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To expect products to be priced correctly in ASDA?

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AuntieMaggie Mon 19-Jan-09 19:05:01

Oh FFS angry

Have just got back from Asda where yet again I've become victim to items being wrongly priced!

Needed some deodrant so was pleased when I saw that the nivea stuff had a red sign saying £1 aroung the original price of £2.53 so I picked up a couple. Got to the checkout, DP paid, was on the way out checking the receipt to make sure the 2 for 3 stuff had come off and we'd been charged full price for the deodrant. So off to customer services I go, who call the health and beauty dept who tell me it's the adidas deodrant that's reduced not the nivea next to it. DP says to go over and check to see if I made a mistake (like I'm stupid and can't read) so I do and ALL the red signs had been removed from the shelves.

I am so fecking cross at being made to look like an idiot for the second time. And DP is now in the doghouse for doubting me and saying "are you sure you didn't make a mistake?".

MrsMagooo Mon 19-Jan-09 19:08:26

YANBU - I hate it when I think I've found a bargain only to be told the stickers in the wrong place, or the products been put in the wrong place etc etc!

wotulookinat Mon 19-Jan-09 19:13:47

I hate it when this happens. The should SHOULD have said 'oh dear, it wasn't clear, have the difference back'. But to remove the labels and refuse to refund the difference is so annoying. I would have asked for a full refund as a matter of principle.
You could try ringing their customer phone line - you might get sent a voucher.

AuntieMaggie Mon 19-Jan-09 19:16:13

It makes me cross to think about how often other people don't notice this so get charged more than they think they've paid for things.

I'm trying to be really strict with our budget at the moment to see how little we can live on so that's the only reason I noticed.

bran Mon 19-Jan-09 19:20:11

Asda are rubbish for this. I bought some bicuits there, on the shelf it said "Any 3 for £x" and I got 3 different types (same brand). When I got to the till and questioned why I was charged full price for them they said it was any 3 of the same type. hmm I just gave them back and got a refund.

TimeForMe Mon 19-Jan-09 19:21:42

You should see the pricing on Asda's online store. Teabags, £3 per pack but multibuy offer you can get two packs for £7.50!
Coffee, £3 per 200g jar but multibuy offer is two for £8!! Bonkers!

mrstimlovejoy Mon 19-Jan-09 19:43:12

i always check my reciept especially if i go to asda.a while ago pineapples were on offer so picked one up and when i checked had been charged higher price,queried it and was told it was smaller ones on offer.showed chap where i'd got it from and was told they'd been put in wrong place,got a refund after alot of hassle.

mm22bys Mon 19-Jan-09 19:56:57

I hate it when prices are incorrect....I wanted to buy a dress that was marked at a particular price, and when I went to pay for it was 50% more. I kicked up a fuss, but they told me that the dress was marked wrongly, and that I would have to pay the "full" price.

I was under the impression that shops have to sell at the marked price, but apparently me taking an item to the till to pay for it is me making an offer, and they can accept or reject it...contract law, apparently, and I aint no lawyer!

TheButterflyEffect Mon 19-Jan-09 20:10:01

Message withdrawn

ShyBaby Mon 19-Jan-09 20:31:56

Now many moons ago when I worked in a shop it was drummed into us that we would get our bums kicked if we priced anything incorrectly as we then HAD to sell it at the reduced price. I always thought that was the case (we did try to get the full price though if we were questioned by a customer).

Maybe my boss just liked to tell us off! grin

mm22bys Mon 19-Jan-09 21:02:49

Butterfly, I didn't buy it, I just stormed out. To me it is almost like false advertising....

wotulookinat Mon 19-Jan-09 23:02:58

I thought that they HAD to sell it at the advertised price.

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