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To think that someone in their 40's, 50's or early 60's is not old?

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naturalbornmum Wed 31-Dec-08 17:42:22

I am a fed up of hearing people who are fairly young moaning about being old and how it limits them. Obviously if they have a medical condidtion it is different. AIBU?

bellavita Wed 31-Dec-08 17:44:59

Well I am in my 40's and I certainly am not old!

2newyearshoes Wed 31-Dec-08 17:46:11

yanu I am on my 40's and not old.

Shitemum Wed 31-Dec-08 17:47:30

My great uncle always said that the 60's were the playground of old age, he lived to be 90 I think and was young the whole time I knew him.

Shitemum Wed 31-Dec-08 17:48:00

On the other hand I am 40 and was born an old lady...

cornsilk Wed 31-Dec-08 17:51:14

I am 42 and don't think of myself as old. Have some nephews who are catching me up though!

naturalbornmum Wed 31-Dec-08 17:53:15

Good because I don't think 40's is old either.grin

lou33 Wed 31-Dec-08 17:53:29

i am 42 on saturday and i am definitely not old, thank you very much

bellavita Wed 31-Dec-08 17:57:07

Happy Birthday for Saturday lou smile

mawbroon Wed 31-Dec-08 17:58:16

I used to think that 40 was old, but as I am rapidly hurtling towards it, I have now revised my thoughts and would agree with you that early 60s isn't that old at all.

3littlefrogs Wed 31-Dec-08 17:59:14

I am in my 50s and I would hate people to think I was old!

AMumInScotland Wed 31-Dec-08 18:01:55

I don't think age limits people that much any more, if it ever did. But I guess some parts of growing up - like having bills, a job, a partner, children - limits your choices to some extent. That's not about being "old" though, it's about not being a child any more.

lou33 Wed 31-Dec-08 18:04:06

thanks bella, have had a surprise sprung on me for the day too, so its all looking good

bellavita Wed 31-Dec-08 18:04:35

I love surprises smile

piscesmoon Wed 31-Dec-08 18:06:28

You change your mind on age as you get older. I am going to age disgracefully! I certainly don't let age limit me.

lou33 Wed 31-Dec-08 18:07:15

am being taken away for the night

lou33 Wed 31-Dec-08 18:07:33

here here pisces

mumeeee Fri 02-Jan-09 21:07:02

YANBU. U was 52 on the 15th |December and am definatly not old.

mumeeee Fri 02-Jan-09 21:07:32

I Meant I not U.

TheLadyEvenstar Fri 02-Jan-09 21:44:14

My mum is 62, her bro 65 my dp 46 and they are not old, my uncle is my best drinking partner ever!!!!

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