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To not buy somehting from someone just because they told me to abuse my DC's?

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LynetteScavo Wed 28-Jan-09 21:31:15

Double glazing sales man (I only want a front door) came to my house.

3 DC's are running around the living room laughiing; the younger 2 have stripped down to their under wear. I say shaply " I can't hear what we are saying." close the living room door on the and continue conversation in the hall.

Salesman says; "You're going to slap them in a minute, aren't you."

I say ""

A few minutes later they run upstairs laughing, having now got dressed.

Salesman; "How many kids have you got?"

Me; "only 3" smile

Salesman; "I've only got 3, but they don't make that much noise, you need to give them a good hard smack."

Me; hmm

So am I being unreasonable not to buy anything of him because of this? I wouldn't even if his quote was lower than other peoples, which it isn't.

He also advised me not to go with local firms incase they went bust, and I said , "Well they will go bust if people don't use them." Tosser.

SlartyBartFast Wed 28-Jan-09 21:32:06


Hawkmoth Wed 28-Jan-09 21:32:40

Can't be that good a salesman if he misreads his audience that badly.

Tosser is right.

sorrento Wed 28-Jan-09 21:34:15

No I threw a chimney sweep out once because he said to my DD's they needed to get and tidy their bedroom up.
I pointed out he was not here to be rude to my children, did he have anything to say about the state of my kitchen, no, well then out the door you go.
I admit I was pregnant at the time grin

fryalot Wed 28-Jan-09 21:34:52


wonder if they taught him such people skills in salesman school hmm

PlumBumMum Wed 28-Jan-09 21:37:41

Def wouldn't buy anything from him
god help his kids they're prob afraid to make any noise!

Ripeberry Wed 28-Jan-09 21:40:42

Chimney sweeps they are a strange bunch aren't they? A couple of years ago (reminds me to get it done again) we had our chimney swept and the sweep brought along his 7yr old son as it was half-term.
The son spent most of the time looking at everything in the house and opening cupboards, then he produced a cat skull from his jacket pocket and said it used to be his pet cat (urgghhhh!)
Quite glad when they left hmm

LynetteScavo Wed 28-Jan-09 21:44:41

I thought you were going to say the 7yo was sent up the chimney! grin

sorrento Wed 28-Jan-09 21:45:06

Our chimney sweep made a point of telling me he hadn't got children .... thank god for that I thought grin
I know we joke about sending our kids up chimney's but bloody hell maybe yours really did shock

Ripeberry Wed 28-Jan-09 21:51:46

No, i reckon they sent the cat up the chimney. Especially if it was a fluffy one! grin

HappyandEiknowit Wed 28-Jan-09 21:53:17

i would have slapped the salesmanshock how bloody rude!!!
i would be tempted to ring his boss and explain exactly why i didnt take the deal aswell!!angry the cheek!!
xx ei xx

Janos Wed 28-Jan-09 22:33:48

Blimey, no NBU at all! What a wanker.

tiredsville Wed 28-Jan-09 22:42:12

He obviously knows how to charm potential customers hmm tosspot

FairLadyRantALot Wed 28-Jan-09 22:49:52

He sounds like a complete tosser

Heated Wed 28-Jan-09 22:54:01


My postman told me ds was "ugly" - he had milk spots at 10 days old so no, not the prettiest, but it's not the thing to say to a hormonal mother who was going to contribute to your retirement fund.

sorrento Wed 28-Jan-09 23:00:12

My postman was too busy starring at my tits 10 days post baby, bless him, he couldn't take his eyes off.

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 23:00:12

love the emotional intelligence

smartiejake Wed 28-Jan-09 23:00:21

Sounds about standard for a double glazing salesman- they are usually a charming, smarmy breed.

One turned up on my door step once. Greasy hair, badly fitted suit (with elbow pads- <shudder>) dirty shoes etc.

Asked me if I was interested in buying double glazing as my windows looked very old and scruffy!

I'm sure you can imagine what my response was!

smartiejake Wed 28-Jan-09 23:02:54

P.S. YANBU I would refuse to buy anything from such a prat and I would complain to his company so they were aware that his comments had menat I was not buying their goods.

Was it a well known company beginning with E?

geminigirl Wed 28-Jan-09 23:03:35

YANBU!!!!! Gethimout,gethimout,gethimout,gethimout. What a p*k! shock

pamplemousse Wed 28-Jan-09 23:07:06

What a tosser def don't buy from a big company, go local, much cheaper and nicer I used to work in one and everyone in my office was lovely and helpful, plus you could go into the factory and see what you're buying.

LackaDAISYcal Wed 28-Jan-09 23:09:46

I'd complain about him to his head office....what a tosser.

Ronaldinhio Wed 28-Jan-09 23:13:01

I wouldn't bother reporting him..they'll only have a laugh about you
Chalk it up and tell everyone you know tha they are tossers and put them out of business

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