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is there some intrinsic reason that children need to wear vests even if they do not wish to, claim not to be cold, and are healthy in every way I can see?

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FrannyandZooey Thu 08-Jan-09 19:57:50

row with my mother
please adjudicate

SoMuchToBits Thu 08-Jan-09 19:59:02

My ds hasn't worn a vest since he was about 1 year old. Our house is warm, and so is school. He would just be too hot.

deanychip Thu 08-Jan-09 19:59:03

yes its the fucking law.

Desiderata Thu 08-Jan-09 19:59:05

I didn't even know they still did vests shock

FrannyandZooey Thu 08-Jan-09 19:59:11

apparently i am failing in my role as mother because i neglect to enforce vest wearing
am spitting mad about this tbh

duckyfuzz Thu 08-Jan-09 19:59:41

oh dear, vests

I've given up, DTs are old enough (5) to know if cold or not, imo

Desiderata Thu 08-Jan-09 20:00:03

The older generation erroneously believe that if you feel cold, you will catch a cold.

Total bolleaux, of course, but that's their reasoning, I'm afraid.

aidansyummymummy Thu 08-Jan-09 20:00:12

how old are your children...what has brought his about?

morningpaper Thu 08-Jan-09 20:00:30

what Deanychip said

FrannyandZooey Thu 08-Jan-09 20:00:34

our house is cold
ds1 is warm
and not ill
and nearly 6
and i am not fucking insisting he wears a vest when he doesn't want one, for no earthly reason other than MY MOTHER WANTS HIM TO

duckyfuzz Thu 08-Jan-09 20:00:55

in fact would anyone like 2 packs of opened and looked at fondly but never worn pink vests from M&S, age 5-6?

morningpaper Thu 08-Jan-09 20:01:32

<passes Franny spliff>

You need to nag her back - your house is hot / you are ruining the planet for your grandchildren / no one will shag you in THAT vest mother / etc.

conniedescending Thu 08-Jan-09 20:01:33

well, I find a vest (the bodysuit type) holds a nappy in place really well so mine always wore a vest until toilet trained.

my mil would agree with your mother btw - all children should always wear vests in her's the mark of a well cared for child hmm tis a generation thing

revjustaisgoingouttonight Thu 08-Jan-09 20:01:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoMuchToBits Thu 08-Jan-09 20:01:52

I could see the point of vests in the days before central heating - it was another layer to help keep you warm. But these days if you live in a centrally heated house/go to a centrally heated school/playgroup etc, there is no need, is there?

I mean, how many men wear vests????

FrannyandZooey Thu 08-Jan-09 20:02:01

he doesn't feel cold! he rarely gets ill
apparently he is too young to know if he is cold or not hmm hmm
"he won't wear one, mum"
"it is your JOB to make him wear one!"

IdrisTheDragon Thu 08-Jan-09 20:02:39

DS is 5, DD is 3. I think DS wore vests when he was 2 and a bit. I have no idea when DD last wore one.

francagoestohollywood Thu 08-Jan-09 20:02:54

Franny, is your mother Italian? (wearing a vest is compulsory here)

duckyfuzz Thu 08-Jan-09 20:02:56

does she wear a vest?

curlygal Thu 08-Jan-09 20:03:16

I love vests and always but DS in a vest, apart from in high summer (ie two days as we live in Scotland grin Our house is pretty chilly and I often wear a vest myself, in fact I am wearing a lovely thermal one right now.

Not sure why but I have always but vests on DS and would feel he wasn;t fully dressed without one, perhaps as I wore vests as a child.

FrannyandZooey Thu 08-Jan-09 20:03:25

yes she sees it as shameful
in confiding tones "I noticed ds1 was not wearing a vest"


JeanieG Thu 08-Jan-09 20:04:47

Well I've only just realised after 3 DC's (12, 10 and 2.6), that they don't absolutely have to wear a vest.

Seriously, it had never actually occured to me that they may not NEED to wear a vest.

Still feels wrong if I don't make sure they are wearing a vest.

revjustaisgoingouttonight Thu 08-Jan-09 20:05:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

curlygal Thu 08-Jan-09 20:05:21

OMG am I the only vest enforcer on mumsnet?

OrmIrian Thu 08-Jan-09 20:05:36


Most people know when they are too cold. Even my super-cool 12 yr old DS has asked me to buy him white t-shirts to wear under his school shirt. T-shirts mind, not vests!

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