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to expect to see the word SNOW in every thread title today?

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naswm Mon 02-Feb-09 07:48:08

I have always wanted to start one of these grin

So, AIBU - or not?! grin

MaryBS Mon 02-Feb-09 07:49:49

No. Except I want some snowcapped smileys as well. AIBU? After all, the techs knew the snow was coming, surely they could have been prepared? wink

Geepers Mon 02-Feb-09 07:50:21

YABU. It's just snow. Why is everyone so excited? My husband and kids are driving me mad, and we live ib freaking Bournemouth, it;s only a dusting, get a grip family!

naswm Mon 02-Feb-09 07:51:38

I bet tech could create some snowy emoticons quicker than the London Boroughs councils can sort the roads out - now there's a challenge. How do we bring this to tech's attention? grin hmm

MaryBS Mon 02-Feb-09 08:06:39

Now be serious, its snow joke!

DungareesAndOranges Mon 02-Feb-09 08:10:44

I think the snow thing has worn off snow.


TheLadyEvenstar Mon 02-Feb-09 08:15:57

I went out at 6am to take some photos before anyone ruined the snow here.

naswm Mon 02-Feb-09 09:25:41

<<<groan indeed!>>>

alicecrail Mon 02-Feb-09 09:33:30

I'm quite excited even though it poses some problems for getting out to horses. I really want to go sledging!!! Dd is only 14mths and doesn't have waterproof snow suit so would probaly be a bit mean grin There is something about it that makes you want to go and jump in it though

mysterymoniker Mon 02-Feb-09 09:35:31


TsarChasm Mon 02-Feb-09 09:35:56

Maybe we should change our names to snow names. I'll be SnowChasm grin

ABloke Mon 02-Feb-09 09:40:11


Snow is nice, it's different, it's white and fluffy and pretty and freezing cold but we all love/hate it.

How many threads are there?

NuttyTaff Mon 02-Feb-09 09:52:51

Message withdrawn

MaryBSnowing Mon 02-Feb-09 16:29:08

snow names - what, like this?

nannyL Mon 02-Feb-09 16:32:51


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