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to be annoyed with this caller??????????????

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benbon Tue 13-Jan-09 08:13:55

im just wondering here what general telephone ettiquette is?

im selling a tv in the friday ad and i had someone call last night at 10 to eleven!!! i was fast asleep as the kids are up early for school... so i answered the phone all sleepily and he said oh i didnt disturb you did i??? to whick i replied yes you did its 10 to eleven i was asleep

so aibu to think that you should only ring someone you dont know between 9am and 9pm???

bellavita Tue 13-Jan-09 08:15:15

I would be annoyed. Anything after 8.30pm - even with people I do know makes me mad.

lottiejenkins Tue 13-Jan-09 08:19:22

I think id have been a lot rude than you were!

lottiejenkins Tue 13-Jan-09 08:20:23


FruitynNutty Tue 13-Jan-09 08:22:39

I think anyone who calls after 9:30pm incredibly rude.
What really bothers me (and DP) are all the texts that I get really late at night. I use my mob as an alarm clock so I can't even turn it off.
I'm sure half of my friends are nocturnal hmm

MrsGokWan Tue 13-Jan-09 08:35:39

YANBU at all. That is bloody rude.

Who on earth rings a stranger at 10.50 at night. You don't expect anyone to ring after 9pm unless it was an emergancy. I would have ripped him another one as I would have been panicing that something had happened to my extended family. MIL is very ill at the moment so any time the phone rings my heart goes in my mouth.

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Tue 13-Jan-09 08:44:50

i think its a little rude tbh. I wouldnt do it myself

iLikeDots Tue 13-Jan-09 08:52:27

How Rude ! I hate it when people call late at night , always sends me into a panic as i think someones died !

Deemented Tue 13-Jan-09 09:03:51

Bloody hell - i'd have been furious!

Phone calls late at night in this house usually mean only one thing - bad news.

magicofchristmas Tue 13-Jan-09 09:10:22

I would have said 830 would have been a decent max time for callng a stranger altho I personally wouldn't have made it any later than 8.

FNN test your mobile alarm out, I switch mine off at night but my alarm still goes off in the morning.

laweaselmys Tue 13-Jan-09 09:43:35

For me - I wouldn't ring friends past ten, or strangers past 9. Ten to eleven is really rude!! Depends how desperately you want to sell your tv though...

DP was really annoyed that TMobile sent him a text at half past four this morning.

sunnygirl1412 Tue 13-Jan-09 09:49:43

I'd have been annoyed too - I tend to be a tad grumpy if woken up!blush

Just lately, BT1571 (the answering service) has taken to ringing us up in the middle of the night to tell us that we have new messages (some of which have been days old). Dh and I have both been grumpy about that.

Doodle2U Tue 13-Jan-09 09:51:30

Any calls after 9.30pm usually mean someone is having an emotional crisis or car breakdown. Never answer the phone after 9.30pm!

Miaou Tue 13-Jan-09 09:54:09

My mum used to do this, ring up at 10pm when I had already gone to bed. As someone else said, I would always assume that at that time of night it's an emergency/bad news. I got so fed up of telling her that we go to bed EARLY that in the end I took to answering the phone with "what? What? What's happened????" in a really anxious voice, and when she said she was just calling to see how I was then I would say "OMG I thought someone had DIED since you are calling so late!!" She got the message eventuallywink

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