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To be irritated by women who are sanctimonious about breastfeeding then go and wean their little darlings at some ridiculously young age

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bangandthedirtisgone Thu 15-Jan-09 20:20:44

This is not a rant against early weaning, formula feeding, or breastfeeding - I need to say that now.

But, I have to be totally honest it gets right on my tits when women crow about how they breastfed then reveal that they weaned their babies at 12 weeks (I know 3 people like this).

I mean ffs if you're going to boast about following guidelines then at least actually follow them!

kittywise Thu 15-Jan-09 20:24:10

I don't understand why it would bother you.

bangandthedirtisgone Thu 15-Jan-09 20:26:27

Hello, this is AIBU??? It's the section where people post what is bothering them.


ScottishMummy Thu 15-Jan-09 20:34:23

well hang around you should get plenty of action,on AIBU with BF and weaning

BouncingTurtle Thu 15-Jan-09 20:40:08

<<passes around the chocolate hobnons>>

Sorry, but popcorn is just so passé grin

cory Thu 15-Jan-09 20:42:52

If their babies are junior school age and they weaned at 4 months, then they did follow guidelines. Nobody told us that the guidelines were going to change.

loobeylou Thu 15-Jan-09 20:43:09

far worse things happen to LOs than early weaning.

and I'm very pro BFing, having done it for 16 months, 18 months and 30 months with my 3DCs !!

ScottishMummy Thu 15-Jan-09 20:43:32

is one still allowed to squawk oh i'll get the hard hats or is it trying too hardwink


bangandthedirtisgone Thu 15-Jan-09 20:44:30

Yah, read the OP, I said 12 weeks, not 4 months hmm

Their babies are still babies, acksherly.

MarlaSinger Thu 15-Jan-09 20:45:34

YANBU, but this is obviously an emotive topic on MN!

bangandthedirtisgone Thu 15-Jan-09 20:47:16

Yeah I know it's an emotive topic, and I'm going to get flamed, yadda yadda yadda.

But it had to be said - for the record, if you're one of these women and you banged on about how great you were for breastfedding then went and weaned at 12 weeks then a lot of people think you're a numpty, ok? So get over it.

Thank you.

cory Thu 15-Jan-09 20:48:12

yes, bang, I know you said 12 weeks, but it did just occur to me that it is unknown for posters posting in the AIBU section to exaggerate ever so slightly for effect

my sincere apologies if you are innocent

ScottishMummy Thu 15-Jan-09 20:49:16

hell that told they are quaking in their easy care linen trousers

bangandthedirtisgone Thu 15-Jan-09 20:50:23

Cory, if you weaned at 4 months because them's the guidelines then you don't ahve to defend yourself.

If you weaned at 2 weeks I couldn't give a monkeys, just don't lecture me about how you breastfed and how great you are because of it whulst overlooking the fact that you gave a newborn food.

That's the general gist of the thread ya see.

preggersplayspop Thu 15-Jan-09 20:50:26

I don't understand why this upsets you, I'm sure they had their reasons for weaning at that age. My mum is very pro breastfeeding and it was only when I had my baby that I found out she "only" breastfed for 8 weeks and 6 weeks for me and my sister. She did bloody well considering she had no support and there was no-one in her maternity ward who was even considering breastfeeding. No-one should judge her for having not breastfed us for longer.

She breastfed. Does it matter for how long? What else should she tell people she did??

bangandthedirtisgone Thu 15-Jan-09 20:51:16

ScottishMummy, how are you these days? Hope you've forgiven Mamazon, that was out of order that thread.

alicecrail Thu 15-Jan-09 20:51:38

Did they say why they did it? Perhaps lo was not getting enough milk, frazzled mummy was too proud to admit defeat and add the odd ff, so decided a bit of baby rice would do the trick??

bangandthedirtisgone Thu 15-Jan-09 20:52:14

Preggers wtf are you talking about?

This isn't a thread about the length of time people breastfeed for? I'm talking about giving solids at 12 weeks.

LittleBella Thu 15-Jan-09 20:52:30

Well someone's obviously upset you about breastfeeding. hmm

foxytocin Thu 15-Jan-09 20:52:48

hellow! cory.

12 weeks is not 4 months old.

ThePregnantHedgeWitch Thu 15-Jan-09 20:54:56

Message withdrawn

wenceslasmyeducation Thu 15-Jan-09 20:56:31

Better to bf and wean early than ff and wean early though? wink

preggersplayspop Thu 15-Jan-09 20:56:35

Oh right. Bit sleep deprived obviously didn't read your OP properly blush

I'll get off my high horse and go and lurk somewhere for a bit.

BouncingTurtle Thu 15-Jan-09 20:57:00

Yes, I have to admit I don't think the OP is BU.

But this will kick off...

Bang - I'm breastfeeding and started BLW at around 6mo, am I allowed to be sanctimonious grin

mazzystartled Thu 15-Jan-09 20:57:11


I'm not at all sure that the reason mothers are proud of having breastfed has anything to do with boasting about following guidelines.

But I kinda know what you mean - and know people who have been DAMNED RUDE and INSENSITIVE about other mothers' decisions to ff, yet shovelled the babyrice in on the dot of 12 months. It seems somewhat inconsistent, at the least.

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