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In thinking that gas/trades/phone companies et al could do better at arranging times

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VoluptuaGoodshag Wed 14-Jan-09 14:22:09

I know I'm not, sooooo not but in this day and age of modern technoogy why the f**k can't they state a specific time and then take your number to ring ahead it they are running a bit late? Everyone else in the world can do this. Imagine trying to arrange a meeting with others and saying "yeah let's make it sometime between 12 and 6pm and we'll just see who turns up when" What a pile of shite!!!

Seeline Wed 14-Jan-09 14:26:24

Yes I agree - I specifically requested a gas visit yesterday between 10 and 2 to fit in teh school run. I even explained this and requested an 'early' slot as my kids finish at 3. Needless to say the engineer turned up at 2.25 - I have to leave at 2.40 to get the kids. I told him this as he was trying to push his way into the house, told him to go to his next job, and I would be back by 3.15. He was sitting outside the house waiting for me when I got back with the kids!!

Darkesteyes Mon 29-Oct-12 23:37:48

Sorry to ressurrect a zombie thread but this pisses me off too. I have the annual LL gas safety check next week and they dont specify a time. Apparently Carillion are 8am to 8pm but i managed to get pm from them. Now i think im being perfectly reasonable to specify 12pm to 6pm for them to come. Dont really want to wait until 8pm as my boiler is next to the cooker and i dont want the engineer doing what needs doing while im cooking food.
Ive never had Carillion do it before but they bought the company that used to do it so they bought the contract too.

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