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To MN at *any* time?

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BitOfFun Sun 18-Jan-09 14:39:18

So, it's Sunday, haven't got the kids, fancied popping back to bed for a bit of afternoon delight and a snooze, lovelyy...anyway, after the deed was done, I turned and picked up my iPhone to set the alarm for a hours time, and as I was doing it I thought "shall I just check Threads I'm On?"

...we hadn't even fully, erm, disengaged shock

It would have been a bit much, wouldn't it?


honeybehappy Sun 18-Jan-09 14:54:18


BitOfFun Sun 18-Jan-09 14:54:46

TMI? <slinks away> blush

fryalot Sun 18-Jan-09 14:55:35

now that's attachment mumsnetting

Lulumama Sun 18-Jan-09 14:55:44

disengaged... <<bleargh>>

i have too many images in my head now......

my eyyyyyyyeeeeeeees!

Lulumama Sun 18-Jan-09 14:55:57

PMSL squonk!

Mamazon Sun 18-Jan-09 14:56:50


BitOfFun Sun 18-Jan-09 15:07:04

grin I've got a problem, haven't I?

Wish I'd called the thread "what's the most inappropriate situation you've ever mumsnetted in?" - might have got some confessions!

Lulumama Sun 18-Jan-09 15:14:12

you do have a problem. <<tut>>


Habbibu Sun 18-Jan-09 15:18:58

I've got that bloody song in my head now. I am very very cross.

JackBauer Sun 18-Jan-09 15:22:44


Way tmi, but I do sometimes think about MNing while in mid conversation (upright conversations you dirty mares) so I understand!

<pats BOF on head>

<wipes hand on trousers>

fryalot Sun 18-Jan-09 15:22:44

erm... I've just noticed that you posted on my laziness thread only a few minutes before starting this one...

Were you coitus just finito when chatting to me????

(not that I mind, just curious...)

fryalot Sun 18-Jan-09 15:23:25

habbibu - what song?

BitOfFun Sun 18-Jan-09 15:25:43

Yes, he fell asleep grin

At least I waited...

Marthasmama Sun 18-Jan-09 15:26:36

Ha ha ha ha.. sorry... ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

Buda Sun 18-Jan-09 15:27:55

LOL! You def have a problem!

fryalot Sun 18-Jan-09 15:32:24

hee hee

Habbibu Sun 18-Jan-09 15:39:09

This is possibly the worst song ever made. Don't blame me, blame BitOfFun...

BitOfFun Sun 18-Jan-09 15:43:08

Oh, and here's me humming squonk's witty riposte in the style of Paul Weller gringrin

BitOfFun Sun 18-Jan-09 19:14:14

Have had it in my head all day now thanks to that- it sounded like I wanted to go for round two!

Moanylisa Sun 18-Jan-09 20:16:28

Lol, that made me laugh- grounds for divorce if I did that grin

Barackbabe Sun 18-Jan-09 22:03:14

I think if you had been mumsnetting during the action it would be worse- I'm sure some people do though wink

Barackbabe Sun 18-Jan-09 22:06:46

Bumping to share your shame...

Careysgrin Sun 18-Jan-09 22:56:26

That is one hardcore MN habit! Glad I just lurk smile

BitOfFun Sun 18-Jan-09 23:02:48

blush Perhaps I should set up a Mumsnetters Anonymous? If we see other members posting we shout at them to get back to the twelve steps? Hmm, another thread, methinks...grin

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