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to think my neighbours shouldn't be logging at 6:45am?

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ihavenewsockson Thu 05-Feb-09 12:06:20

Honestly..usually it doens't start til 07:30am. which is just about live with-able.

But this morning it started at 06:45am. I'm 37 weeks pregnant, have a 14mth old DS who been ill with a cold all week, have SPD and am completely knackered.

It wakes me up every morning. I hear the husband get up at 06:10 and bang around before leaving for work, then the wife and kids at about 7am, Which is fine, normal household noise.

but logging?!!

I rang up and said to her that it was ridiculous and i didn't usually mind when it wakes me up every day but his morning was way too early. she says ok, fine.

Then 10 minutes later the husband rings back adn leaves an answer machine message about how their day starts at 7am and how there's nothing they can do about that. they have kids and places to get to.

Fine- i'm not complaining about normal getting up noise. i'm complaining about LOGGING!! SPLITTING WOOD at 06:45am!!


What am i gonna do in 3-5weeks when i haev a newborn who is woken up by them?!

It's really upset me, we usually get on well with them. i'm so tired and fed up at the mo I haven't got the energy to fight or retaliate. i'm jst so knackered.

listenglisten Thu 05-Feb-09 12:09:15

I really couldn't think what logging was for a minute!

Why do they have to do it each morning?

MrsBadger Thu 05-Feb-09 12:10:56

logging is cutting down trees with a chainsaw
if they are doing that at 6.45am than yanbu

but if they are using a hatchet or a hand axe to split logs for their woodburner to keep their house warm then yabu. 15min early isn't much

it's not their fault you are pg, have spd or that ds is ill

get earplugs

ihavenewsockson Thu 05-Feb-09 12:11:32

they sell logs from home.

and as fuel for the fire.

the only other time i complained, about 2 months ago, they were doing it at half ten at night too hmm

they have storage heaters like us. we haev a log burner too but DH chops the wood later in the day/ early evening for the next day.

ANamesANameForAThatsTaken Thu 05-Feb-09 12:12:35

do they use obne of those machines you need ear defender for?

ihavenewsockson Thu 05-Feb-09 12:13:08

BTW DS usually goes to bed at 8pm, then up at 8am.

Should i change his entire schedule to fit their noise then?

Sheeta Thu 05-Feb-09 12:13:21

i'm sure you'll get your own back in a few weeks once your newborn is waking them up.

But no, YANBU about the logs.

GeneralAngst Thu 05-Feb-09 12:13:29

At first, I thought "logging" was some new euphemism I hadn't heard before! blush

First I would wait and see now, because despite the husband's message, your complaint may have had some impact.

Proceed with caution, is my advice as a Neighbors from Hell veteran.

Keep us posted pls! fingers crossed

ihavenewsockson Thu 05-Feb-09 12:14:27

no machine- axe.

they usually start splitting wood at 7:15/7:30 til about 8.

then again for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

Obv. been more last few months as there is more demand for logs.

ANamesANameForAThatsTaken Thu 05-Feb-09 12:14:49


so they are running a business and making a profit and you're the one suffering. Are you in the UK, are they paying business rates and business council tax and insurance? I'd be livid, pregnant or not

elliott Thu 05-Feb-09 12:16:14

Where are they doing this logging? What kind of noise is it making?
I have to say, I' d be a bit wary about complaining about their noise when, as you say, they will have a newborn wailing through the walls at all hours...
So, I'd tread carefully if I were you, 6.45 isn't all THAT early.

elliott Thu 05-Feb-09 12:17:13

This must be outside surely?

BennyAndJoon Thu 05-Feb-09 12:18:07

<<finds out that logging isn't some new / weird sexual practice that she had never heard of>>

6.45 is a bit early for noisy stuff.

I wouldn't let DH do car repairs, or let the kids out in the garden that early out of consideration for my neighbours who might have the opportunity of sleeping later, so yanbu

GeneralAngst Thu 05-Feb-09 12:18:49

yes tread carefully. My NFH were also running a business from home-and we had to move in the end after a very unhappy few years.

GeneralAngst Thu 05-Feb-09 12:19:37


VinegarTits Thu 05-Feb-09 12:22:06

I thought they were logging on (to the net) or maybe you mis spelt jogging

15 mins early is not really that much difference, you not going to be one of these who tiptoes around a new born are you? baby will sleep through noises if they are used to them, just get yourself some ear plugs

ihavenewsockson Thu 05-Feb-09 12:25:26

it's outside.

the house is a semi so shares a foundation.

basically every time the axe hits the ground it reverberates right through the walls.

i am livid but don't want to stir things up too much as (hopefully) it will calm down as the weather gets better.

it just seems so selfish.

the good thing about AIBU is you cna check if you are just having a hormonal / overly emotional reaction! smile

ihavenewsockson Thu 05-Feb-09 12:27:18

VT- this is my second baby adn we didn't tiptoe last time. it think baby's do get used to normal noise and your making a rod for your own back if you switch off phone/ put note on door whenever baby is sleeping.

However, my DS who does sleep thru pretty much anything gets woken up by it. Esp. this week as he is ill and unsettled.

MrsBadger Thu 05-Feb-09 12:42:23

so they aren't just doing it to keep warm, but to make money to pay the bills and the mortgage?

god some people are selfish hmm

elliott Thu 05-Feb-09 12:49:23

Anyway, I think you've done what you can do - you've told them how you feel, I suspect they WILL modify their behaviour. People often feel very defensive about these things, so I guess the husband is just feeling a bit aggrieved. Don't take it too seriously.
I have sympathies with you, don't get me wrong, but tbh I would assume if I lived next door to a family with small children that 6.45 would be a lie in wink

HSMM Thu 05-Feb-09 12:55:20

Most businesses aren't allowed to start making a lot of noise before 8. Do they have planning permission to do it? What are the rules of their permission - ie hours?

Nekabu Thu 05-Feb-09 13:04:13

As they're doing it by hand and not using power tools then YABU. It's cold so they're probably using more logs. Now you've had a whinge they may do it a bit later in future though.

Gorionine Thu 05-Feb-09 13:10:26

Thank you MrsBadger, I thought Op's neighbour was on her computer from 6:30am and was wondering why it would bother her. grin

ihavenewsockson YANBU, maybe you should just have a nice talk with them?

cory Fri 06-Feb-09 08:32:41

Sounds hard, but tbh now is not the time I would choose to
irritate neighbours with complaints about noise slightly early in the morning. What about in 4 weeks time, when they are kept awake by two hours solid screaming starting at 2 o'clock in the morning? You will need their indulgence with a new baby.

cheshirekitty Fri 06-Feb-09 09:24:56

But cutting logs at 6.45am is a selfish act. YANBU. They should cut more logs up in the afternoon.

You cannot put cutting logs up into the same category as a crying baby.

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