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to report my dp for drink driving

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ELMOchristmascountdown Thu 25-Dec-08 22:44:36

mainly i want to do it as he's been an arse all day and ruined our xmas. so i'm expecting to get slated smile

but it's not first time.

it's dangerous and he could kill someone.

and he'll be drinking more where he goes so goodness knows what state he gets in??

so? should i hunt down his reg plate? or can i do it without it? do i need to know exactly where he's going?

or should i just not do it.

he owns his own business. he requires his lisence to drive between the premises. but he could get by without it for a year.

also, he has a gambling addiction and this would really curb that for a period as he's in a danger of losing the house and businesses at moment this would perhaps be a could thing as he wouldn't be able to get there?

ELMOchristmascountdown Thu 25-Dec-08 22:45:12

good not could

rolereversal Thu 25-Dec-08 22:47:34

sounds like your not too happy in this situation altogether, I would be tempted to report him, but it could be the end of a lot more than just his driving licence?

chloemegjess Thu 25-Dec-08 22:47:36

DO it. Drink driving is so selfish and stupid. Anybody who does it deserves to be reported IMO

MatNanPlusTINSEL Thu 25-Dec-08 22:50:48

I would.

Hubby hardly drinks but will only have a glass of red if he is with someone who can drive him as tho he isn't impaired he won't take that chance.

RandyBumgardner Thu 25-Dec-08 22:51:27

I would report any drink driver in a heartbeat.

ELMOchristmascountdown Thu 25-Dec-08 22:52:07

the relationship is definately over after what happened today. long story.

but i watched him do this so many times when we were together and never reported it as we were together.

i cant stand drink driving.

how do i report it?

juicyjolly Thu 25-Dec-08 23:04:31

Phone the police when you know he is driving when under the influence.If you allow it to continue and he killed or maimed somebody, then you are to blame as much as him!
There should be no doubt in your mind about this!

ELMOchristmascountdown Thu 25-Dec-08 23:06:11

i'm not sure where he is though or where he's staying tonight. definately not here. possibly his sister.

do i not need detaisl of where and when he'll be for them to catch him?

rolereversal Thu 25-Dec-08 23:06:32

if relationship over then defo do it, its a crappy thing to be doing

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Thu 25-Dec-08 23:09:33

Details not needed, do you know the reg?
Call the police, explain the situation and give the reg. Hopefully they'll catch him.
they are hot on dd at this time of year apparently (DP is a pc)

ELMOchristmascountdown Thu 25-Dec-08 23:18:11

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah cant find registration. it's a new car. all documents go to business and the brokers haven't sent bill yet which will contain reg details. sad

might just call and threaten him i'll do it just so he gets a lift.

jollyoldstnickschick Thu 25-Dec-08 23:20:26

I can see where you are coming from and I am totally against drink driving butI think there may well be serious implications and repercussions on you if you were to do it(nothing sinister mostly financial and stress).

I think if you felt morlly obliged to do this you should hve a long time ago instead of keeping it like a little bomb.

I dont know you and i can understand youve had a hell of a day and im not saying dont do it-im saying dont do it entirely out of malice.

chloemegjess Thu 25-Dec-08 23:20:37

IF you just threaten him, it will not stop him doing it again and therefore might kill somebody another night

ELMOchristmascountdown Thu 25-Dec-08 23:24:37

well i cant find his registration details so it looks like that ideas off. text his brother and sister though. so perhaps one of them might know it. as i know they hate it but dont have the gutts to report him.they've asked me to do it before and i've refused as he's lo's father. and i always feel really guilt ridden and worry like hell till he gets home without killing someone from his stupidity.

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Thu 25-Dec-08 23:26:35

If you want to report him DP says give his name and explain it's at his business address they can still find it.
Seriously, the police will have access to both his records, the business's and the DVLaA.

ELMOchristmascountdown Thu 25-Dec-08 23:28:40

ok. which police? the one in his area he's in just now?

or the one i'm in

or the one in his sisters where he may possibly be staying?

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Thu 25-Dec-08 23:31:30

Normal non-emergency of the place he is likely to be.
Tel them you know he left your house at X time. He was not sober, has drunk drive before, and give them all the details you can.
They share all info received anyway so if you say he could be in X place they will know too.

Nighbynight Thu 25-Dec-08 23:32:44

I would do it, because drink driving is such a dangerous thing to do.

cant answer your qus, sorry, but I think the police prefer if you give them a situation that they can quickly do something about, eg if you know that he is doing it at a particular time.

ELMOchristmascountdown Thu 25-Dec-08 23:38:18

ok. gonna phone the one in area he's in. thanks all. going off to call and have a cry.



ravenAK Thu 25-Dec-08 23:39:41

If it was the first time, & you'd just had an unprecedented row, he'd stormed off in the car...maybe you'd want to sleep on it before calling it in.

Actually, no, that's bollocks, isn't it? sad. You really can't condone this - what if he is is a smash tonight, & you knew he'd been's grim for you, but you'd be doing the right thing.

I think you should do as TTLIVS suggests.

findtheriver Fri 26-Dec-08 10:07:24

I think you actually have a duty to do it

pantomimEDAMe Fri 26-Dec-08 10:22:53

what happened, Elmo? Tbh, I think you should have reported him the first time he did it, whatever the state of your relationship.

AuntieMaggie Fri 26-Dec-08 10:38:00

drink driving is so fecking selfish - it makes me really angry.

most people who do it only worry that they won't get caught or that they'll get home safely - they don't think about the consequences or damage they could do to other people's lives.

They also don't think that if they get caught it can take at least 2 hours for them to be processed by the police which I think is a fecking unneccessary waste of our police's time (not great english I know) - not that I'm saying they shouldn't arrest them but they could be doing other things and I resent the fact that they have to deal with idiots who can't say no to a drink.

kslatts Fri 26-Dec-08 10:48:10

You are doing the right thing reporting it.

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