes, should be manditory to send them all to switzerland IMVHO!

psychomum5 Fri 06-Feb-09 09:31:56

sorrento................there are lost of elderly out there that still make valid and much needed contributions.........tis just the so-called experts (twats IOW) that should be done-away-with.

and not just when they get to 60/65 soon as they start with the up-their-own-arses commments!

psychomum5 Fri 06-Feb-09 09:32:48

peachy, shock re the postman!

how is your heart now?? still pounding I would bet......

Penthesileia Fri 06-Feb-09 09:36:25

This is the old Malthusian catastrophe theory repackaged as environmentalism.


There is an argument to be made about Western populations consuming an unfair proportion of the world's resources, but this is not the way to make it.

Totally agree about society's negative portrayal of the disabled.

Penthesileia Fri 06-Feb-09 09:38:41

Psychomum - the very best thing you can do with your lovely brood is to make sure that they vote as soon as they are able.

There is a serious 'risk' in the West that as our population ages, and as the young grow more disillusioned with politics, only the older generations will vote, resulting in a gerontocracy of sorts. Not desirable at all.

gingerninja Fri 06-Feb-09 09:39:27

Didn't see the story you're refering to but it's typical of the selfishness of society. People are always complaining about how others affect their lives but there is no recognition on how they impact other people. Surely (if it's an elderly complainer) they need the younger generations to provide virtually all the services they benefit from ie Dr's, nurses, bin men, police officers, shop assistants etc etc. They're very short sighted. As for people with disabilities, well it's utter nonsense to suggest they don't have a place in society. Having a disability doesn't mean you don't contribute.

The older generation voted for years of tax cuts and the dismantling of public services, had a pretty impressive national health system, relative job security, good education and are benefitting from a pension (small as it may be) that won't be there for us. I think the younger generations are going to have a shitty time when they're pensioners. They should be the ones complaining.

sarah293 Fri 06-Feb-09 09:41:05

Message withdrawn

2shoesformyvalentine Fri 06-Feb-09 09:41:31

why do you all think it is older people? in rl and on here the most negative comments I have seen have not been from older people.

madlentileater Fri 06-Feb-09 09:45:16

exactly, it's consumption that's the problem, not numbers.
I have 4 kids, but they are vegetarians so have a small footprint!
also, my only sibling is childless, and dp is an only child.
so actually it's our duty to have 4 children. Those miserable gits will thank us when they need looking after in 20 yrs.

Peachy Fri 06-Feb-09 09:45:20

It is always older people yes

I said to soemone yesterday 'I knows ds3 still needs reins but i don't like them as old ladies look at me funny'

Why is that?

Mums aid stop being silly you've ahd more toddlers than they did- she has a point.

It's generally old ladies who get funny about younger disable dpeople using disabled spaces too I think.

Mums (herelf of this generation) thinks that they were the first to have the NHS, to own their own homes is large numbers, have holidays etc and there's a bit of an ego / enitlement thing going down.

By no means all older people obv, it's just the ones you notice are ythe ones who stare / comment / etc

TheCrackFox Fri 06-Feb-09 09:46:57


psychomum5 Fri 06-Feb-09 09:49:13

2shoes, it is not older people on here, so you are correct on picking me up on it, but in my RL, the ones making the most vocal complaints are the older generations.

RustyBear Fri 06-Feb-09 09:54:27

It's not always older people - have a look at Facebook sometime to see a very common disdain for disabled people.

2shoesformyvalentine Fri 06-Feb-09 10:08:49

well I must be odd as I have had more crap from younger people. I have found most older people don't get disability, but do try.

psychomum5 Fri 06-Feb-09 10:13:20

actually 2shoes, in my case it is the comments about having a larger family that are the most obvious, as obviously it is what effects me personally.

when DD3 was tiny and had a feeding tube, whenever we were out it was the younger people with the nasty comments. the older people (and surprisingly a lot of elderly gents) were very nice in how they spoke to me and responded to her.

tis very strange how they react depending on situation.....

mm22bys Fri 06-Feb-09 10:36:43

Yes, YANBU, let's not rid ourselves of the disabled but those who drain the economy in other know where I'm going on I don't need to spell it out (tempting though it has been...)

pramspotter Fri 06-Feb-09 10:53:57

Gingerninja that was an excellent post! You are so right.

BoffinMum Fri 06-Feb-09 11:10:35

I am pg and disabled. Shall I leap off the bridge now then? Will that make the moaning minnies feel any better?

Good thread. I am not anti-old people at all but I am anti-moaning and anti-judging. I hear a lot of stupid, ignorant, ill-considered comments in this village (mostly at church!) and it gets my goat.

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