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FFS!!! DH told me that I look like I could be related to...

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peggotty Tue 03-Feb-09 22:16:45

Fucking Jamie Oliver! Then was taken aback when I had a hissy fit. Apparently it is my 'full lips'. Jesus, is my husband gay and married me because he is in the closet and I look like Jamie Oliver shock shock WOuld you be insulted if your dh said you looked like jamie oliver??

GossipMonger Tue 03-Feb-09 22:17:37

yes i would - lol!!!!!!!!

poopscoop Tue 03-Feb-09 22:17:42

photo on profile this instant please, then the judging begins in earnest grin

VinoEsmeralda Tue 03-Feb-09 22:18:42

hell yes, would I be insulted!

Well i fancy the pants off JO soooo.......... Peggotty 'how you doin?'


peggotty Tue 03-Feb-09 22:20:09

No bloody chance poopscoop! would be plunged into depths of depression if it was confirmed by mn. damn man - I am reeling!

TheYearOfTheCat Tue 03-Feb-09 22:20:09

On the plus side, he is fairly youthful looking, and slim.

Tries hard to see a positive hmm

peggotty Tue 03-Feb-09 22:22:27

I only posted last week on another thread that he looks like he would be a terrible kisser, all slobbery <wail> it just gets worse. I don't I don't I don't look like JO!!!
{and I am a GOOD kisser)

poopscoop Tue 03-Feb-09 22:22:47

lol - do you have the oliver lisp or lithp too cos that would be pukka grin

hellymelly Tue 03-Feb-09 22:22:53

Well,he's a natural blonde...

peggotty Tue 03-Feb-09 22:25:36

I am not blonde (naturally), I do not have a lisp, I can not cook. I have big full lips, that's it.

TheCrackFox Tue 03-Feb-09 22:25:40

Can you cook? Do you feel passionately about school dinners?

Do you need the number for a good divorce lawyer?

herbietea Tue 03-Feb-09 22:27:02

Message withdrawn

Tidey Tue 03-Feb-09 22:30:13

TBH I've never noticed Jamie Oliver's lips, I'm too distracted by his huge flobbery tongue. Don't worry, your DH was probably just talking rubbish.

solo Tue 03-Feb-09 22:31:18

Well, it could've been worse...Gary Rhodes for instance. He was yummy 10 years ago, but now...Ugh! JO is quite boy next door. I like Jamie Oliver

peggotty Tue 03-Feb-09 22:31:45

pmsl tidey @ 'huge flobbery tongue'

Tell him he looks like Jools (quite horsey and miserable) Miow!

Heifer Tue 03-Feb-09 22:33:49

My DH told me that I sometimes look like Jilly Cooper, so I would glady take the Jamie Oliver comment! grin

MrsSeanBean Tue 03-Feb-09 22:38:21

Yanu. He's cute.

MrsSeanBean Tue 03-Feb-09 22:38:39

er, sorry yabu I meant...

TheYearOfTheCat Tue 03-Feb-09 22:41:41

Well if he said you looked like you were related to him - it is slightly better than saying you look like him - IYSWIM.

Could you capitalise on it? There is a female Michaeal Jackson impersonator, who is making a mint. here she is. You could turn up at schools and badger dinner ladies for a fee.

Herbietea - My DH is the same - he told me was worried that I may have developed Podgekins disease. hmm

YOTC - I am now wetting my pants with Podgekins disease........... I am trying to be quiet as the household are in bed. oops!

With laughter you understand, not because i have podgekins............ well i do but thats not why im wetting my pants.......................... hmm

MadamDeathstare Tue 03-Feb-09 22:46:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

poopscoop Tue 03-Feb-09 22:49:58

and he could have said you looked like those 2 women cooks who travellled about in motorbike and sidecar. forgotten their names.

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