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To Be Bothered That No One Will Leave Me Be?

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poetmum Thu 25-Dec-08 22:02:56

Okay - so, I understand that it is Christmas. But, last week, my Mom volunteered me to perform at some hoi-paloi party tomorrow. "All the important people will be there, and I want you to met them, so I told them you would perform."

I've been scrambling to pull Christmas together. (Was up until 3:00 AM.) So, needless to say, I haven't worked on the piece. We had lovely Christmas this morning. Fed a delightful brunch to my parents. Every thing is fantastic! I'm just cleaning up and getting ready for dinner, when the hostess calls. She tells me that my mother said I was going to do something different than what I told my mother I would do. I gently corrected her and gave her the pitch for what I was going to do. She loves it. She wants me to email it to her within an hour. But, it isn't ready yet. I know I can pull it together in an hour.

So, I announce that I've got to get this thing done to my family. And they respond by making sure to come in the kitchen every 5 minutes to share something with me. They visit more frequently and stay longer, if they hear me typing fast.

So, I told them all that if they wanted my attention they would have to get out. Because at this rate, it would take 3 hours - not one - to finish. They're all a bit sulky now. AIBU?

ChirpyGrinch Thu 25-Dec-08 22:17:25

But you are posting on here now!grin
and yanbu, I only have to say I am busy and both dd's fill their nappies and dh suddenly needs all sorts of stuff!

poetmum Thu 25-Dec-08 22:54:00

Yeah - toggling between screens when I'm trying to think. Blowing off some steam, it lets the creative juices flow. Trying not to feel guilty helps those juices flow faster.

In my defense - I am The Mommy. I make Christmas. Nothing would have happened unless I made it happen. And everyone is having a lovely time with new toys and diversions. Can they really not need me for one hour? Do I really need every puzzle update or game level update? (I was making the same money as my husband when I was working. And I had 15 minutes every week - at most - to prepare for any of my jobs. He needs a minimum of 2 hours everyday - during awake child times - to get his "work head" in order. Now that I'm "not working" is it really unreasonable to ask for 1 hour to finish one thing?)

poetmum Thu 25-Dec-08 23:28:14

And the hostess just emailed back asking for revisions....oh, lord what did I get myself into? Maybe I should give up, be an honest-to-goodness-for-real SAHM, passionately kiss the old days goodbye and remember to embrace this idea of "mindful living" of which I am so fond.

ChirpyGrinch Fri 26-Dec-08 09:52:13

Did you manage to get it done without locking them in a cupboard more distractions?
Hope it goes well today. (Wasn't havigna go about being on here!)

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