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To think shop staff shouldn't comment on what you are buying?

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AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 28-Jan-09 16:58:31

I've just been to the local chain grocery type shop with the DC. I bought some fresh soup and bread for the DC's dinner, two tubes of toothpaste as they were on offer, milk, loo roll and two bottles of wine as they were on offer too.

The man behind the counter was sniggering and saying I shouldn't be drinking as I have children.

I told him they were for the weekend, though I realise it was none of his business and shouldn't have said anything.

He was then bantering with another man behind the counter "loo roll because all that drinking make you need the toilet, toothpaste to hide the smell from her husband, soup because she can't be bothered to cook"

I just paid and left but wish I had just walked out. I shop there all the time but have never seen these staff. Do you think I should go in and complain to the manager or am I being overly sensitive?

I know they were just joking but it was quite offensive to me and there was a big queue behind me too.

Twims Wed 28-Jan-09 16:59:57

I would make a complaint.

WEESLEEKITLauriefairycake Wed 28-Jan-09 17:00:31

I wouldn't complain to the manager now but I would have torn them a new one when I was in the shop.

Ignorant twunts.

laweaselmys Wed 28-Jan-09 17:00:52

I don't know. It is pretty rude.

But did you make it clear that you didn't think it was funny? They might have thought you were in on the joke as it were.

OhBling Wed 28-Jan-09 17:01:18


I thought you were going to say you'd been to the shop and the woman commented on the bag/shirt/scarf you bought. I don't find that offensive but do find it quite irritating.

But this? It's just rude. I would complain. I would have complained on the spot. They were judging your purchases publically and it's just plain rude.

What if you'd been buying chocolate and they said, "Ooh love, so that's why you're so fat"?

PlumBumMum Wed 28-Jan-09 17:02:33


Nagapie Wed 28-Jan-09 17:03:02

If you were offended I would have asked to have spoken to their supervisor or taken them up on their rudeness ...

However, sitting behind a till can be a deadly dull job ...

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 28-Jan-09 17:04:04

Not at all laweaselmys. I've had a rubbish day and DS had thrown himself on the floor a couple of times in the shop when I asked him not to touch things.

I was quietly seething but had no energy to say anything.

2shoes Wed 28-Jan-09 17:04:30

yanbu, freindly chat is one thing, but that was rude.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 28-Jan-09 17:05:17

what a rude twat, and you should have made a complaint there and then

it is still worth going back and mentioning to the manager you were upset/annoyed by his staffs comments

VinegarTits Wed 28-Jan-09 17:05:18


Sorry but that made me laugh

I would have just laughed at him

LadyOfWaffle Wed 28-Jan-09 17:05:38

shock I would complain.

I was buying food for DSs birthday party one night and was looking for some 'cakey' bits and the woman stacking the shelves said 'that's why your so fat. I used to be fat and look at me now - I didn't eat all that' and I tried to say it was for a party but she talked over me, telling me how fat I was No wonder I never go out! What business is it of theirs if you 'cook'?

VinegarTits Wed 28-Jan-09 17:05:57

[immature emoction]

dittany Wed 28-Jan-09 17:07:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mysterymoniker Wed 28-Jan-09 17:07:40

shock @ LoW's experience too

what on earth?

AmIWhatAndWhy Wed 28-Jan-09 17:09:28

shock Ladyofwaffle how awful of her.

Vinegartits I would have laughed it off and maybe thrown some insults back if I was in the best of moods.

nellyfin Wed 28-Jan-09 17:10:47

actually, the OP did make me laugh out loud. Would have been a bit embarassed if it had happened to me though - so, no, YANBU.

Lotster Wed 28-Jan-09 17:39:10

I too opened this expecting to tell you to get over it, but that was really rude of them!
Especially as it could have looked to other customers like you were known to them and a problem drinker or something!

Frasersmum123 Wed 28-Jan-09 17:42:48

I used to work in a supermarket and have made comments to people if they have bought bottles of spirits, but only in a joking way - never judgmental. I would complain

RubyRioja Wed 28-Jan-09 17:45:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

laweaselmys Wed 28-Jan-09 18:02:09

I've had people at the checkout lecture myself and some friends on binge drinking!

Just because we're young and buying alcohol and party supplies doesn't mean that we were intending on drinking it all ourselves or even all of it in one night!

I do really feel for you AIWAW. I would've been too embarrassed to say anything, but I know some people (twats) have a tendency to take anybody not loudly objecting as agreement. It's frustrating if you're not in a confident mood.

stickybeaker Wed 28-Jan-09 18:17:01

I complained in Tescos when a trainee and his supervisor made some jokes about smacking his son. They'd seen me buying nappies so could guess I had a child.

I said I thought it was highly inapprpropriate... blah blah. Don't know if it did anything but it did really make me feel better.

RobertPattinsonComeToMomma Wed 28-Jan-09 18:22:14

I did have an assistant in the pharmacy shout out across the shop: "Mary, how much is the Canestan?" Ok, bad enough having thrush without having it shouted about!
I also had an assistant in Boots comment loudly "Oh, more babies!" when I was buying maternity tights! I hadn't told anyone I was pg and needed the tights at 8 weeks because wearing normal ones made me feel more nauseous.

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